Steve Colbern ~ 01/17/19 ~ Aquarian Radio ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J Morris

Steve Colbern ~ 01/17/19 ~ Aquarian Radio ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J Morris

Biography: Steve Colbern is a Chemist/Materials Scientist with over 20 years of industrial experience and several patents for industrial processes relating to nanotechnology. He is currently working in the area of carbon nanotubes and working to start a nanotechnology company.

In the UFO field, Steve does high-tech analysis of alien implants, UFO crash debris, and other physical evidence found on or around experiencers of alien contact.  He was a partner of the late Dr. Roger Leir from 2008 until his death in 2014 and did analysis on several of the implants that Dr. Leir removed from his patients, including the last three, patients 15, 16, 17.  Steve was also present at these last three implant removal surgeries.

In addition to analysis, Steve is currently doing instrument scans of clients that believe they may have had alien contact for evidence of the presence of alien implants and signs of recent alien contact.

Steve met Dr. Leir after seeing him as a patient, shortly after a mysterious object appeared in his toe in 2008. Steve’s analyses of these alleged alien implants, including his own, uncovered startling findings that these objects are almost certainly from off planet and are sophisticated nanotechnological devices that monitor the subject they are implanted in.

Steve has two websites, and and can be contacted at steve@neutronstarnanotech,com or by telephone at (805) 625-2549.

Steve has also appeared on several radio and TV shows, including Coast to Coast with George Noory, Hyperspace and Ravenstar’s Witching Hour with Solaris BlueRaven, Let’s Talk Paranormal with Tracie Austin, and Dreamland with Whitley Streiber

Steve’s TV appearances have included Alien Intent, produced by Whitley Streiber, several short documentary films by Jaime Mausson, the Watchers DVD series, produced and directed by Richard Shaw, and the documentary Patient 17, directed by Jeremy Corbell.  Steve recently finished an appearance on an episode of UFOs: The Lost Evidence, to be shown later this year on the Travel Channel

Janet Lessin and Theresa J Morris are ET Experiencers and have invited another named Steve Colbern to join them on Saturday’s Show.

Steve Colbern is a Chemist/Materials Scientist with over 20 years of industrial experience. He is currently working in the area of carbon nanotubes and working to start a nanotechnology company.

Steve is also a UFO abduction researcher and an Experiencer, and was a partner of the late Dr. Roger Leir from 2008 until his death in 2014. Steve first met Dr. Leir after visiting him as a patient, shortly after a mysterious object appeared in his toe in 2008.

Steve analyzed several alleged alien implants its that Dr. Roger Leir surgically removed from his patients, including Steves, and has uncovered startling findings. Steve is currently performing analysis of reported alien material and can be contacted at



Report on Characteristics of Grey Alien/Human Hybrids by Steve Colbern-April 2, 2011

The alien abduction phenomenon has been attracting much more attention in the media of late, and has gone from an area of discussion which was considered to be the dreams and fantasies of unstable individuals to a field which is taken at least somewhat seriously by many people.

The majority of people reporting alien contact have reported being taken by the small alien beings with large heads, large eyes, grey skin, and strong telepathic abilities, commonly referred to as the “Greys”.  Most of these beings have no external genitalia, and are said to reproduce by cloning.

Over the last few years, enough physical evidence has emerged which corroborates the reports of abductees to bring this field to the verge of being the subject of serious scientific study.

This evidence includes very unusual objects, or implants, removed from the bodies of abductees, as well as unusual, nearly indelible, UV-fluorescent dyes left both on the bodies of the abductees and in the areas from which they report being abducted.  The purpose and chemical structures of these dyes is now being investigated by this author.

The implant objects appear to be nanoelectronic devices, probably for tracking, and/or data transmission from the subject.  The objects have been found to have very complex micro and nanostructures, and to contain unusual materials, including meteoric iron with skewed isotopic ratios, indicating an off-planet origin.

Alien Implant Removed from Abductee’s Body and Blue UV Dye on Author’s Leg (right)

These objects also contain carbon nanotubes, which are nanotubular forms of carbon which have exceptional electronic properties, and very high strength.  Research on the applications of carbon nanotubes for nanotechnology is in its infancy on Earth, but may have been developed into mature technologies long ago by many alien species, owing to their useful and unique properties[1].

Enough of this type of physical evidence has been gathered and analyzed to warrant taking seriously abductee reports of other aspects of the alien agenda for which there is much less hard evidence.

This brief report is based on all sources of information which I have had access to over the years, including the UFO literature, interviews with other abductees, and my own hypotheses and experiences.  It is not meant to be all-encompassing, or to provide final proof, but to provide a reasonably accurate overview of the Grey alien program for the creation of Grey alien/Human hybrids.

Abductee Reports on the Greys and the Grey Agenda

The Greys are an alliance of several alien species, having similar appearances and agendas, and having a central command structure.  Most of these beings are reported to reproduce by cloning, and have been subjected to major genetic engineering, probably in the past few thousand years.

This was done to remove the stronger emotions, lengthen lifespan[2], increase intellectual and telepathic capacity, and become more adapted to long-distance spaceflight.  The adaptations to long-distance spaceflight included a greatly increased resistance to radiation, and the elimination of hair, and the digestive system, these being two body systems which are quite sensitive to radiation damage.  Nutrients are absorbed by the Greys, in liquid form, entirely through the skin and the mouth membrane.

The vocal cords are also absent, either through deliberate removal by genetic engineeering, or atrophy from lack of use (the Greys communicate exclusively through telepathy).  Most Grey species have a hive-mind structure, in which the minds of all individuals in their societies are linked telepathically.

Not all of these induced genetic changes were entirely successful, and many of the Grey species now realize that many must be at least partially reversed to ensure their long-term survival.  Damage to the genomes of many Greys has also occurred due to excessive exposure to radiation, both during long spaceflights, and as a result of wars with other species.

Further damage to their DNA has occurred as a result of the long-term use of cloning as a means of reproduction.  Damage to the DNA occurs in each round of cloning, and is not repaired as it is during the normal crossing over of the chromosomes of reproductive cells during sexual reproduction.

The Greys apparently lack the technology to completely repair this type of DNA damage.  A large part of their mission on Earth is therefore to collect DNA and tissue samples from human abductees for the purposes of repairing their own DNA.

From the beginning of the reported abductions by the Grey alien beings, around the last decade of the 19th century, abductees have reported that the agenda of the aliens appeared to center around the genetic modification of humans, collection of blood and tissue samples, and the gathering of egg and sperm samples for a breeding program, the goal of which is the creation of hybrid beings, which are part Grey and part human.

These hybrid beings, have a mixture of Grey and human DNA, and possess the intellectual capacity and the telepathic abilities of the Greys, along with many other psychic abilities obtained from humans (such as precognition and remote viewing).  These hybrids contain a high percentage of Grey DNA, and are designed to be as human-appearing as possible, while retaining all of the desirable mental and physical characteristics of both species.

Other “hybrids” are also created by doing less drastic genetic modifications of the DNA of human fetuses during the abduction of pregnant women. These individuals will be referred to as “genetically modified humans”, rather than “hybrids” in the remainder of this report.

This program of genetic modification of lifelong abductees is being undertaken in parallel with the hybrid program.  It is likely that many, if not most, of the people reporting lifelong alien contact were genetically modified before birth.

The hybrid program was most likely started in the late 19th century, and has proceeded through several generations from the inception of the program, with the first hybrid beings very close in appearance to the un-hybridized Greys, and the later stage beings nearly indistinguishable from normal humans.

After two or three generations of hybridization, the hybrid beings acquired major human characteristics, such as hair, and a digestive system, that the Greys lack.  They also acquired human emotions.  The late-stage hybrids also have vocal cords, external genitalia, and can reproduce normally, both with humans, and with other hybrids of their approximate stage of development.

The hybrid program is reportedly in at least its seventh generation, with the current generation of hybrids being close enough to human appearance to pass for humans fairly easily, and mingle in Earthly human society.

Grey Alien, Possible Early-Stage Hybrid (middle), Possible Late-Stage Hybrid (right)

Late-Stage Hybrids Aboard Ship-Abductee Drawings[3]

Hybrid Breeding, Birth and Gestation

Hybrid beings are made in a process of in-vitro fertilization, using human sperm and eggs collected from abductees.  The human sperm and eggs are first genetically modified with Grey DNA before the fertilization procedure.  The modified fertilized eggs are then placed in utero, in female abductees to gestate for approximately the first three months.

After this initial growth period, the fetuses are retrieved during later abductions and their development completed in liquid-filled maturation chambers which contain all of the nutrients and biochemicals necessary for their survival.  This explains the “missing pregnancies” reported by many female abductees.  After birth, the infant hybrids are then raised aboard ship, or at Grey underground bases.  Many abductees have reported seeing thousands of these maturation chambers during their time in Grey ships and facilities[4].

This retrieval step is done mainly for purposes of concealment of the fact that the fetuses are not normal human children.  The appearance of the later stage hybrids is close enough to human for this step not to be absolutely necessary, and some late-stage hybrids are allowed to be raised by their human families as human children.  Many of these children grow up not knowing that they are hybrids, and believing themselves to be “ordinary” abductees, or normal humans.

Large amounts of blood plasma, tissue samples, hormones, and other biochemicals are needed for the production of hybrids, as well as for the cloned reproduction of the Greys themselves.  These biochemicals are obtained from cattle (which share many genetic traits in common with humans) and from human abductees.

Large numbers of hybrids have been, and are being, produced.  The total numbers are not known with any degree of certainty, but they are certainly in the hundreds of thousands, or millions.

The program is reportedly now in a stage of “fine-tuning” the characteristics of the beings produced.  This is being accomplished through a “breeding program”, which combines the hybrid program with the program for the genetic modification of humans.

The late-stage hybrids are bred normally (sexually), both with each other, and with genetically modified humans.  The resulting babies are then carried to term and born normally.  At this stage, at which the hybrids are nearly “perfected” and able to reproduce normally, sexual reproduction takes advantage of the random assortment of genes.  This process can often produce desirable traits which would have been difficult, or impossible, to produce by artificial genetic manipulation.

All hybrids, and genetically modified human abductees are linked to the Grey hive-mind.  This is generally done through the use of a brain implant, inserted through a nostril, into a frontal lobe of the brain.  The implant forms connections throughout the brain, and relays sensory data and thoughts by telepathic link to a massive computer system which coordinates the hive-mind.  The data from the lives of all beings connected to the system is permanently stored in the computer.

General Hybrid Traits and Characteristics

Late-stage hybrids generally look very human, but do have some characteristics which distinguish them from normal humans.  Many of these differences are of a metabolic, behavioral, or mental nature, and are not readily apparent on casual observation, but become more noticeable when interacting closely with these beings.

Two unusual physical characteristics are the presence of extra neck vertebra and/or spinal vertebra and pairs of ribs.  It is not known whether all hybrids have the extra vertebra and ribs, or if only some of them have these characteristics.

Height: 5.5-6.5 ft

Build:  Generally somewhat thin (ectomorphic), but some hybrids have normal (mesomorphic) build.

Hair:  The most common hair colors are black, dark brown, and blonde, with red hair being rare.  The hair is nearly always straight, due to the hair shafts being extremely fine.  Some may have less hair than humans, but sparseness of hair is less common in the late-stage hybrids.

Facial Structure:  Larger than normal, roundish, head with high forehead, high cheekbones, and generally thin nose. The eyes are larger than human, and sometimes have vertical, or elliptical, pupils[5].

Body Temperature:  Lower than normal (usually averages around 96 °F), but metabolism still appears normal.  This is in contrast to the metabolism of genetically modified humans, which have low body temperature (also around 96 °F) along with correspondingly lower metabolism.

Temperament:  Generally patient and placid, but can have sudden outbursts of extreme emotion.  Emotions are generally stronger than in most humans, but they are inclined to conceal them from others.

Mental Abilities:  Intelligence level is well above normal, with average IQ estimated as 140-150.  In addition, hybrids are strongly intuitive, and possess the Grey telepathic and mind-control abilities.

Behavior:  Hybrid behavior in human society is somewhat reserved, and often seems odd, in hybrids that were not raised as humans.  This is a result of a lack of social experience, and unfamiliarity with the use of spoken language.  Hybrids usually use telepathy to communicate when not among humans.

Goals of Hybrid Program

The ultimate reason for the creation of Grey/human hybrids is a matter of some debate among abductees and UFO/alien researchers, but there are three major possibilities:

  • The Greys have created hybrids in order to assure their long-term survival, and to repair genetic “mistakes” caused by genetic engineering and radiation.
  • The Greys have created these beings either to infiltrate them into Earthly human society, possibly to use as spies, or as a first step in replacing normal humans with a similar race that they consider more useful, or desirable.
  • The Greys want a race of beings having many of the characteristics and genetics of humans to use in colonizing other planets, or to ensure that humans will not become extinct if nuclear war, asteroid impact, or other ecological disaster renders the Earth marginally habitable in the near future.

It is likely that the true motive for the hybrid program is a combination of these possibilities.  Many abductees have reported that the aliens are anticipating a massive drop in the human population in the near future.

Whatever the exact use that the Greys intend for the hybrids, this die-off of the human population on Earth is probably one of the main reasons for the creation of the hybrid program and for the large numbers of hybrids created.

Problems with Hybrids and the Hybrid Program Generally

The hybrid program set out to create beings that were Greys that looked human, who would think of themselves as Greys, and be loyal only to them.  Instead, the program has created beings which are more like humans with the Grey telepathic abilities.

The two species are so unlike each other that the Greys have had to use a lot more human genes in the hybrids than they had planned in order to make them look enough like humans to mingle in human society.

Most hybrids relate more to humans than to the Greys, and have many of the same problems with anxiety, fear, and socialization that plague human abductees, and humans in general.

These types of human emotional/mental health problems may be ones which the Grey society is ill-equipped to solve, due to their lack of experience with emotions.  Hybrids relating too closely to humans may also create problems of divided loyalties in the Grey social structure.

My Personal Experiences Involving Hybrids

Most of my experiences with hybrids aboard ship I do not remember well, however, I remember scenes out of many of the experiences, typically one or two, out of the ones that I remember anything at all about.

I know from the physical evidence left behind, including UV-fluorescent dyes on my body, and, in one case, an implant, that I am taken by the Greys quite frequently, but generally remember little, or nothing.  I have remembered quite a lot from the sessions of regressive hypnosis I have undergone, however, and now know enough to get a general idea of what I do during my alien experiences.

My earliest experience with hybrids was having a hybrid “girlfriend”, or “personal project hybrid” to use the terminology of Dr. David Jacobs, when I was in my teens.  This “relationship” probably started when I was 12-14 years old.  The female hybrid had long, blonde hair, and had a very thin build.

I do not remember her name, but I think it started with a C, or a K; perhaps “Kate”.  Of course, that was a human name, as her Grey name was probably very difficult to pronounce.  I have vague memories of teaching her to talk, and to be more at home in a social setting with other hybrids and human abductees.

These relationships between human abductees and hybrids are intended to teach the hybrid to be more human.  Sex is an important part of these relationships, as the Greys feel that it is an important part of humanizing the hybrids.  It is not normally for the purpose of procreation, but they sometimes allow pregnancies to occur.

They have told me that I am a genetically modified human, of a special type, so they sometimes “breed” me with female hybrids, and the Greys have told me that I have several hybrid children that live with them.

I recently remembered an incident of this nature (Nov., 2010), in which I was taken to a Grey mother ship in orbit about 500 miles above the Earth[6].  There, they escorted me to a darkened corridor which had intersecting doorways of several “offices”, furnished to resemble rooms in earthly office buildings.

I went into one of them, which resembled a CEOs office on Earth, with a couch, a large desk, a couple of lamps, and shag carpeting.  A darkened bedroom adjoined the “office”, and as it was ~3:30AM in my time zone, I decided to go in and lie down.  As I lay down on the bed, I realized that the room was a replica of my bedroom on Earth.

As I started to fall asleep, I saw a naked woman come in who I thought was my wife, at first.  She got into bed next to me, and I realized where I was, and that she was not my wife.  She had straight black hair, light skin, a thin build, and looked like a hybrid.

The light was not good, but it was definitely not my wife.  All of a sudden, I got very aroused, and had a compulsion to have sex with this female hybrid, which she seemed to expect, and enjoy.  It appeared that that was the purpose of her “visit”.  I felt very confused about this, as I had never seen her before, and had no relationship with her.

The sex, in this experience, was obviously for the purpose of getting the hybrid female pregnant.  I had often suspected that the Greys used me for this type of “breeding” activity, but this was the first time I had actually remembered it[7].

Earlier in this experience, my “boss”, who is a taller, high-ranking, scientist-leader caste Grey, was aboard the ship which transferred me to the mother ship.  He said (telepathically) something to me (you will………), which I could not understand at the time.  In retrospect, the missing word was “procreate”.

This mating between me and the female hybrid must have been important to the Greys, as my “boss” is never present on my experiences unless they want me to do something they consider important.  He has been with me since the beginning of my experiences, and I was assigned to him as a “project” when I was very young.

Reasonable Likenesses of Mother and Son Seen Aboard Ship-August, 2010-K Wilson

Kay Wilson also reported seeing me aboard ship on the same night, probably in another one of the “offices” I passed on the way to the replica of my bedroom.  The Greys were throwing me a birthday party[8].  The room was somewhat dimly lit by an orange light, and reminded me of a video arcade.  There was a table in the center of the room, and electronic devices with view-screens near the walls.

She said that I looked very happy, and that my daughter (from my Earthly life) and a hybrid son who lives with the Greys, were present, along with his mother.  Kay reported that the mother appeared nervous about having her there, and seemed to want to protect her son from her.  She became visibly nervous when Kay tried to talk to him.

I also remember being on the lunar surface, sometime in the late 1980’s, at the main Grey base on the lunar farside, near the center of the Farside.  I was in a huge, cubical, glass building, perhaps a mile on a side, in which spacecraft assembly and repair was going on.

There were hybrids working alongside Greys, and many spacecraft, of all sizes were being built and repaired.  Most of the hybrids in evidence were males, having blonde, or dark brown hair, and wearing shiny blue, tight-fitting jumpsuits.

They explained to me what was going on at the facility, and said that my help would be required there from time to time.  They also said that I had a lot in common with them.  They were probably referring to the statement the Greys had made to me many years before that I had been genetically modified before birth, and was somehow “special” to them.

I may also have a twin aboard ship, as the doctor said while she was pregnant with me that my mother was going to have twins, and was quite sure about it.  About 3-4 months into the pregnancy, one heartbeat disappeared.  The doctor was puzzled, but just said that he must have made a mistake; in retrospect, what else could he say?  I have always thought that she really was going to have twins, and the Greys took my twin brother to live with them.  Identical twin experiments like this are commonly done by human scientists.

A more recent experience with a probable hybrid[9] involved a person who Dr. Leir met at the 2009 Bay Area UFO Expo.  A man who said his name was John[10] came up to Dr. Leir at the Expo and said he wanted to help him with his research on alien implants; he said that he was in the computer field, and the owner of a computer company.  Dr. Leir, and everyone in his party who saw John stated that there was something very strange about his eyes, and that they got very odd vibes from him.

Dr. Leir said that he told him that he could use some help with his website, and they exchanged contact information.  He seemed to just appear behind people with no warning[11], and seemed very socially inexperienced, as if he was not used to interacting in human society.

John-Possible Late-Stage Grey-Human Hybrid

John said he was from Colorado, and when Dr. Leir remarked that he must get a lot of skiing in, John said “what is skiing?”.  He also went back to say goodbye again, after he was quite a distance away, after Dr. Leir waved to him, as if he were not used to the ritual of how humans say goodbye to each other.

A few weeks after the Expo, John called Dr. Leir while he was at a friend’s house.  This would not be unusual, except that Dr. Leir had not given him that phone number, and there was no ordinary way he could have obtained it.  That incident told me that John was either a hybrid, or a government agent! A hybrid could have gotten the information telepathically, from Dr. Leir’s mind.

I was very intrigued by all this, and asked Dr. Leir for John’s phone number so that I could find out more about him.  I called him, using the pretense of asking him about helping with the website, and we had an interesting conversation, in which he told me that the govt would shut down the Internet at some point, soon.

He then recommended that we write down the ISP addresses for all the websites that you want to see, as the govt would probably try to close the Internet by interfering with the programs that translate the usual website address into the respective ISP addresses.

John also said that the System, as it is set up now, would change drastically within the next few years, and that it might be tough to get food, and basic necessities for awhile, during the transition.  He said that we should all have at least 6 month of food stockpiled.

One strange thing I noted during the conversation was that his voice would sometimes reverberate in a very odd manner, somewhat like the Reptilian alien’s voices in the old “V” television show.  He also said that many people he knew thought that he had been “an LSD experiment”; apparently, other people thought he was very unusual, as well.

The next time we spoke was on New Year’s Eve, 2009-2010, when he called me.  I told him that I was concerned about the New World Order takeover, and he replied that they were on their last gasp, and that the Greys would interfere with their plans for humanity.  He also said that he wanted us to watch the movie “Wally”, which seemed like something an alien would want people to watch, because of its anti-pollution, and ecological awareness message.

He recommended that I check out a website called, which talks about the impending doom of civilization in 2012, among other things.  I let my wife talk to him while he was on the phone, so that I could tell her later that she was probably talking to an alien.

The next time I talked to John, I invited him to attend Dr. Leir’s latest alien implant removal surgery so that we could finally meet.  First he said that he would be there, but then he called me two days before the surgery and said that he was concerned about being able to do the process of getting on a commercial airliner and flying out; this begged the question of how he got to San Francisco for the Bay Area UFO Expo, as he told Dr. Leir that he flew out.

He also indicated that the cost of a motel room might be a problem.  This seemed very strange, since he had stated that he was the owner of a successful computer company, and did appear to know a lot about computers.

He seemed quite agitated during this phone call, in contrast to the placid temperament he had displayed before, and wanted me to meet him at the airport on the day of the surgery, and let him stay at my house.  I told him that I was already committed to helping Dr. Leir the day of the surgery, and that I could not pick him up.

This seemed to really upset him, and after going back and forth for awhile, he admitted that he really did not want to go to the surgery, but wanted to give me an important message. I said that he could talk to me at the surgery, but said he wanted to see me alone.

I told him that I could meet with him some other day, but he seemed not to want to do this, and hung up, still mad. This was a very strange conversation that I wish I had been able to record, as it is strangely difficult to recall all that he said.

We spoke once after this, in September, 2010, and had a nice conversation about current events. I have recently tried to get in touch with him again, but have been unable to.  I am beginning to think he may not be on Earth any longer; perhaps his assignment here has ended.

The final hybrid experience I have to report here occurred at the 2010 International UFO Congress, in Laughlin.  I attended an Experiencer session, led by Mary Rodwell, and saw an older man sitting a few feet from me who had vertical pupils! He looked normal, except for this distinctive feature, and must have been a hybrid of some kind.

The Greys seemed to have succeeded in eliminating all of their outward characteristics from his features, except this one.  During the session, he complained bitterly about the treatment he had received during abductions.

The possibility that he was wearing contacts of some kind, crossed my mind, but it seems unlikely. I was sitting very close to him, and his eyes looked real, and from his statements, he seemed like a genuine abductee. He also appeared to be a serious gentleman, who did not seem the type to go in for gags.  I also know of someone (the daughter of one of Dr. Leir’s implant removal patients) who has one pupil which looks a lot like those of the man at the Congress.

I wanted to take a picture of him, but he was in a bad mood, and I did not think he would appreciate my curiosity.  In any event, seeing this man was alone worth the price of admission to the Congress, and really went a long way toward validating my own alien experiences.

[1] The implant evidence is explained in much more detail in my paper on the analysis of implant #15, removed by Dr. Roger Leir from abductee “John Smith”-

[2] Most of the Grey beings are said to have a lifespan of over 400 years.

[3] Used with permission from Kay Wilson-

[4] This is a link to a video allegedly from an underground Base in, Dulce , New Mexico, showing alien breeding chambers-

[5] This is a characteristic derived from the Greys, who also have vertical, reptilian-like, pupils.  The abductee reports of the Grays having black eyes are a consequence of their usually wearing light-amplifying (or dimming) contact lenses for comfort at many levels of illumination.  These lenses cause their eyes to appear black.

[6] This is just inside the Van Allen radiation belts; perhaps they orbit at this altitude to deter human-built spacecraft from bothering them, as Grey craft have efficient, field-based radiation shielding, and human-built spacecraft do not.

[7] I remembered the sex part of the experience spontaneously, and the rest under hypnosis.

[8] The party was probably to celebrate my conception, as it was not my birthday, but it was the month that I must have been conceived.  This experience took place in August, 2010.

[9] If John is a hybrid, he is probably one of many now living on Earth, as several people I have spoken to have reported meeting Grey-Human hybrids in the last few years.

[10] I do not feel it is wise to reveal his last name.

[11] Hybrids are said to be able to do this by using their telepathic abilities to distract the minds of people from their presence until they are very close by.

Steve Colbern-On UFO Investigations

The UFO phenomenon is very ephemeral, and leaves very little physical evidence.  Much of the evidence from UFO cases is therefore “thin”, consisting mainly of eyewitness and abductee reports, combined with whatever physical evidence that can be gathered.

This is the case, in large part, because the beings operating the UFOs are apparently operating under their own version of military secrecy.  They therefore take great pains to leave as little evidence behind as they can, even going so far as to alter or erase the memories of most of the humans they abduct.

One must therefore approach a UFO investigation in a manner similar to that of a military intelligence officer who is investigating an enemy who is determined to thwart any and all attempts to find out their plans.

The UFO investigator must then expect only small amounts of evidence to be available on any given case, be prepared to glean as many tentative conclusions as possible from the available evidence, realize that certainty may not be achievable, and, most importantly, carefully separate and prioritize the data according to the level of supporting evidence;

what one knows for sure > what one has good evidence for > what one knows by a preponderance of the evidence > gut feelings > no idea; not sure what to believe.

Steve Colbern – Ron Noel-Implant Report(v4)
Analysis Report on Sample RN-1-2010 Report Author: Steve Colbern 16 July, 2011© 2011 by SG Colbern-All Rights Reserved Background Information Location of Object:Inner portion of right wrist

The object showed up easily on a medical X-ray.  The subject, Mr Ron Noel, believes that the object may have been inserted during a remembered alien contact experience in 1969, in which he was abducted along with two friends

Tests Done With the Object in the Subject’s Body: The object was located on a medical X-ray, on which it showed up easily

The object was then scanned, using a studfinder, which gave a strong signal when over the object, indicating it was composed of metal, or other electrically conductive material.  The object was then scanned with a Gaussmeter, which measured a magnetic field over the object of approximately 7 mGauss, indicating that the object was made of magnetic material, and emitting a magnetic field.  The object was then scanned with a radio frequency detection instrument, which detected radio signals emitted at 13772926 MHz and 516 812 MHz frequencies

Appearance and Physical Characteristics of SampleType of Membrane around Object:Appeared to be composed of normal tissue; was not black, or difficult to cut through Numerous vesicles, which appeared to be filled with yellowish oil were embedded in the membrane, however

Type and Characteristics of main Object:Seed-shaped, ~3 mm X 2 mm X 1 mm; similar to at least two other objects that were also taken from the wrists of abductees.

Analytical Procedure – The object was removed surgically on April 24, 2009, by Dr Roger Leir, imaged briefly under a dissecting microscope, and stored in a tube of the patient’s blood serum immediately thereafter, exposed to the field of a neodymium-iron-boron (NIB) magnet, to determine if it was ferromagnetic

The object was then stored in a refrigerator.  The sample was then subjected to light microscopy, at low magnification.  The internal, X-ray dense object wasdissected out of its surrounding tissue capsule, and observed under higher magnification.  The sample was then given an initial test by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) elemental analysis.  An attempt was then made to cut the object in half to get SEM images of the interior.

The object was extremely hard, had extremely high mechanical strength, and proved impossible to cut, even with diamond tools.  It was then cut in half, using a high-power, pulsed, laser.  The interior and exterior surfaces of the object were then scanned more extensively by SEM and EDX.  Half of the object was then analyzed by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), in order to quantitatively determine the concentrations of all elements in the sample

The tissue capsule surrounding the object was then dried in a vacuum dessicator and analyzed by Fourier Transform Infared Spectroscopy (FTIR) to determine the composition of the oil which was seen in the tissue

Analysis Results

Light MicroscopyThe object is shown in Figures 1 and 2, at 10X and 20X magnification, just after removal from Mr Noel.  The outer layer of the object was a capsule of tissue, resembling epithelial tissue, which clung tightly to the metallic core.  Numerous small vesicles or what appeared to be a yellow liquid were evident in the tissue layer.

Figures 1 and 2-Object in Tissue Capsule just after Removal-10X Magnification (left) and 20X (right)Figures 3 and 4-Object after Removal from Tissue Capsule-20X Magnification.  Small nerve fibers were seen connecting to the tissue surrounding the object in the initial dissecting microscope images

Thetissue capsule was quite different from the grey, electrically conductive, membrane surrounding most of the other implants removed from patients by Dr Leir, but a similar structure was observed previously in one other implant case

After careful dissection of the metallic core from the tissue capsule, the core was imaged at various magnifications (Figures 3-12)

The core proved to be covered with a shiny, black coating, which appeared very similar to the coating on the implant removed from patient “John Smith” in removal case #15

The coating on the sample showed many small, regular pits under high magnification (Figures12 and 13)

These pits appeared to go through the coating, to contact the metal underneath

The coating also had a uniform, bumpy texture, visible under high magnification, which appeared unusual(Figures 11 and 12)

Figures 5 and 6-Object after Removal from Tissue Capsule-40X Magnification

Figures 7 and 8-Object after Removal from Tissue Capsule-100X Magnification

Figures 9 and 10-Object after Removal from Tissue Capsule-200X Magnification

Figures 11 and 12-Object after Removal from Tissue Capsule-500X Magnification

Figure 13-Close-Up View of Pit in Object CoatingSEM ImagingLow magnification SEM images are shown in Figures 14 and 15

The entire object is shown in Figure 14, before cutting, and half of the object is shown, after laser cutting, in Figure 15

Fibers, and the pitted coating on the metal, are evident in both of these images

Figures 14 and 15-Entire Metallic Portion of Object (35X, Left) and Half of Object after Laser Cutting(60X, Right)Figures 16 and 17-Object Coating-Showing Pits and Linear Structure (750X-800X)Somewhat higher magnification (200X-750X) images of the coating and fibers are shown in Figures 16 and 17

The rough texture and pits in the coating are very evident in these two images

A close up (3500X) of one of the pits is shown in Figure 18, where it was observed that the pits appear to go all the way through the coating to the metal surface underneath

Each pit had fairly regularly spaced cracks radiating from the centers, and most had a central structure, spherical, or cylindrical in shape, which appeared to be part of the metal surface

Figures 18 and 19-Close-Up of Pit and Grooves and Cracks in Coating (1300X-1500X)Figures 20 and 21-Odd Circular Structures and Loose Chunks in Coating (6500X-13000X)Figures 22 and 23-High-Magnification Images of Crack in Coating and Bare Metal Surface(70000X-90000X)Figures 24-29-Images of Acid-Treated Half of Object-Showing Perforated Structures, Nanofibers and Microtubes Some areas of the coating showed grooves (Figure 19)

These grooves were very regularly spaced, approximately 10 um apart

Unusual circular structures were observed on one area of the samples coating (Figure 20)

These structures were approximately 2

5 um in diameter

Loose chunks of material ranging from l um-10 um in largest dimension were also observed in some areas (Figure 21)

The coating appeared to be broken up in these areas

Higher magnification (70,000X) images of the coating showed a relatively smooth surface in the intact sections of coating, with some microcracks

Some small grains, which were 50 um-100 um in largest dimension were observed in the bare metal (laser cut) portion of the sample (Figures 22 and 23)

Images at magnificationshigher than 90,000X could not be obtained due to focusing problems

These focusing problems with the instrument were not encounteredwith other samples imaged on the same day

The half of the object which was treated with nitric/hydrochloric acid mixture in the course of the ICP-MS analysis was also imaged (Figures 24-29)

The object was sufficiently acid resistant so that only the surface metal appeared to be etched away, and a more acid resistant material left behind

This material appeared to consist of nano and micro tubules, some of which were formed into sheets havinga complex, perforated structure

The openings in the perforated structure were of approximately the same size as the pits in the coating of the object, imaged earlier

EDX mapping data indicated that the microtubules were composed mainly of carbon (see EDX section)

EDX DataThe energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) elemental analysis of the surface of the coating of the object detected 11 elements(Figures 30 and 31)

These were (in approximate order of abundance) iron (Fe), oxygen (O), phosphorus (P), carbon (C), sulfur (S), aluminum (Al), silicon (Si), calcium (Ca), chromium (Cr), chlorine (Cl), and potassium (K)

EDX point-and-shoot data on some of the structures seen on the surface of the coating revealed a very similar composition to that of the bulk composition of the coating

Theonly significant differencesin the composition of the structures from that of the bulk coating werea somewhat higher concentration of calcium,the presence of manganese (Figure32),and an increased concentration of chlorine (Figure 33)

EDX mapping data revealed a very uniform distribution of elements in the coating (see Appendix)

Figure 30-EDX Elemental Analysis Data from Coating of Ron Noel Object-Area 1Figure 31-EDX Elemental Analysis Data from Coating of Ron Noel Object-Area 2Figure 32-EDX Point and Shoot Data for Circular Structures and Nearby CoatingFigure 33-EDX Point and Shoot Data for Coating Structures and Nearby CoatingMagnetic and Electrical AnalysisThe object was emitting a magnetic field with a strength of approximately 7 milliGauss (mGa) before removal from Mr


The magnetic field decayed significantly within days of removal, and had decreased in intensity to less than 1 mGa 2 weeks after removal

The metallic portion of the object was also strongly attracted to a Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NIB) magnet

The object was also emitting radio frequencies before removal; the emitted frequencies were determined to be 137

72926 Megahertz (MHz)and 516

812 Megahertz (MHz)

Raman SpectroscopyRaman spectroscopy, using 532 nm excitation laser wavelength, showed a strong luminescence signal, which is seen as the rise in intensity in the fullscale spectrum (Figure 34), along with a series of peaks from 100 cm-1-450 cm-1and two peaks at 1391 cm-1and 1560 cm-1

These peaks strongly resemble theradial breathing mode (RBM) peaks and D-Band and G-Band peaks observed in commercial samples of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT)(Figures 35 and 36)1

Figure 34-532 nm Raman Spectra of Interior of Metallic Portion of Ron Noel Object and Silicon Standard-Fullscale1The G and D SWCNT bands are caused by C-C stretch of sp2 and sp3 hybridized carbon, respectively, while the RBM bands are caused by radial stretch of the entireSWCNT

SWCNT of different diameters give rise to different RBM band peaks

Figure 35-532 nm Raman Spectra of Interior of Metallic Portion of Ron Noel Object and Commercially Available Small-Diameter Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes-D and G BandsFigure 36-532 nm Raman Spectra ofInterior of Metallic Portion of Ron Noel Object and Commercially Available Small-Diameter Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes-RBM BandThe G and D band SWCNT peaks from the object are of somewhat higher wave-number than the commercial SWCNT (1592

9 cm-1, vs


0 cm-1for G-Band and 1390

5 cm-1vs


8 cm-1for D-Band), indicating a smaller average SWCNT diameter(Figure 35)

There are six radial breathing mode peaks from the sample, indicating that there are six types of SWCNT, with diameters of 2

00 nm, 1

54 nm, 1

12 nm, 0

87 nm, 0

59 nm, and 0

50 nm(Figure 36)

The last two SWCNT in this group are of significantly smaller diameter than commercially available SWCNT, and are near the theoretical limit for smallest SWCNT diameter (~0

45 nm)

Figure 37-532 nm Raman Spectra of Tissue Covering of Ron Noel Object and Silicon Standard-FullscaleThe Raman spectrum of the dried tissue capsule surrounding the object is shown in Figure 37

The peaks observed from 3005 cm-1to 2849 cm-1are caused by hydrocarbonC-H bond stretchingvibrations

The small peak at 1649

6 cm-1 is caused by C=O, or unsaturated (double-bonded) C=C stretching vibrations

The broad peak at 1500 cm-1-1140 cm-1is caused by lower-energy CH2bending vibrations

FTIR AnalysisThe FTIR spectrum of the dried tissue surrounding the object is shown in Figure 38

The FTIR spectrum shows many of the same molecular vibrations as the Raman spectrum of the tissue capsule around the object (Figure 37)

Figure 38-FTIR Spectrum of Dried Tissue Covering Metallic Portion of Ron Noel ObjectThe large peaks at 2922

0 cm-1and 2852

7 cm-1are also caused by C-H stretching vibrations

The intense peak at 1743

6 cm-1is caused by carboxylate C=O stretchwhich was far smaller in the Raman spectrum of the tissue

The small peak at 1650

5 cm-1is caused by C=C stretch

As with the Raman spectrum, the peaks lower than 1500 cm-1are caused by CH2stretching vibrations

Both the FTIR and Raman spectra of the tissue capsule are consistent with that to be expected from the presence of esters with a long hydrocarbon chain, and few unsaturated carbons

Figure 39-Comparison of FTIR Spectra of Dried Tissue Covering Metallic Portion of Ron Noel Object and Coconut OilThe computer database of the FTIR instrument confirmed thishypothesis, with the best spectral match to the sample in the database being coconut oil, which is a glycerol tri-ester (fat) with ahigh percentage of lauric acid(Figure 39)

ICP-MS AnalysisThe ICP-MS trace element analysis and sample preparation conditions for the metallic portion of the sample are shown in Figure 40

Figure 40-Results of ICP-MS Analysis of Metallic Portion of Ron Noel ObjectThe detected elements are shown, in order of abundance, in Table 1

A total of twenty (20) elements were detected in the sample

Iron was the most abundant element in the sample, as observed previously in the EDX data

Manganese was a minor component element (0

17%), with silicon (Si, 0

072%), chromium (Cr, 0

058), nickel (Ni, 0

042%), phosphorus (P, 0

030%), copper (Cu, 0

027%), aluminum(Al, 0

011%), and calcium(Ca, 0

011%)as major trace elements

Minor trace elements included molybdenum (Mo, 77 ppm), tin (Sn, 28 ppm), cobalt (Co, 25 ppm), zinc (Zn, 19 ppm), arsenic (As, 9 ppm), germanium (Ge, 9 pm), lead (Pb, 4

9 ppm), antimony (Sb, 2

2 ppm), gallium (Ga, 0

81 ppm), silver (Ag, 0

36 ppm), and strontium (Sr, 0

19 ppm)

Table 1-Elements Detected in Implant Sampleby ICP-MS-in Order of AbundanceElement2Amount (ppm)DetectionLimit (ppm)ElementAmount (ppm)Detection Limit (ppm)IronMatrixNSTin280



















09Isotopic AnalysisThe raw ICP-MS data from which the isotopic ratios of the sample could be calculated are not presently available

2Red denotes major component elements (100%-1%), green-minor component elements (10,000 ppm-1,000 ppm) blue-major trace elements (1,000 ppm-100 ppm), black-minor trace elements (< 100 ppm)

Discussion  The structure of the Ron Noel object was somewhat typical of the objects removed from patients in previous surgeries in that the metallic portion of the object was surrounded by an organic “capsule” of tissue, which was connected to the subject’s nervous system

This object is of a different type than the “John Smith” object which was removed from another patient in the previous surgery

Besides being located in different areas of the body, there were many structural differences between the two objects

It is likely that the Ron Noel object had a different function than the John Smith object, since the removal of the John Smith object caused only a small difference in Mr Smith’s mood and thought patterns, while the removal of the object from Mr Noel caused the onset of extreme moodiness anddepression

Also, the different locations of the two objects in the subject’s bodies,also implies a possible difference in function

Location in Body:The John Smith(JS) object was located in the left, second toe, while Ron Noel’s object (RN) was located in the right hand

Device Appearance and Characteristics:The JS object was cylindrical, and surrounded by a dark grey, tough, membrane, as seen previously in implants of this general type

This membrane is electrically conductive, and is thought to be the interface between the device and the nervous system

The RN object was roughly rectangular, and was surrounded by what appeared to be epithelial tissue, which was contained large (30-40 µm) vesicles of a yellow, liquid oil, which was shown by FTIR analysis to have a high concentration of lauric acid

The FTIR spectrum of the oil most closely matched that of coconut oil

It is thought that this oil may be a di, or tri glyceride ester of lauric acid

Since both coconut oil and lauric acid have antibacterial properties, it is likely that the oil vesicles function to prevent any infection, which could disrupt the connection to the nervous system

Both devices were connected to the subject’s nervous system via proprioceptor nerves

Nerve bundles near the RN device were imaged by light microscopy, shortly after surgical removal

Pathology reports on both objects showed an anomalous lack of immune response to the presence of the objects in the subject’s bodies

Composition of Objects:Both objects were metallic, and composed mainly of iron

In the case of the JS object, ICP-MS elemental analysis showed about 5% nickel, and trace metals, including gallium, germanium, platinum, and iridium, indicating that the main body of the object was manufactured from meteoric iron

The JS object also had an exterior coating, which appeared like mother-of-pearl in light microscopy, and had a composition much like a biological hard part, like shell, or bone

EDX analysis indicated that this coating was high in calcium (Ca), silicon (Si), carbon (C), oxygen (O), phosphorus (P), and sulfur (S)

The metallic portion of the RN object also had a coating, which was a black substance that the EDX results indicated was mostly iron oxide, but also contained carbon (C), sodium (Na), aluminum (Al), phosphorus (P), sulfur (S), chlorine (Cl), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), and chromium

This composition is similar to the coating on the John Smith object, except for the much higher concentration of iron oxide, and the presence of chromium (Cr)

ICP-MSanalysis indicated that the major component of the RN object was iron (Fe)

Very little nickelwas detected in the RN object, which precludes the possibility of it being manufactured using meteoric iron as a base material, although the amounts of nickel (Ni), gallium (Ga), and germanium (Ge) detected indicate that perhaps 1% meteoric iron may have been an additive to a base iron alloy material

The coating on the RN object contained deep pits, approximately 10 µm across, which appeared to go through the coating to the metal

Pits were not visible in the coating of the JS object

Analysis of the isotopic data provided by the ICP-MS analysis of the JS object showed very skewedisotopic ratios in the material, compared with the known terrestrial elemental isotopic ratios which, if correct, would indicate that the material probably originatedoutside our solar system

Isotopic data will be obtained on the RN object in the near future

Presence of Carbon Nanotubes: The JS object was brittle, and broke into several pieces upon removal

The brittleness was later found to be caused by the presence of inclusions, consisting of micron-sized carbon nanotube bundles

The bundles werecoated with a layer of material which was much like the outer coating of the device

These CNT bundles were thought to be carbon nanotube electronics, responsible for the function of the device

In contrast, the RN object appeared to be of more homogeneous composition, without visible inclusions

It was extremely hard, and could not be cut by a steel razor knife blade, or wire cutters

The object was then taken to a machine shop for cutting; the shop also could not cut the object, and they reported that it had the highest hardness, on the Rockwell hardness scale, and was the hardest material they had ever seen

The object was then taken to a laser shop, which managed to cut it, using a high-power, pulsed, laser

Both devices showed carbon nanotube (CNT) spectral signatures on Raman analysis, with the RN object having a stronger CNT Raman signalThe CNTs appeared to besingle-walled type(SWCNT) with an average diameter of approximately 1 nm

The SWCNT in the RN object were apparently much better dispersed in the metallic portion of the object than was the case in the JS object, and there were no visible “islands” of SWCNT visible on SEM images anywhere in the metal of the RN object

The increased dispersal of the SWCNT in the metal probably accounts for the extreme mechanical strength of the RN object,and the metal could be thought of as an advanced Iron/CNT metal matrix composite

In this case, the reinforcing CNTs probably also act as the device electronics

The manufacture of materials such as this are being investigated by Terrestrial materials science, but the research is known to be in its infancy, and the manufacture of a device with this class of materials is beyond the technology of Terrestrial, civilian,science

The CNT sheets, seen in the acid-etched half of the RN object did show were probably buried in the metal before the acid etch, and were probably the underlying structures which gave rise to the pits in the coating

It is not known whether or not similar sheets of CNT existed further from the surface of the metal

In addition, wire-like structures, with high carbon content, approximately 10 µm in diameter, were seen in the SEM mages of both samples

These structures are most likely large CNT bundles, and appear to be the main electrical connections to the devices, in both cases

Other Properties:Both of the objects possessed magnetic fields of approximately 10 m Gauss, and gave off radio signals

The RN device was shown to not always be active, while in the subject’s body, and radio signals could not always be detected from it

The pieces of both objects tended to return to their original orientation when placed together, probably due, at least in part,to the magnetic fields given off by the samples

Conclusions 1)The sample consists mainly of iron, with a high carbon and oxygen content (EDX data)

The iron base material contains 0

17% manganese, with significant amounts of silicon, chromium, and nickel, and is highly magnetic

The nickel content is only about 1/100thas great as what was detected in the “John Smith”implant, from surgery #15

2)The nickel content, along with the traces of gallium, and germanium present,strongly suggest that the metallicportion of the sample was manufactured, but contains some meteoric iron

3)The device contains single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT), as was observed in the John Smith implant; the Raman carbon nanotube signal is, in fact, much higher than was observed in previous implants

The carbon nanotubes appeared to be dispersed in the material much more thoroughly than was the case in the John Smith implant, and no discrete areas of SWCNT were seen

4)The mechanical strength of the device was unprecedented, indicating that the manufacture of the material of which it is made is well beyond the technology of known science

5)The function of the device cannot be determined with certainty from the available data, and the device may have had multiple functions and missions.  It is likely, however, that two of its functions had to do with monitoring of the physiological state of Mr Noel’s body, and mood/mind control.

The possible mood/mind control aspect is highlighted by the extreme depression suffered by Mr

Noel for the first few weeks after the removal of the device Bibliography Lithium Isotope Analysis of Inorganic Constituents of the Murchison Meteorite-Mark A Sephton, et al; The Astrophysical Journal,612:588-591, September 1, 2004Boron Isotope Ratios in Meteorites and Lunar Rocks-Zhai, et al , Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol 60, Issue 23, 12/1996, pp 4877-4881Carbon Isotope Abundance in Meteoritic Carbonates-Robert N Clayton; Science, 12 April (1963) pp 192-193Ti50

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Meteorites: A Petrologic, Chemical and Isotopic Synthesis-Cambridge Planetary Science Series-R Hutchinson; Cambridge University Press (2004)Appendix

Figure 41-EDX mapping results for Object Coating

Figure 42-EDX mapping Results for Object Metallic Surface

Figure 43-EDX mapping Results for Object Surface-Acid Etched

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