11/06/12 – All Chakra Tantra & Lovestyles

All-Chakra Tantra & Lovestyles - Aquarian Radio - Lover Rainbow


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Lovestyles - Triad/Threesome - Aquarian Radio - Sasha and Janet Lessin, hostsDifferent folks enjoy different strokes and lovestyles, the style of sexualloving right for you now, at this time of your life: celebate, tantric, monogamous, swinging, polyamorous, bisexual, try-sexual, pansexual, cyberloving and more. Free yourself from programs of relating parents, religions and governments perpetrate and become the CHOOSER. Select what satisfys you now, at this stage of your existence.The Lessins advise you on how to apply leading-edge psychotechnologies, consciousness expanders and sexual techniques that make whatever style of loving you choose work ethically, considerately and effectively.


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