INANNA SEDUCED ENKI FOR URUK’S PROGRAMS: Web Radio, Enki Speaks, Episode 20, Tablet 12 by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA)


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Anu, King of Nibiru, on his 3800 visit to Earth (remember from the last Episode) had ritually made love with Inanna, his granddaughter and a rising power in the Enlilite Lineage.  

Anu had bestowed upon Inanna the title of his “Official Mistress on Earth”.  He gave her an excellent airplane and the temple complex at Uruk, in central Sumer.  He ruled that when the Nibiran Expedition built the Indus Valley into a grain-exporting civilization, that, too would be Inanna’s fief.  But she got tired of waiting and jealous that her Uncle Ninurta had full-on cities already.
Uruk Map









Inanna wanted a city complex, like Ninurta’s at Kishi, built around her temple. Ninurta’d built Kishi with fifty MEs–programs for math, smithing, pottery as well as making beer, pottery, wagons wheels and law–Enki gave him.  Enki released the MEs “to benefit mankind, step by step.” 

Inanna, too, needed Enki to give her MEs too.  “The MEs, physical objects one could pick up and carry (or even put on), contained secret knowledge or data like our computer chips on which data, programs and operational orders have been recorded.  On them the essentials of civilization were encoded.” [ZS, Wars: 239]

Inanna first flirted with Enki at his villa on the Persian Gulf.  She wanted MEs for weaponry, statecraft, mathematics, writing, metallurgy, masonry, arts, courts. He could thrill her with advanced sexual practices too. 

She visited him at his palace in southeast Africa, got him drunk, seduced him.  He gave her the MEs.  She slipped them to her pilot to take back to Uruk.
Inanna steals Enki's MEs








Enki sobered, captured her, locked her up at Eridu and tried to get the MEs back.

Enlil flew to Eridu.  Inanna shouted, “By right the MEs I obtained, Enki in my hand placed them! So did Inanna to Enlil say; the truth Enki meekly admitted.” [ZS, Enki: 281]

In 3760 B. C., Inanna choose the first King, the LUGAL.  He spoke for the gods to the Earthlings.  23 successive Lugals ruled Sumer for 24,510 years.  Lugals shifted venue from Ninurta’s Kishi to Inanna’s Uruk, then to Akad. 

When Enlil ordered kingship moved to Uruk, Inanna launched the MEs she’d seduced from Enki.  She made Uruk a mighty city state and made Enmerkar (son of and successor to her nephew) its ruler.
Uruk1 URuk3
















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(to be continued)

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