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Raymond-Moody-2Raymond Moody is Best-Selling Author of twelve books including Life After Life—which has sold over 13 million copies world wide—and Reunions, as well as numerous articles in academic and professional literature. Dr. Moody continues to capture enormous public interest and generate controversy with his ground-breaking work on the near-death experience and what happens when we die.

Award-Winning Author. Dr. Moody received the World Humanitarian Award in Denmark in 1988. He was also honored with a bronze medal in the Human Relations category at the New York Film Festival for the movie version of Life After Life.

Below is the interview from 11/03/13 on Sacred Matrix, Revolution Radio:

raymond-moody-223332World-Renowned Scholar and Researcher. Dr. Moody is the leading authority on the ‘near-death experience’—a phrase he coined in the late seventies. Dr. Moody’s research into the phenomenon of near-death experience had its start in the 1960’s. The New York Times calls him “the father of the near-death experience.”

M.D. from the Medical College of Georgia, 1976
Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Virginia, 1969
M.A. in philosophy from the University of Virginia, 1967
B.A. with Honors in philosophy from the University of Virginia, 1966
A Dynamic Lecturer. Dr. Moody has enlightened and entertained audiences all over the world for over three decades. He offers many different lecture/workshop presentations on the topics of: Near Death Experiences, Death With Dignity, Life After Loss, Surviving Grief & Finding Hope, Reunions: Visionary Encounters With Departed Loved Ones, The Healing Power of Humor, The Loss of Children, The Logic of Nonsense, and Catastrophic Tragedies & Events causing collective grief response.

raymond_moody_spisovatel_gedur_10_3.3Expert Trainer & Instructor. Dr. Moody trains hospice workers, clergy, psychologists, nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals on matters of grief recovery and dying.

Featured Expert In the Media. Dr Moody has appeared three times on Oprah, as well as on hundreds of other local and nationally syndicated programs such as MSNBC: Grief Recovery, NBC Today, ABC’s Turning Point, Donahue, Sally Jessy Raphael Show, Geraldo, and The Joan Rivers Show.

raymond_moody25666Private Counselor. Dr. Moody works as a practitioner of philosophic counseling, consulting on a private, individual basis—in person, by phone, or at the bedside of the dying.

The emerging new consciousness, the enneagram and The return to soul

To become conscious is the first step to inner peace… and its collective benefit, peace among people. But just what is that of which we are to become conscious? The short answer is that we are to be consciousness of our true nature, the soul, and the true reality of being. Becoming conscious is not a new thing. Jesus christ’s message is replete with the invitation to consciousness. Christ not only asks us to love our neighbor but to love our neighbor as we would love ourselves. This simple yet profound instruction is a divine summary of consciousness. In one complete thought it demonstrates that indeed all of us are of one common source, and in loving others we are loving ourselves. It is impossible however, to love one another or ourselves if we are preoccupied with the ego, its fears and desires which cause separation and suffering. This is where christ’s invitation to consciousness comes in: “turn and become as a little child” he said, which can mean to live out of our soul instead of our ego. This is the key to peace. The way of the soul is the way to peace.

As humanity is plagued with rising conflict and with planetary demise, the soul can be easily discarded or it can be radically called forth. We, the inhabitants of earth are going to destroy ourselves or as an alternative, become aware of our spiritual connectedness to one another and thereby avoid the insanity of self-extinction. The awareness of our mutual dependence and our common spiritual source will enable the human species to survive. To this end, the consciousness movement seeks to call forth the soul. In this endeavor, many can benefit from the wisdom of the enneagram in that this ancient and powerful study provides a unique gateway to the life of soul and to consciousness itself.

The enneagram is simply a map of the flow of divine energy. It is a tremendous tool for understanding personality and for spiritual development. Yet astonishingly, within this map is also a far more valuable treasure. There is wise guidance as to how to return to our truest and purest nature. This return to soul is what stops the suffering. Essentially, the enneagram is a map to soul return. The problem with the concept of soul in modern culture is that for the most part, it is an unknown quantity and therefore remains illusive. To those of ancient wisdom however, the soul is a well-known and essential fact of life.

It is for the above reasons that dr raymond moody has joined “the institute of conscious being” as a faculty member. Dr. moody’s acclaimed research, his expert knowledge of ancient wisdom, and his writings have unlocked the way for modern culture to grasp and to integrate into consciousness, the all important idea of soul. And with the emerging new consciousness all over the planet, there is a hunger to re-member the soul.

The essential nature of soul was underscored by jesus when he said, ” what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?” indeed, even american popular culture concedes that if anything of us survives death, it is the consciousness of the soul. Dr. moody has devoted a lifetime to the study of soul and the survival of human consciousness after physical death. His studies flesh out for the student, the ultimate nature and qualities of soul. Teachers of the enneagram have called our soul our essence because it is the essential part of our identity. The individual may ask? ” if we are to find peace by returning to our essence, our soul, just what is the soul anyway, what does my own unique soul look like, and how can I begin to know it and live out of it instead of my ego?” these are the vast questions taken on by dr. moody.

Internationally best selling author of such classics as “life after life”, dr. raymond moody and dr. joseph howell,enneagram and consciousness writer, lecturer and founder of the institute for conscious being, have been friends and colleagues for nearly forty years. Combining their fields of psychiatry, and philosophy, Clinical psychology and religious studies, they present a comprehensive teaching of consciousness never before presented.

Web site:  http://www.lifeafterlife.com/



THE AFTERLIFE: DR. RAYMOND MOODY, interviewed by hosts Dr. Sasha and Janet Lessin on the Sacred Matrix.  Best selling author of twelve books including Life After Life—Which has sold over 13 million copies worldwide, dr. Raymond Moody discusses his studies of people who died but were revived.  Dr. Moody’s research into the phenomenon of near-death experience had its start in the 1960s.  The New York Times calls him “the father of the near-death experience.”


Moody found that people who barely escape death mature and feel more connected to life. Survivors of falls, near-drowning, combat, cardiac arrest and attempted suicide wind-up more spiritual, joyous and relaxed than before.  Golden Gate suicide survivors–miserable when they leaped–transformed as they fell. In the seconds before they hit water, they reviewed their lives. Rescued, they started solving their problems; they savored life, helped others and valued the divine more.  The Lessins share suggestions for listeners to take a preview journey to the afterlife.

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