Advertise on the Aquarian Radio Network


Web Site Banners – Advertise your event, product, services, book, movies, documentaries, conferences, etc.  1) Pay via link below.  2) Send several size banners to us.  We will resize them to fit the side bars and will put them on 3 to 5 pages,  postings and/or sidebars on the web site.  Please provide your link  ~ Email banner to us at

$100/month per banner subject.

Audio Ads – 30 seconds – $20 – 4 or 5 times a month, 60 seconds – $35 – 4 or 5 times a month.

Steps 1) Pay for the commercial time of you ad 2) email ad to us at  3) We will review your ad and if we accept it will 4) run the ad at least 4 times a month or 5) refund your money if ad is not acceptable to our network.  If you need help creating an audio ad, try

Audio Commercials

Air time as a guest on Aquarian Radio – $2.00 a minute, minimum 15 minutes. Select amount of time and show from the menu below.

Pay for air time then email and we will send you available dates and times when we can do your recording. We broadcast on several platforms including blogtalk, spreaker, youtube, stitcher and more.

Guest Show Appearance ~ $2.00 per minute – minimum 15 minutes

KCOR Radio Advertising 

Email us at and we’ll direct your email to the right party for processing.  Let us know what you want and we’ll coordinate it with our producer.  These prices are tentative and subject to change and/or verification.  All submissions are subject to approval.


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