1/7/13 All-Chakra Tantra & Counseling Lessons: TANTRA SCHOOL, Part 2: JANET DOES TANTRA SCHOOL (and you can go with her)









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Dr. Lessin takes Janet, and you, vicariously, through cues the students used in Tantra School.  He has Janet re-visit cues that teach you to deprogram yourself.  When you deprogram, you stop slavishly following or rejecting the scripts   from parents, religion and culture. The Lessins take you–auditorily– through these very cues , and, below, you get them  in print.  Take turns facilitating with a partner or just read then follow the directions.

The cues teach you to respect the deep needs each inner voice seeks to fulfill; hear what each can give you.  In coming shows, you’ll better recognize, accept and coordinate all your inner voices.  As you hear these shows on your computer, you see, hear and interview all your primary, regular, everyday as well as defensive, instinctual, vulnerable or hithertofore underdeveloped inner voices.  You will identify with your Aware Ego, your Center. From your Center you choose what you reveal or keep to yourself in your present interactions.


If parents, religious guides, media icons, literary paragons, authority figures and/or peers fully supported and encouraged you, you developed sexual and romantic inner voices and grew into your true–centered–self. Alas, they probably withheld to some degree, the goodwill you needed.

Instead, they programmed you with their attitudes toward masturbation, sex with people with disabilities, or sex with people of races or body types, ages, religions, occupations, wealth, geographical location or education that differ from or seem similar to yours.

Caretakers, media and peers stopped you from what you wanted to do or they made you do what you didn’t want to. If they interfered with your erotic explorations, you may have conformed to or rebelled against their demands. If, for example, your rearers forbade the natural practice of masturbation, they held you back. If, on the other hand, they pressed you to masturbate (perhaps as a substitute for sex with other people), they pushed you.

When people push and pull you, they imply you lack judgement to choose for yourself. You get the message that you aren’t naturally okay. They want you to be some other way than the way you evolve yourself. They okay you when seem like they want you rather than how you truly are inside.

You either obeyed them and acted like you thought they wanted–constellated a Pleaser or Conformist Subself– or rebelled against them. In any case, the underlying message you got: they didn’t love you as you were inside.

Reprogram a limit; then fully love and enjoy sex. A partner, if available reads the cues to you; otherwise, just go through it yourself, in uninterrupted privacy where you can emote loudly.

You relive a time someone interfered with your loving or sexuality so you inhibited or fixated your sensuality, sexuality or expression of affection.

Lie on your back, eyes closed, legs apart, arms at your side. Breathe deeply through your mouth; let your belly stick out when you breathe in, fall when you breathe out. Make a soft “ahh” sound as you let all the air out.

Recall WHEN SOMEONE PUSHED you into something sexual or romantic you weren’t ready for or WHEN THEY HELD YOU BACK from something you were ready for. About how old were you?

Tell (and relive) the incident in the PRESENT TENSE.

What EMOTION do you experience when they push or pull you?

What body sensations do you feel during this experience?

Feel that emotion now. Sink into the feeling more deeply. INTENSIFY it.

Imagine–perhaps unlike the situation you’ve relived– you can express yourself safely now and tell your pusher (or puller) how you feel. Amplify and EXPRESS yourself to the person(s) involved in the situation.

What limits, fixations, conclusions, attitudes and INNER VOICES (subpersonalities) does this experience create or reinforce in you?

How did the fixations, conclusions, attitudes and subselves you developed or reinforced from this experience serve you then? HOW HAVE THESE UBSELVES AND ATTITUDES PROTECTED YOUR INNER CHILD throughout the years?

How do these protective subselves and defensive attitudes serve you NOWADAYS? What do the protective selves really need?

REVISE AND RETELL THE SCENE you relived. Retell it with a script that frees you in situations that remind you of the one you where you imprinted your options. Your retell should imply positive potential options.

I ROLEPLAY [say the person’s name–Mom, Dad, Lover, Rapist, etc.] in the situation. This time I act-out his/her part as you rewrite. How do I play him/her to give you alternate reactions to situations that remind you of the one you relived.

Create an AFFIRMATION–a reminder sentence–to help you remember you can choose your response to situations that recall the situation that imprinted you to limit yourself sexually or romantically. Say your affirmation aloud.

Say the affirmation again, louder. Shout it.

Imagine a future situation where you experience the old, automatic attitude toward a sexual, romantic or relationship issue.

Ask the subself that carries the old attitude to state its CONCERNS.

Then ask the subself that bears the new possibility, the inner voice that expresses the affirmation you just created, what it wants in this future situation.

CENTER yourself between the subself that advocates the old attitude and the subself that advocates you live from your new affirmation. Create a discerning action that addresses the concerns of both subselves.

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