GREYS TOOK ME TO THE FEDERATION DRAGON: Internet radio interviews Janet Kira Lessin

GREYS TOOK ME TO THE FEDERATION DRAGON: Internet radio interviews Janet Kira Lessin

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Janet Kira Lessin tells how four-foot tall Greys and U.S. soldiers took her and her lover to an alien/U.S. Military underwater base beneath Johnston Atoll. The Greys wrapped their three-fingered, one-thumbed hands around her and carried her to a hovercraft on the shore. She screamed but a Grey told her telepathically they’d cloaked her screams. The Greys and soldier escorts brought her lover too and took him and Janet onto the craft.

The craft took them to the base beneath the atoll. The Greys sat her in a metal chair while several of them opersated on the boyfriend.

They then took Janet to a cavern, where a group of seven-foot large ETs from the Planet Nibiru dressed her, then had her stand in a circle of light. They said, aloud in English, she’d see the Great Dragon of Galactic Society, which quarantined Earth for its violence, planetary pollution and nukes in space.

Janet at first only stood at the level of the Grand Dragon’s claw, but the Dragon miniaturized herself to Janet’s level and communicated that she would help Janet and other lightworkers achieve peace on Earth, respect for all the consciousnesses here.


  1. Merlin Taliesin /

    Unfortunately the audio playback for this has been disabled.

    Is this for real ? It kinda sounds like the intro to a book or screen play.

    However, I know for real through my own personal e.t. experiences that all this could well be quite true. Would love to hear more in print, if possible.

  2. John Bacon /

    Janet, did the off worlders that you saw (in this show) did they, the males, wear mid-evil style clothing? You spoke of a Mid-evil style gown, I have been told that (both from my source and my SA g/f) about these beings. I saw them too in a deep dream. I think they’re Anunnaki.

  3. Yes, John, they were all dressed in beautiful medieval type clothing. They were quite tall. The women were even in the 6 to 7 foot range with the men tending to be slightly taller. Both men and women were dressed quite formal, like they were going to a ball.

  4. Has anyone else seen the Anunnaki? I believe these beings were the Anunnaki. That information was conveyed to me telepathically during this “abduction” and in subsequent telepathic communications reinforcing this experience.

    Recently I appeared before the Mother Dragon astrally during the dream state while in a deep, theta wave level, and she assisted me by traveling with me to many future histories/timelines showing me the possible outcome to a personal dilemma I am facing.

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