Bret Oldham ~ 09/26/17 ~ Ascension Center ~ Revolution Radio ~ Hosts Janet Lessin & Theresa Morris

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Bret Oldham ~ 09/26/17 ~ Ascension Center ~ Revolution Radio ~ Hosts Janet Lessin & Theresa Morris ~ Producer Thomas Becker (amadpainter) at from 10pm to Midnight (Eastern time).

Bret Oldham has been investigating and researching the paranormal for over thirty years. He is known for his alien abduction experiences and his work with other abductees as well as his EVP and Spirit Box work and research. Bret is the author of the acclaimed Amazon Best Seller, “Children Of The Greys” and the recently published book, “The Baby Takers”. He has contributed chapters to books by world renown author Brad Steiger and was interviewed and featured in the recently released books, “Silver Screen Saucers” by Robbie Graham and, “ Somewhere in the Skies” by Ryan Sprague. Bret wrote a chapter on spirit communication for the book, “Mystery Us Universe” by Tony Pratt. He has also written articles for Alternate Perceptions and Mysterious Universe magazines.

Bret has made national television appearances in several countries including –
Two episodes of the hit television series, “Ancient Aliens” on the History channel.
Multiple episodes of the Destination America network’s show, “Monsters & Mysteries in America”.
Two episodes on TV7’s show, “The New Files” in Bulgaria.
Two episodes of “My Ghost Story” on A&E.
An episode of “The Conspiracy Files” CBC Canada.
An episode of “Alien Theory” in France.
An episode of “Mystery Us” PBS Nashville, Tennessee

Bret has been a guest on numerous Internet TV shows and radio shows including “Coast to Coast Am” with George Knapp as well as being interviewed for various online magazines and local newspapers. He has been a featured guest speaker for Nevada MUFON, Tennessee MUFON, Para-Mania, Octagon Hall, Kentucky, Paranormal Study Center, Huntsville, Alabama, and various other ghost groups and organizations throughout Tennessee.

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