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Robert Cote’ Interview with Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin, was broadcast on Sunday, December 15, 2013, 8 to 10 PM Eastern time zone, Studio B, Sacred Matrix on Revolution Radio,

Reverend Robert Cote explains to hosts Janet Kira and Dr. Sasha Lessin, that the Source of Fresh Water for about 25 Million People in Central and southern California is about to be shut off. According to Cote, unless we build a storm-surge barrier in the Carquinez Strait, a major winter storm or a 6.7 or higher earthquake in or near San Francisco shut down the California Aqueduct for years. Twenty-five million people and thousands of farms in Central and Southern California will lack water for years and city, county, and state-governments. Cote proposes a surprising remedy for this threat.

On this show we talked about the Anti-Marijuana War and how money, marijuana and the national economy are interrelated. To continue the prohibition of marijuana is absolute, complete and total insanity.
And we also covered Rev. Cote’s concept of how every single one of the nation’s major social and financial problems can be solved by issuing debt-free money directly from the United States Treasury.


The Nation Is Facing Two Urgent, Ignored, and Easily Solvable Problems ~ Both have the same Incredibly Simple Solution.

The Solution:  

Federal-Reserve-Note-vs-United-States-NoteIssue Debt-Free Money Directly from the United States Treasury

You and I Can Make This Happen

How?   By sending the message below to the President.    When enough of us send this message, public pressure will force the President into action.

Lincoln2We encourage, support, and demand that The President Of the United States issue debt-free money directly
from the United States Treasury 
and use that money for the express purpose of repairing the nations infrastructure.

Issuing Debt-Free Money Directly from the U.S. Treasury is the same technique that Abraham Lincoln used
to Finance the Civil War and to End Slavery.




First:   It will solve the two urgent, major problems that I’m about to share with you.   

Second:   This simple step will open the door to solving every other major financial problem in the entire United Sates:
***  The unemployment problem will end,
***  The Sequester budget cuts will be replaced,
***  The debt ceiling crisis will end,
***  The home foreclosure crisis will end,
***  Politicians will never ever be able to intentionally
shut down the government again,
***  The nation’s infrastructure will be rebuilt, beginning immediately.
***  and most importantly, it will permanently end the secret war being waged against the american people by the Cabal Banking Criminals and by the God-hating Criminals that run the CIA.    

Third:    Our action will encourage other nations to follow, and thus, it will render the Cabal Criminal Bankers financially impotent and it will remove their strangle hold on both the U.S. and the world economy.     

Now, It’s On to The First of the Nation’s Two Most Urgent Problems

The California Aqueduct Headquarters Restoration Project

Kluft-Photo-Aerial-I205-California-Aqueduct-Img_0038The Source of Fresh Water for about 25 Million People in Central & Southern California Is About to Be Shut Off.  

Unless we build a storm-surge barrier in the Carquinez Strait, a major winter storm or a 6.7 or higher earthquake in or near San Francisco will cause the California Aqueduct to be shut down for about two years while repairs are made.   Twenty-five million people and thousands of farms in Central and Southern California will be left without their major source of water for about two years while repairs are being made.  

Obviously, earthquakes are inevitable, but shutting down the aqueduct can be prevented.   How?   By installing a storm surge barrier in theCarquinez Strait.  

If we do not take action immediately, 

This disaster will cost governments (city, county, and state-governments) billions of dollars in expenses and lost revenues.  

pyramid1It will cost businesses and corporations millions of dollars, or hundreds of millions, and for some corporations, even billions of dollars in lost profits. 

It will cause tens of thousands of people to die or be injured.
Link to supporting evidence.    

It will dramatically affect the entire nation.
Millions of people will lose their jobs.  

Those who could avert/avoid this disaster  (The Wall Street, Cabal Criminal Bankers and the government officials they control) are doing absolutely nothing to prevent it. 

globalistYou and I, together,
can easily prevent this from happening.
(If you doubt this, let us show you how.)  

The California Aqueduct Headwaters Restoration Foundation (CAHR Foundation)  has created an Infrastructure-Restoration and Environmental-Assistance-Project that will, when completed, keep water flowing to 25 million people in Southern and Central California even in the face of earthquakes and a California Superstorm


With as little as $250,000 (in start-up money) the CAHR Foundation can set the solution into motion and create so much publicity that this otherwise-inevitable disaster will be prevented/solved before it occurs. ***

***   Please remember that we gratefully accept donations in any amount.   We also welcome donations of non-money items of value, such as cars and real estate.
Your Donations Are Tax Deductible.        

Are you ready for the  Second of the Nation’s Two Most Urgent Problems?

You and I and the rest of the American people are under attack by a network of super-wealthy families (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Bush, Morgan, DuPont, Vanderbilt, etc.) who have secretly and illegally taken control of the United States government.   Their financial and biological war against the American people is being orchestrated by the Cabal Criminal Bankers and by the God-hating criminals that run the CIA.  Their secret war is code named:  “Silent Weapons for Secret Wars.”  

Please DON’T believe this.  Don’t disbelieve it either.   Examine the evidence for yourself.    

Find the Truth

1898975The following quote is form the Top Secret, CIA document:  Silent Weapons for Secret Wars.   It describes the plan that the secret network of Cabal Criminal Bankers set in motion in 1954.    

Silent Weapons for Quite Wars Kill Army 253_5“In the interest of future world order, peace, and tranquility,  it was decided to privately wage a quiet war against the American public.   The ultimate objective was to permanently transfer the natural and social energy (the wealth of the nation) from the undisciplined and irresponsible many into the hands of the self-disciplined, responsible, and worthy few.”  

In other words:    
You will own nothing. 
They will own everything.   
You become either dead or their slave.

To read a detailed review of this document or to read the document itself, please go to:    



More Truth

sd_monsanto_9The American people are being genetically engineered out of existence with GMO foods.   Those who survive will become slaves.    Unless you wake up today, your family will become extinct in three generations.



Find the Incredibly Simple Solution  

obama_the_emperor_has_no_clothesFantasy Fairytale:    The Emperor Has No Clothes    

Real-Life Fairytale:    The Government Has No Money   


Your job is to alert your family, your friends, your co-workers, et cetera.  

Learn what some of us are doing to eliminate this war.  


It’s the exact opposite of everything we presently have in our so-called civilized society.



Technically, all of our financial problems are easily solvable as you will quickly see when you read this page:     The Government Has No Money     There are, however, three major barriers to the joy, bliss, and abundance that is available to ALL of us.  


1)   Sleepwalking Humans:


***  Presently there is a huge public lack of awareness regarding
how easy it actually is to solve our financial problems.  


***  An almost complete lack of public awareness of the True Nature of Reality     

***  Lack of awareness regarding the fact we live in under a vast number social conditions that are nothing more that intentionally-designed, cleverly fabricated fairytales.  

***  We are living as if past beliefs were present-day reality: The Grandfather Generation.  

2)   Religious Illusions:  

the-rapture***  Millions of mindless, fundamentalist Christians believe the con-artist- created, religious fairytale called  The Rapture, and thus welcome chaos, confusion and destruction because the believe that destruction is necessary for God to bring end the world and take them (only born again Christians) to heaven.   


***  Thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousand of rapture believing fundamentalist Christians are actively working to help God destroy society bring on the end of the world.   An obvious example ofChristian-caused destruction is “The Tea Party Christians” in the United States House of Representatives. 


3)  The Criminal Are in Control: 


A secret cartel/society/network of well organized criminals have taken control of the United Sates Government.   They are manipulating everyone and everything to their advantage.   


SpiritualBeings-300x225human spiritual connectionFortunately, cosmic level transformations are about to change all three factors.   Let us begin by introducing you to yourself – to who and what you really are:

What Humans Really Are



Spiritual Beings



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