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Welcome to Stargate to the Cosmos.  On this show, hosted by Janet Kira Lessin and Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin, we explore Source, the cosmos, cosmic consciousness, universal consciousness, expansion, evolution, awareness and awakening to higher realities and awareness of the multi-verses, levels of existence and other dimensions.

On this show prepare to lose your mind and come to your senses as you step outside the box, travel way beyond the matrix, explore existence, open your mind, lose it, and come to your senses.

There’s more than five senses reality.  Eternity awaits.  You rediscover who you are in the cosmic scheme, why you were born and your life’s purpose, why you chose to come here to human life on Earth as you reflect on the grand design.  In time (or the realization that no time exists), you find yourself contemplating all there is, was, ever will be.  There’s perfection everywhere. And the more you embrace it, own it, the more it becomes yours, a way of life, of existence for all time.

Shatter the fetters of the illusory matrix of hierarchy, greed and violence that curtains Earth from its place in galactic society and, instead, embrace the reality of the intergalactic federation of advanced lifeforms which it is our destiny to join.

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Stargate to the Cosmos on Revolution Radio Shows 2018

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Stargate to the Cosmos on Revolution Radio Shows 2018

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