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Byron’s  first contact with aliens age 5, monthly contacts 60+ years, communication with them, with them  4 times remembered, and aliens saved him from death 8 times.  His first contact with aliens was in 1955, age 5, but the significance was not understood until 2009 when a Star Gate opened up in front of him at a traffic light. A friend urged him to look into alien abductions, and what he discovered forever changed his life.  During this first contact at age five Byron was confronted with little men in his room three consecutive nights. Each time he called his mom they were gone when she arrived. She soon grew irritated with his calling. She never said they didn’t exist, instead said “you are going to have to deal with them yourself”, leaving him feeling abandoned and eventually alienated from his entire family. Because he could not talk about it this event became disconnected from his life story. It became like a myth which he could never explain to himself nor forget. These events have continued monthly for 60 years.

Long Bio:

Byron Lacy844379_7lZPIKpxAge five; three nights in a row, Byron was confronted with little men appearing in his room. Each time he called mom to come save him from this strangeness. When she walked in the room they were gone without her seeing them. Collen soon grew irritated for she knew they would not be there. She never told Byron they were imaginary, or a dream. She said “son, you are going to have to deal with them yourself.” Her statement left him feeling abandoned.

The first two nights after she left the little men didn’t return. The third night they did return and there was someone else with them. He was almost seven foot tall, dressed like Captain Hook, and awkwardly danced about the room. Byron thought of all of them as pirates because of their big black eyes. As this adventure ended Byron hid his head under the blankets which became his way of dealing with them. He did not see them again that he remembered for a long, long time.

Byron-Lacy-Choosen-Chronicles-of-an-Alien-Abductee-Restricted-Airspace-Tina-Marie-Caouette-KCOR-Digital-Radio-Network-AmazonByron’s parents would not talk about it. Because of this the event became disconnected, a myth which he could never explain or integrate into his life story, nor forget. When he was eleven Byron was given his first “We do not talk about ourselves” lecture by his father.  Jack told him that he knew little about his own parents, because their family did not talk about their lives. Long ago (early 1900’s) a family member had told people that little men would come visit her at night and talk to her. She was committed to an insane asylum where she died. Jack said that she was not insane, but this showed you could not tell people about your life.

Byron was told that if he didn’t “straighten up” his father would have to take him to a psychiatrist, and in 1961 that was a bad thing. This widened the chasm between Byron and his family, and at eleven years of age he realized that he had to be emotionally self-sufficient. He never told his parents about his problems again. Byron became a very lonely little boy.

Strange occurrences over the years led him to believe they were caused by guardian angels. In 2009 everything changed. A Stargate, like in the movie of the same name, but without a metal frame and only 6 foot across, opened up in front of him two different times a week apart at the same busy intersection. A friend said he thought Byron was an abductee. After some hesitation he researched Alien Abductions. What he found changed his life, and his view of reality, forever.

This revelation caused him to reevaluate many strange incidents throughout his life which had no logical explanation other than guardian angels and led to one conscious contact with three grays and a mantis a few months later. This contact permanently changed Byron’s personality.

Byron holds a B.S in English, M.A. and M.F.A. in Art. He has exhibited in galleries and Museums throughout the United States. Byron has worked as a Summer Camp Director, Cook, Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, English and Art teacher, Freelance Artist, Eligibility Specialist for Texas Department of Human Services, and Investigator for Texas Child Protective Services. He has used these skills from in researching his own abductions. He also tries trying to help abductees, especially newbies, gain perspective of and cope with this phenomenon in their lives. He has lectured at the Houston UFO Network about incidents where his life has been saved by aliens, and has written a book entitled Chosen, Chronicles of an Alien Abductee.

Byron Lacy Digital Arts 300x300About the Author

Byron W. Lacy was born in Burnet, Texas on March 21, 1950. He is a fourth generation Texan and a fourth generation abductee. Byron’s Great Grandfather, George W. Lacy, came to Texas in the early 1850’s. George and two of his business partners donated the granite to build the current Texas state capitol. He also started a dog breed which is now called the Blue Lacy and is the state dog of Texas.

Byron started writing poetry while in high school and received great encouragement from his teachers. His first poem was published in a small literary magazine before he turned twenty one. Byron has had many poems published in literary magazines. In 1976 Byron received a B.S in English. In 1977 he received a M.A. in Graphic art and in 1978 a M.F.A. in Graphic Art. Byron has had paintings and sculptures exhibited in galleries and Museums throughout the United States.

Byron has worked as a Summer Camp Director, Short Order Cook, Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, English and Art teacher, Freelance Artist, Eligibility Specialist for Texas Department of Human Services, and Investigator of child abuse allegations for Texas Child Protective Services.

Byron now lives in Nacogdoches, Texas where he spends his time writing, creating sculptures and paintings, studying psychology, metaphysics, and researching his and others, alien abductions, and trying to help them gain perspective of and cope with this phenomena in their lives


  1. When were you first visited by aliens?
  2. When did you discover you were an abductee?
  3. In your book Chosen you detail some pretty strange, remarkable, and mysterious, experiences happening to you all of your life, but you didn’t know you were an abductee until 2009. What did you think was the cause of these experiences?
  4. You had terminal cancer as a child, yet it was held in check for over a year until it was discovered in 1952; why do you think the aliens didn’t cure it, rather than just controlling its progress?
  5. In your book you state that they have saved your life 8 times. Could you tell us about some of these experiences?
  6. Have you ever seen a UFO?
  7. Tell us about the first one you saw.
  8. What is a screen memory and have you ever experienced any?
  9. Have you ever tried to catch them on video at night while you sleep?
  10. Have they done anything else with electronic equipment in your home?
  11. A lot of contactees report having near death experiences. Have you ever had any NDEs?
  12. In Chosen you go over three face to face meetings with aliens that you were allowed to remember. You have talked about the first two. What was the third incident?
  13. Have you ever suffered from PTSD?
  14. What advice would you suggest to other abductees, especially to those who have only recently discovered they are abducted?
  15. Are any of your friends abductees?


Before knowledge of being abducted.

  1. CANCER. I was operated on in 1952 for sarcoma. I had been ill for over a year before they discovered what was wrong. The doctor was surprised that I was not already dead because sarcoma usually goes systemic in a very short time. They had no chemo therapy or radiation. Just surgery.
  2. Pirates ..first remembered contact with the grays. I did not know what they were and I thought of them as pirates because they had huge black patches for eyes. My parents were not predictable in these reactions.

I was told by my mother not to call her into my room again, that I would have to deal with them on my own. She never said that they didn’t exist though she never said that they existed either. I dealt with them by getting in bed and pulling the pillow and blankets over my head. I still do. The entire incidents became an experience which I could not explain, so I just put it on the back burner of my mind, though I did not forget about it, ever.

  1. Songs in my head. On one night a song played in my head all night and kept me awake. My Father told me not to talk about things like that, and I said anything else about it they would have to take me to a psychiatrist. He would not even discuss it with me. He told me we do not talk about ourselves. He told me that a female ancestor, in the early 1900s was put in an insane asylum, where she died, because she claimed that little men came into her room and talked to her.
  2. Cigar shaped UFO. This was seen outside the school with an entire class. No one ever talked about it again.
  3. Hit by Car . I was hit directly by a car while on my bicycle which was bowed by the incident, the impact being made where I was sitting, but I was only scratched. The scratch was received on my arm when I flew through a barbwire fence.* In 1963 I was 13. I was riding home from school on my bike when I suddenly saw a car leave its path and head straight for me. It was a huge Plymouth. I had no time to do anything. The next moment I was rolling head over heels in front of the car through the ditch. I rolled 3 times, and each time my face came up I was looking straight at the wheel, then the bumper, then the light. The same thing happened with each revolution of my body in front of the car. I was less than a foot away from the car. After the third time my body, on its own for I had no ability to move (and if I had I most likely would have died because of it) straightened out and flew through a barbwire fence. The strands were a foot apart or less. I got a one inch cut on my arm where one of the barbs went into me. The car crashed through the fence, breaking a wooden fence post, and stopped about three feet away from me. I got to ride in an ambulance even though I told everyone I was ok. I spent the night in the hospital under observation. The next day my teacher brought me candy and a pot of tulips. It had been her husband who hit me.

The Doctor, My teacher , and my parents were all amazed I was alive. I was told I would get a new bike, an American Flyer with a light and buddy seat. What I had always wanted. It even had streamers off the handlebars.

I told my dad I wanted my old bike ( before I got the new one ) and he said that it wasnt any good any more. I couldn’t believe him because I was fine.

He walked me around to the side of the house where the bike was leaning against the house. If you drew a straight line from the front fork to the rear, and measured to the seat post ( which I did) it was bowed a little more than a foot. The car had hit directly where I was sitting, but I had no recollection of the impact. I remembered everything else, but not that. I do not think I was on the back. My dad said it was hard to believe I was alive, much less unhurt.

The reason I believe it was aliens are as follows. The blank spot where I was looking at the car, then on the ground, but did not see the contact with the car (blank spot) and the complete loss of control of my body. The bike was extremely sturdy steel. Odds against making it through a barbwire fence with only a scratch very high. Only a week before this a man was thrown from his car in an accident and went through a barb wire fence and that was what killed him. Looked like he had gone through a cheese grader.  Someone else or something else was guiding the situation. I was looking straight at the car, AND THEN i WAS ROLLING ON THE GROUND…IT WAS LIKE A CUT TO A NEW SCENE IN A MOVIE. and ABOUT THREE YEARS AGO i WAS SINGING ON STAGE, THE STAGE ONE FOot and a half off a concrete floor. Caps an accident dont feel like erasing them. I was walking off stage, and about to take the step off the stage with my left foot when I realized my right foot was caught under a cable. I was in mid stride and there was no time to do anything and I was going to hit head or face first onto concrete. I had time to think, ” I am about to be f##ked up” when my right foot all on it’s own…and at this point I could not move my own body I just watched everything, pushed me up, spun me around and the right foot pointed towards the ground and the cable fell off, and I went off the stage BACKWARDS…and landed as if I were set down on the floor. I did not even take a step backwards to gain balance. I have tried to jump down off a lessor height , backwards, and each time I end up taking a step backwards to get balance. Any way, the entire bar was silent and several people had their mouths open and the guitar player said ” nothing to worry about folks that was all rehearsed.” Of course it wasn’t. While leaving the bar I thought ( I do not drink) of them suddenly, and the car accident in 1961, and how at that time I could not move my body either.

  1. PSYCHIC EVENTS START. Poetry acceptances I was at this time that I started having psychic experiences. I was writing poetry and I would know before I got home if I had heard from an editor, and if I had been accepted or rejected. I would be sitting in class at school and suddenly the info would pop into my consciousness.
  2. VW and Cows. A brand new tire blew out and stopped me from rounding a bend in the road and running into 8 cows or more.*
  3. Missing Time at camp Vickery in Clifton TX.* (6 hours) I worked at a summer camp in Clifton, Tx. One night I crawled into my bung at midnight, and settled down, then turned over onto my other side which faced a wall of windows in the cabin, and the sun was coming up. Somehow it had taken me 6 hours or so to turn over. I was exhausted and felt like crap all day long.
  4. Spider Bites. While at camp I would wake up with these red welps on my legs, arms , and body. Usually one at a time, several times a week. They were always warm feeling and harder near the center. One person said there must have been spiders in my blanket. I check out the blanket and never found a way for spiders to get inside of them, and none under them.
  1. In 2009 hypnosis regression after a meeting at the Dreamland Festival run by W. Strieber brought to light a Mass abduction in 1969 at camp Vickery. I met a hypnotist there from Canada, and she did the hypnosis.
  2. I was the only person on the entire campus at Henderson County Junior College to have my own Dorm room, within 3 weeks of school starting. They couldn’t move me to another room because there wasn’t one. It was completely against dorm rules for anyone to have their own room. I had mine for three semesters.
  3. Rolled VW.
  4. Cannon explosion. This happened at a pep rally. I was in the band at Henderson County Jr College and we were at a pep rally. At pep rallies we always set off out cannon at or near the end of the rally. It was homecoming. The band was no longer playing and I was involved in a conversation, briefly, when a complete stranger tapped me on my left shoulder. I turned to face him, and thought to myself “who the hell is this and why is he talking to me?” At that moment the cannon went off, a rush of air went across my back at the base of the spine like a strong wind, and the guy I had been talking to fell to the ground. I saw him fall in my peripheral vision. There was a crowd of people around the guy on the ground and I didn’t really want to see any blood so I turned around to talk to the person who had “saved” me and he was gone. He was nowhere to be seen.

Because it was homecoming the cannon boys had been overzealous and put a double charge of powder in the cannon, and unfortunately a double wadding. Because of this the rear end of the cannon blew up. It sent several pieces of shrapnel into two of the buildings around us, blowing up some bricks. It also sent a piece of shrapnel about the size of a hardball into the guy I had been talking to a second before. He had a broken hip and pelvis and was in the hospital for 7 months. I would have been hit in the base of my spine.

I never saw the stranger again.

  1. DeJavu at college near Tulane.
  2. 1972 VW, Toothpick, Motorcycle. Life saved. My wife and I ate at a specific pizza parlor every Sunday in 1072. We had eaten as usual and were leaving. I got myself a toothpick as I trailed behind her and started to walk through the door when a voice told me to get a toothpick for my wife, which I usually didn’t do, but this time I did. We pulled out of the parking lot onto the road, and stopped at the stoplight. I was driving, and I always like to pop the clutch and take of fast like in a race, but instead I was reminded of the toothpick and asked her if she wanted one. The light turned green as I offered the tooth pick, which she did not want, and at the same time when we would have normally been moving into the intersection but were no, a motorcyclist who ran the red light in his lane. If it were not for the voice instructing me to get the tooth pick he would have hit us or I would have hit him. Either way it would have been traumatic for all concerned.
  3. 1976. My BS was in English, but I switched to Art. In 1976, January, I started Grad school, and I was having a lot of problems with nerves. I decided, after talking with another graduate art student who belonged to the TM organization that I would learn to meditate. I thought it would help with my nerves and it did. At that time you had to pay 60 dollars, which was a lot to me and my wife, to get instructions and a mantra. The evening before I was to go I suddenly knew how to meditate, I did not know how this would be so but I did, and fell into a deep trance where I sank into complete darkness, sans phosphines in my eyes, and was startled by seeing a small me, which looked like a miniature sculpture of me made of flesh. It was about 4 inches tall, floating in complete darkness. My wife said she wanted me to go to the TM meeting any way, in case I was wrong about knowing how to meditate. Because of the event my wife went to the library the next few days to do research and came home one day with a book which talked about the Atman. I had seen my atman without even knowing such a thing even existed. Info about meditation and the eastern religions was scares in those days, especially in the Bible Belt ( Texas).

 One book she brought home talked about the path, and a sentence caught my eye which was “If you are contemplating starting on the path, which is the search for truth, be certain that the truth is what you want to find, because it may be quite different from what you expect.” This turned out to be much more true than I expected.

  1. 1977. In graduate school one of my teachers was always telling me that the best art came from the subconscious. I decided that the best way to access the subconscious was to somehow be able to be conscious while I was dreaming. I had never heard of Lucid dreaming. One day I told a friend of mine about this theory and how I had actually been able to achieve this state. He told me that I was Lucid dreaming, AND THAT I NEEDED TO GO TO A NEW METAPHYSICAL Bookstore which had only opened in Nacogdoches the day before this talk, and get books by Carlos Castaneda. This actually started a new phase in my life on the path. I was already Lucid dreaming, and this continued for a year, then just stopped all together and I have only had one or two since then. I think they caused them.
  2. Record flips and changes sides on its own ( was not visible). Strange Dreams.
  3. Three men kept popping in and out of the same dream over and over, one would say “he is coming”. When I would wake up and go back to sleep the dream would start again. The men ppeared on top of an old wooden display case, they were two or three feet tall and looked like a cross between a bulldog and an army sergeant, or like bell jars.

A VW problems and paper route.

  1. Strange little men like in communion.
  2. Duplicate dreams. My wife and I had the same dream, but in mmine a man appeared in the glass case from the night before, quickly grew to seven feet tall about, then told me not to hurt myself, that they had schools for me .
  3. D. We have schools for you.
  4. MISSING TIME .My wife and I went on a trip to Austin for fun and it’s a long ride that takes 5 hours. The odd thing was that somehow we were surprised when we arrived home to realize that the trip had taken 9 hours, though it did not seem like it.
  5. Computer system at video rental store. The computer would not switch from my birthdate to my social security number. Everyone else’s in the video club did, but not mine. I thought I wanted it to stay my birthday I had psychically affected the computer. LOL.
  6. Car pile-up with 5 cars that we missed due to not being able to find keys, then they somehow appeared where they had been..
  7. Car on its end. A car, which I was very apprehensive of, stood up on its back fender behing me, pivoted, and fell on its top. This was a screen memory of a ship disguised as a car.
  8. Egg Shaped UFO.
  9. 1985 Job at Human Services.
  10. UFO with Marylyn. Burning moon.We saw the moon on fire about 100 feet up in the air.
  11. 1989 Channeling a spirit at the show in Shreveport.
  12. 1991 Books at Hastings. Guide active until 2005.
  13. 1996 In my room
  14. hands on my ankles pull my head off my pillow. When I opened my eyes there was no one there
  15. Two creatures adjusting my energy Body.
  16. 1997 Work with Starr and also the music …flutes or pipes ..strange music playing through my headphones that was not on the CD I was listening to.
  17. 1998

A Channeling my spirit guides.

  1. Books at Hastings. Guide.
  2. Intestinal problems 3 a.m. This is about the probe.
  3. Psychic tells me someone is looking after me. He could not see who, he was not being allowed to see who, he just said two hands were cupped and holding me protectively. I asked if it was angles and he said he didn’t know.
  4. 28. 1998 The Light. GOING INTO The Light

When this event occurred, I felt that I had reached some great spiritual milestone. Now I think it was something that the aliens did, because the voice I heard was the same as the Mantis‘s voice heard later, in 2009. It seemed to have been a natural step in the process which I wanted to take part of, as well. At any rate, at this point I do not think it was because of any of my doing.

I was and am very concerned with the evolution of my psychology.

In 1999 I was very concerned with the subject of death. I was not obsessed with thoughts about my own mortality or dying, it was a different sort of interest. I felt that since all of us die it would be quit possible that there was a sort of “door” in the human biology, or consciousness, which would lead to this state of being. I thought of death as a transition, and my experiences over time have only increased this assumption.

Meditation seemed to be the only way to achieve this, without actually dying, so that was the central focus of my meditation. I started thinking of myself as a Necronaut, sort of like Astronaut but heading deep into inner space rather than outer space. I decided that the first key would be as total a state of relaxation as possible.

I also worked on having an absence of thought, or letting all of my thoughts be free roaming. I thought in death it might be difficult to focus, and that one might be in a state of free association as in a dream. I have since changed these beliefs about those on the other side for from my contact with them I have discovered they can think as well as we can if not better for they see the entire picture. It seems that it is us here in the physical realm who have the limited perceptions rather than the opposite.

I even reread “The Denial of Death” which is a pretty heavy book. This was to help me get as clear a perspective on death as possible since I wanted to visit that realm. So that’s what I would think about when I meditated. I did this for about three months, and then I finally sort of gave up. I was getting pretty deep into my head, but I wasn’t getting into the realm of spirits.

You would think after trying to achieve this state for several months I would have known what was going on but I didn’t. So one evening after work when I was preparing to lie down to meditate a voice in my head said, “You are going to be given the opportunity to die.”

To say the least I was sort of stunned. First I wondered why I would be thinking something like that as I was not used to other voices talking to me inside of my brain. At least if they had I had never recognized it before. This was not my own voice, and not in the same location. Still I thought it had to be me talking to myself.

After all of the things that happened since 2009 I am subjectively positive that the voice belonged to a mantis creature. At the time I had no thought of aliens as I had no interest in them, and I had not even ever heard of the Mantis.

So this voice talked to me and I thought it must be my own even though it didn’t feel like mine, sound like mine, or occur in the same place in my head as my own ego voice. My ego voice seems to originate in the frontal lobe or close to it. This voice was exactly in the center of my brain so I thought “that’s the strangest thing I could ever think of!”, I also felt that it didn’t even come from me.

I lay down to meditate and nothing happened and I didn’t think anything of it. This exact same event played itself out over the next two nights. The voice that spoke still seemed to come from the center of my brain, but I was still under the impression that it was my own.

The fourth night was completely different, and in fact there was no voice and I didn’t even think about the voice. Somehow I had forgotten the voice which seems impossible in my way of thinking. I lay down in the bed to meditate, and began to get very very relaxed. I was not sure that my heart was beating, and was not sure that I was breathing.

I became more alert so I could make sure that all my systems were functioning and then sank back into the completely relaxed state. I not only lost contact with my ears, my skin, my breathing, my heartbeat, but I lost contact with my eyes as well.

My sight was filled with a complete blackness. There were no phosphines. Everything was complete blackness. I had only been in this condition once tht I could remember, and that was the first time I meditated and saw my Atman.

In that blackness I became pure. I can’t put it any other way. I lost all my psychological hang-ups. I could see them flash in front of me as a thought, and then I could let them go. I was no longer bothered by past events that had left a mark on me throughout my life. This all seemed completely real. I was completely free of consensus reality.  It was gone from the terrain of my psychology.

I felt as if I were as small as a tip of an ink pen. That’s how big I felt after I had shed all of the psychological baggage that I had carried around all of my life.  Then a light appeared in front of me. It was as if the world was divided into light and dark. I was in the blackness and I knew I could inter into the light.

I should have known what it was, but I wasn’t sure. I did not remember the message of the last three nights. Felt sort of stupid at these times when looking back on this. When I think about this event I feel pretty stupid for not realizing what was going on.  I thought the light might be my true or higher self, and that I could move into it. Then I thought “what if I can’t get back out?” and then “I’m not going”.

At that point the voice that I had heard for the three evenings before said, “Hmm. You wanted this and now that you get the chance and you aren’t going to take it.” It laughed three times. With the first laugh the light turned into a sphere. The sphere looked like a mirror except it was not reflecting anything. With the second laugh the sphere shrank by one half its size. With the third it disappeared and I was wide awake.

After a few days I realized I had been given the opportunity to go into the light. It might have been a NDE that I was going to experience; it might have been complete death. I would have taken twenty minutes for an ambulance to come get me, if I had regained the ability to get to a telephone after it was all over. I might have died. These were all thoughts I used to make me feel better about missing the experience.

I am now pretty sure they would have brought me back safe and sound so I still have regrets about missing the trip. I have thought recently about asking them again but I am not sure if I have the courage.

  1. 1999 Met WMK. Tetraheaden neon repressed memories. I was studying the books of Carlos Castaneda under the guidance of Michael King. He had worked for a physics lab , owned by a section of the government that did not exist. His words. One night while meditating I saw the strangest geometric shape made of neon lights floating in pure blackness ( no phosphines). I mentioned to Michael the incident and he stated what I had witnessed was one or more repressed memories. Probably from some traumatic emotional incident or some other trauma. I told him I had not suffered anything my mind would suppress. He said none the less, that was what it was. I now believe this is from alien repression of memories…or a blocked memory of them.
  2. 2000 Got married. Lived in town don’t know of much happening but studied Gergief and Ospensky.
  3. MISSING TIME and Probe 2005 CPS to 2008 then back to Nacogdoches.
  4. While working as an investigator for CPS we were on call one week a month, 24/7. If we missed a telephone call in the middle of the night it was a very bad thing. I had Three Missed Calls when working for CPS in the middle of the night. After the first two missed calls I put a microphone on my phone to a guitar amp, next to my bed. There was no way the phone could ring and even a dead person not hear it. I still had one more missed call even with the phone hooked to the amplifier. B. Intestinal problem at 3 am.
  5. 2008
  6. I kept waking up at 3:30 for months.
  7. Electronics manipulation. The Tudors Anne Bolyn, frozen screen. THE TUDORS 6/1/2008

I loved the show THE TUDORS and didn’t miss an episode. If I was not able to see it the night it aired, I was recording it on my satellite system. I recorded every episode so if I wasn’t home I could watch it, or if I wanted to see it again I had access.

Of all the characters my favorite was Anne Boleyn. I thought that Natalie Dormer, the actress who portrayed her, was extremely beautiful in the part. Though I knew that Anne Boleyn would die in the series I was still attached to her and in love with her.

On June first she was scheduled to be executed on the show. There was no way I was going to miss seeing her for the last time so I made sure that I was recording the program before it started. I don’t think I left the sofa during the entire show. When the guards started leading Anne to the execution stage I couldn’t stand it. If I could have changed history to keep her on the show I would have. I was all drawn up in a not with my feet on the sofa and my legs pulled in tight against me.

The guards had her kneel down in place and the executioner was drawing back his sword to behead her. I couldn’t stand it. I said “No I don’t want to see this! I don’t want to see this!” I said it several times, and then the picture on my television froze. The dialogue was still running and I heard her executed but didn’t see it. After the scene was over the picture jumped to the next scene where it would have been had the picture not froze and started moving again.

I was sort of in shock. I thought that I had wanted to NOT see her execution so badly that somehow I had psychically froze the picture. The next day I talked to two people who also loved the show, and on their televisions the picture had not frozen. One of them used a satellite television provider like I did. In fact she used the same provider.

I went home and turned on my TV, then went to the saved recordings on my DVR and watched the episode again. On the recording the picture did not freeze, and I saw her beheaded. This was the recording of the exact episode I was had seen where the picture froze. Evidently only the picture on my television froze. This made me even surer that I had done it myself. I bet the monitor enjoyed that and had a good laugh at me.

  1. APRIL.2009.
  2. The Stargate appears in April of 2009. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back, in a since, and led to me realizing I was an abductee. This exact same incident happened twice, each being one week apart. I am not sure if it happened on the same day, but I do know that the time of day was close to being the same.

I had been into town, had visited with one of my friends and then gone out to eat my dinner. After dinner I headed home by way of North Street and Highway 259 North. I was sitting at a stoplight in front of Wal-Mart and my car was headed north.

North Street is a busy road and there were about eight to twelve cars around me on my side of the road and about the same number in the oncoming lane. I was sitting looking at the stoplights which are above the middle of the road when a round object, about the size of a cup and saucer appeared at the end of the signal lights, not attached to them, floating in the air. It looked like a ball made of water.

As I looked at the ball of water it began to expand and flatten out. In a matter of seconds the ball had become a disk, about three to four feet across from side to side and top to bottom. There was a swirling movement in the disk and it looked exactly like the Stargate in the movie of the same title, only it had no structure around it.

I could not believe my eyes. I glanced at the cars around me and no one seemed to be noticing anything strange. I moved my head to see if the image shifted, in case it might be inside my head, and it did not. The Stargate then “exploded” with no sound, and the particles of water headed in a shower out and downward towards the ground, but dissolved and disappeared before they had falled a foot in distance.

I checked the cars around me again and no one showed signs of recognition of the object. The light changed and I headed home. I called one of my friends later and told him about the incident. We discussed the things I had done to see if it was a hallucination or something in my head. He had no comments except that it all sounded strange.

The next week the same thing happened. I went home and did not tell my conspiracy friend but I did go byy his house the next day. We talked about the event for a great deal of time and then he folded his hands in his lap and he said “Man I don’t exactly know how to tell you this, but because of everything that has happened in your life, and this incident, I think that you are an alien abductee.”

I thought he was nuts. I did not want to accept any theory like that at all. He said ok, but he thought I should look at some websites before I dismissed the idea. I went home and started to look on the internet and then decided against it. I talked to him the next day and he asked me what I had found out about me being an abductee. I told him I hadn’t had the time and he encouraged me to look again.

This time I looked and I didn’t really like what I had found. It seemed that the odds were against me, and that I was an abductee after all.

  1. A week later it happened again in the exact same spot

after the realization of my abductionC. I think you are an abductee.

  1. April 24th 2009 Singing at country kitchen. April 24th2009

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I started to meditate. I use a meditation CD from the Zygon Company. Anyway…I got so deep I was not aware of my breathing, or heart beating, or anything. Also, there were no phosphines in my eye sight. It was total blackness.  Then I felt something touch and move my bed. At first I thought my cat had climbed on the bed, but then I remembered my cat was outside.
Suddenly I found myself in a sort of cloth (but it wasn’t cloth) it was like cloth, and it was hanging from the top to something I couldn’t see, and it had an opening at each end closed with a flap. There was goo inside it. It did not bend in a curve like a hammock, but it was not hard either. It was almost like it was made of living material. I crawled out of the “resting place” and stood in a room which was about 24 by 24 feet, though I could not see the walls very well. I stood there for a moment looking around. It looked completely real and solid and I did not remember that I was safe in my bed meditating.

Then I suddenly found myself on a table, like an examination table. It was a little shocking because I didn’t know how I got there. At that point my perspective changed and I was looking at myself rather than in my body. I was in my bed again watching.

I was on this exam table and there were three grays at the end of the table, and a being which looked like a praying mantis wearing a robe. He was about 6 to 7 feet tall, and I had never heard of this creature before. His head was more like a triangle than a sphere, with the broad side at the top. He thought into my head and said “do not be afraid”…and I wasn’t. He could command me. Like a puppet. Remember this is a memory, not the event. I even managed to open my eyes and there was no one in the room. In the vision I wanted to fight, to run, to cry, to scream…but the Mantis told me not to. And most of me did what it told me to do but part of me saw it all ( this was what was happening IN the vision, which I was watching in the bed. I found it curious that while the Mantis was controlling me in the vision, it was bleeding over and he was also talking to me in the bed. For this reason I think he was controlling the vision. I had heard his voice before as well.)…and then forgot ( in the vision) at this point I was aware of myself in the vision and in the bed , though I was not aware of the bed, my breathing, or my heart beating.

At this point the view narrowed to show only me, and it was in X Ray. There were beings in the room. I couldn’t see them, but I knew…and I could see that there was something being placed about 12 and a half to 24 inches into my intestines. I could actually feel this in my body, but there was no pain, just a strong pressure. Then the vision was over and I was completely awake.

Now it is morning and I cannot stop crying…I have these bouts. It’s like I don’t even know why I am crying…like it has been locked up in me, this crying and anger and fear for no telling how long, and now it is all being released. I think it was locked in me when the event in the vision happened. I did feel different after the experience last night, and fell asleep exhausted. And I dont know who I  am now. Its like a lot of everything I have done in my life, decisions, reactions, were somehow based on  this experience, or on a series of unknown experiences,, that I don’t really remember. Rather than what I wanted or what was going on.

  1. The Mantis …see above
  2. Personality Change….speed up

G.MATRIX. Missing time of about 1.5 hours in front of tv. Made it obvious. Around end of april. LOST TIME. THE first event happened in 1969 summer. 7 hours. I had never heard anything about missing time.

  1. May 7 I woke up with blood on my hand and under my pillow and a puncture the size as if it was made with a pencil being shoved into my palm. It was completely healed withion 6 hours.
  2. May 20, 2009 Back Problems
  3. Misuse asks me when I broke my tail bone. I have never broken any bones.
  4. She mentions that my most painful muscles are associated with are often caused by blocks in the mind.
  5. June 3 2009. Money at the country kitchen strange response to my request. 20 minutes to pay the bill. June 3, 2009

All day long I’d been thinking about the aliens, just a little bit, trying not to obsess on them too much because they were beginning to dominate my thoughts all-time. I thought about the fact that it would  be interesting if they did something in public, and it would be verification for me that they were real. Kept thinking about this all day, but I could not imagine it happening.

I was at the country kitchen having lunch at 5:00 o’clock PM. I finished lunch at about 5:30, and got up to go pay my check. The waitress was at the cash register taking money from the West. West was writing a check. Felicia, the waitress, held out her hand for me to give her cash for my food. She said “looks like I always have my handout”. I handed her a $20 bill. She gave me back my change, and I looked at it trying to decide whether to give her a one dollar or two dollar tip. I usually give her two dollars. I had decided to give her one dollar, when I looked at her and she was standing there with two dollars in her hand. She was looking down at her hand and cocked her head to the side with a puzzled look on her face. I realize that the money had just somehow appeared in her hand, and so I said “looks like it just appeared in your hand doesn’t it.” She said “yeah, that was weird. “

I got out of my car and called my friend to tell him what happened. As we started our conversation I happened to look at the clock on the dashboard of my car. Before I had walked to the counter I had looked at the clock on the wall in the restaurant, and it had said 5:30. Now the clock in my car said 5:52. Somehow it’d take 20 minutes for me to pay my bill, which was not possible. And…There was 2 dollars missing from my change.

They answered my request.


  1. June 25. 2009. SIGHT partially restored.
  2. June 26,27,28
  3. dreamland festival. Met whitley Strieber.
  4. Marla Freeze She told me I was 4th generation abductee.
  5. Hypnotic regression where we went over the abduction in 1961.
  6. Aug 2009

Abduction after HUFON meeting 7/17/ 2009. My friend and I were abducted in our car and it was moved approximately 20 miles down the road from where we had been. Missing time.

Meet the Doc and Derrel


In 2010 I did little as far as keeping a diary and spent a lot of the year in combat with myself about the reality of the situation.  There were a lot of physical evidence every week or so.

  1. 2010. The trip to Onlaska and the mule deer. Saw a mule deer in east texas and there are no mule deer in east texas. Missing time. Talked to my deceased father.
  2. SAM on phone. Her phone, a cheep track phone, spoke her nickname which only she and I knew.
  3. Chelsea nose problems. Chels had sinus problems and dr discovered a cyst in her nose going from one of the sinuses, but then it just disappeared the day opf their surgery when some really strange things happened to their car
  4. Found out that 6 of my 8 closest circle of friends were abductees.
  5. I began to realize that they knew everything I was saying and thinking, somehow.
  6. Escalade and Lowe’s car accident averted. A voice in my head told me how to avoid a car accident and it was correct !
  7. 2011. Im going to go over the highlights of this year.


I realized there was a give and take in my communications with the aliens, and I also figured that this relationship should be reciperacle. Other than the fact that they had saved my life 8 times. When we get a framework constructed about something, like reality, it is darned near impossible to see past that framework.

  1. Crawling into bed fade to light ( I kept telling them I want to know when Im abducted again)I woke up, but actually did not feel like I had ben asleep, and found myself crawling back into bed when I should have been lying in bed.
  2. nasal implant
  3. nasal implant adjustment.
  4. solar plexus adjustment.
  5. Why did you save my life? I asked one of them and got the answer “We want you alive” and then it was gone.
  6. Meditation experience with crown chakra
  7. Psychic experience with Joni

h.11 minute trip for Berry


  1. Memory regression and toss.

J.9/20/11 started on 9/19/11 very sped up. The silver car

They (the aliens) were missing for over a month. I complained about this to them finally, and then that day they made a sound in the music, a trill up the scale on a wind instrument, as if to say, I am here and I know you are talking to me but I can’t come right now. This was in or around JUNE.

CHOLINE, COKEaCOLA, TYRoSENE, Electrolites.Beginings of the discovery of harvesting my neurotransmitters.


Other than the usual marks and punctures one event happened in 2012/May/ on or around the 5thThe car incident happened on  May 5th


I went to a friends house to watch a movie and visit. He is David Webb. He lives in Melrose, TX. It is out to the east of Nacogdoches  on Highway 21. As I was leaving I set my odometer to Zero because I wanted to take the Appleby Sands road home to check and see if it was shorter than my usual route. I have driven the Appleby Sands Road MANY times but not to go to his house.

When I left his house after setting the odometer and checking the time I asked THEM to move me to Louisiana or some other place where I shouldn’t be so I could call him from a strange location. Im glad they didn’t choose Louisiana.

I headed on Highway 21 , going West. When I got to the loop around Nac I turned right, heading North. When I came to the Appleby sands Road I turned right onto it, heading North. Appleby road is 6.1 miles long. I drove for some distance, and it was very dark, but I could see landmarks I knew and was soon to hit highway 59 East, though I would go west to get home.

There was a Black SUV in front of me, and I do not remember how it got there, and we were going very fast it seems. We made two curves where I had to slow down, and there are NO CURVES on Appleby sands (914) where you have to slow down. So that confused me. Then somehow the SUV was just gone. I don’t know if it sped off or not but I think it did. It was confusing.

Then I kept driving and it was so dark I could not see anything on the sides of the road. I thought, schees this is taking a long time to get to 59, when I saw the yellow sign with two arrows up ahead denoting an intersection. I then passed a road number sign and it said I was on 2114. 2114 does not intersect the Appleby Sands Road that I have been able to find.

I got to the intersection, after driving NORTH for over 15 miles in all counting the loop, and I was at the intersection of 2114 and Highway 7. I was on the south side of the middle of Nacogdoches, eight miles from town. 7 and 21 join after the loop in town. I called David and told him where I was. I was a little excited about it all.

He believed me and also told me he had seen a UFO in a field out near where UI was a few years earlier. He had never told me that story. I drove home. It took an hour to get home, though there were only 45 miles on my odometer. There should have been almost 60 miles on the odometer as most of the trip was done at 70, and 60 miles an hour, with a few miles at 55.

The next morning I found several punctures on my right side of my chin. I believe they were done during the drive and I would have seen them in the mirror, except I just didn’t look in the mirror because I was tired.

2012 This happened about a year ago. I have a girlfriend, and I have a pet name for her which is Sam and also Samantha. NO one else calls her that, and no one else knows about the name. She was smoking a cigarette out on the back porch and I was with her. She is an abductee but I had just clued her in to that, and she was in semi denial part of the time. She got a text from her grown son and answered it. As she was closing the phone, a very basic track phone which can only be talked ON, and text and a small camera. well the   phone it spoke, in a very computer like voice…and it said “SAM”.

She froze and looked at me and said ” Did you hear that ?” I confirmed that it had. It was really weird. Then it said it the next day when she was in a grocery store, and after that it never spoke again.So they knew about us, and our secrete name for her.

I have another friend who is an abductee and also in denial, more than my gf. I asked the aliens to do something to give him proof. This is what they did. He drove to my house, which takes 20 minuets from his house. He lives in the town and I out in the country. I always have him  call so I will know when he is leaving because I can not hear anyone knock on m y door when I am deep in the house. He called and left, and he made it here in eleven minuets. He swore he left from home. He would have had to have driven 120 miles an hour , which he didn’t…way too many cops and he is also not reckless, he is , however still in partial denial.


2/9/2013 CAR MOVED app 6 miles instantly, and tinnitus problem fixed.

JOURNAL ENTRY 3/8/2015. Taken into another dimension where three beings in robes, who seemed to be made of light, told me they were waiting for me to realize my soul was from another dimension and I am here on earth to do several chores including writing my book.

JOURNAL ENTRY 1/20/2015 solar plexus adjustment made and I no longer HAVE to have constant noise going on to feel comfortable (music as background noise)


  1. 1961 the one that looked like a combination upside down submarine and battleship combined. Most likely a screen memory of a plain old cigar shaped craft.
  2. 1977, ship disguised as a BLUE ANGLE jet. The interesting thing was I thought this was an army airplane, and when I saw it , it had air force insignia, but in reality it is a NAVY airplane.
  3. 1978 EGG Shaped craft.
  4. 1978 Ship disguised as a car.
  5. 1986 MOON ON FIRE
  6. 2013 space saucer outside my house, may have been a dream but wasn’t like one.


I have seen a mule deer and also previously 2 kiwi birds, in East Texas. The kiwi birds were a species that was not discovered until the after 2005.



  1. Cancer, they may have intervened.
  2. Hit by car.
  3. My car hit by van.
  4. Blow out of tire kept us from hitting cows in the road
  5. Cannon exploding but I was saved at last minute by a stranger.
  6. Talked to me in a dream to keep me from committing suicide.
  7. Car ,mine, went from 40 to 0 mph without slowing down and I was not tossed through the windshield, and then the car slid sideways to safety from being hit by a large truck.
  8. Falling off a stage onto concrete floor
  9. There are a few more but we aren’t going to talk about them.



Made me feel I had done something when it was them…these dates are approximate here but accurate in the book


  1. Made a record suddenly be on the other side without any visible movement.
  2. Made me think I had levitated an object, a small toy ladder.
  3. Made me think I had frozen the picture on my TV to avoid seeing Marie Antoinette beheaded.
  4. Made me think I had kept a computer at a video store from switching my customer membership number from my birthday to my social security number.
  5. Made me think I had been responsible for going to the light when they took me there, and actually let me know at the end, but I did not know they were aliens, I thought it was guardian angles.



  1. 1955 in my room, 3 grays and probably a mantis .
  2. 2009 3 grays and definitely a mantis on a ship.
  3. 2015, March 8, three tall humanoid beings who were in robes and appeared to be made of light, in a way, who removed my soul from my body and took me to a different dimension which was radically different from here, and when they returned me they put a portion of my more developed self back into my body. These people are where I am from ( my soul) I am in a human body.


Messing with electronics…

  1. cameras stalled and skittered and went out of focus, when they can not.
  2. Music playing through headphones while listening to a CD when it isn’t on the CD, also some being chanting at another time.
  3. TV dyeing when very new. Then working again a few months later.

ORBES IN MY HOUSE 2013 and even now.

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Byron Lacy ~ 09/09/17 ~ Cosmos Connection ~ Revolution Radio ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J. Morris

Byron Lacy ~ 09/09/17 ~ Cosmos Connection ~ Revolution Radio ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J. Morris ~ Producer Thomas Becker (amadpainter), 6 to 8 PM Eastern time, 12 to 2 PM Hawaii time. on Revolution Radio Byron W. Lacy was born in Burnet, Texas on March 21, 1950. He is a fourth generation Texan. Byron’s Great Grandfather, George W. Lacy, came to Texas in the early 1850’s. George and two of his business partners donated the granite to build the current Texas state capitol. He also started a dog breed which is...

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Byron Lacy ~ 03/25/16 ~ Experiencer’s Network ~ Janet, John & Neal

Hosts Janet Kira Lessin, Rev. John Polk and Neal Vanderstelt interview experiencer Byron Lacy on Experiencer’s Network, Friday, March 25, 2016 on from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time. Bio ~ Byron W. Lacy Byron’s  first contact with aliens age 5, monthly contacts 60+ years, communication with them, with them  4 times remembered, and aliens saved him from death 8 times.  His first contact with aliens was in 1955, age 5, but the significance was not understood until 2009 when a Star Gate opened up in front of...

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Byron Lacy ~ Bio

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Byron Lacy ~ 03/10/16 ~ Alien Contact Org ~ Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J Morris

Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J. Morris interview experiencer Byron Lacy on the Alien Contact Organization (, Thursday, March 10, 2016 from 8 to 10 Eastern on Bio ~ Byron W. Lacy Byron’s  first contact with aliens age 5, monthly contacts 60+ years, communication with them, with them  4 times remembered, and aliens saved him from death 8 times.  His first contact with aliens was in 1955, age 5, but the significance was not understood until 2009 when a Star Gate...

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