12/12/12 Counseling Lessins – PRUNE PARENTS’ PROGRAMS, Part 1







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Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin and Janet Kira Lessin relate the psychotechnologies of clearing yourself of automatic programs from your parents, society and religion that limit your potential for satisfying relationships, joy, spontaneity, abundance and health. The Lessins teach how your parents did the best they could, given how their parents modeled and conditioned them. You learn in this and coming programs how to keep the parental and cultural programs you treasure, modify those you accept partially, and tame the programs and subselves you needed to cope but can now let you center yourself and consider your options. On Wednesdays to follow, the Lessins show you how to access pastlives whose scripts motivated the parental programs as well.

Dr. Lessin offers an alchemical visualization to invoke your own Inner Mother, Inner Father and Inner Child. You can access this visualization on www.schooloftantra.com

Sasha walks Janet and you through the pattern of regression to programming situation, emotional release, accommodation fantasy and future pacing which you can peruse on the website, www.schooloftantra,com

IDEAL PARENTS & CHILD GIFT EACH OTHER by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. sashalessinphd@aol.com

Have a partner read the cues in bold print aloud, read them into a playback device like the recorder on your I-Phone, or just  read the directions over, then close your eyes and experience the visualization below.

Lie on your back. Fantasize an IDEAL MOM–not the actual mother you had, even if she, too were ideal) as she might have appeared when you were a small child. See Ideal Mom’s hair, face, body. Notice what she wears as she might present herself to you when you’re little. Especially see the total love for you in her eyes, because she’s your own private, inner ideal mother and has only one child, you.

Describe your Inner Mother, her looks, attributes, characteristics, traits and attitudes. ***

Imagine Ideal Mom has a gift for you–something you as a little kid would really like. What is the gift and how does she present it to you? ***

How do you react to the gift. Tell her aloud. ***

Imagine you too, as the child, have a gift for her, something a child of your tender age would give to the mother you adore. What do you give her and how does she react? ***

What does she do with the gift you give her? ***

Now imagine a PERFECT PAPA (not the actual father you had, even if he, were truly perfect) as he might’ve appeared when you were little. See Perfect Pop’s hair, face, body. See the love in his eyes for you and for your Ideal Mother. Describe the Inner Father you imagine. ***

He hugs your Ideal Mother and you too. Imagine Ideal Dad has a gift for you. What’s his gift and how does he give it to you? ***

You have a gift for him too. What do you give him and how does he react and what does she do with the gift you give him? ***

Hold your hands out as though they could cup something and imagine your Ideal Mom, Perfect Pop and Inner Child small enough to fit in your cupped hands. Gently press them into your heart.

Imagine that in your heart Ideal Parents and Inner Child dwell, whether or not you think of them. The Child’s teaching the Ideal Parent what s/he needs and the Parents are reprogramming the Child with what s/he needs to live happily in the world.

Open your eyes. Tell me what the Ideal Mother’s gift symbolizes for you. ***

Tell me what your gift to your Ideal Mother’s gift symbolizes. ***

Tell me what Perfect Pop’s gift symbolizes for you and what your gift to him mean. ***

Say what you learned from this exercise. ***


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