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Stephen Bassett ~ 12/16/18 ~ Sacred Matrix, Revolution Radio, Studio B ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin ~ Producer Thomas Becker (amadpainter), 8 Eastern, 7 Central, 6 Mountain, 5 Pacific, 3 Hawaii.

Stephen Bassett is the executive director of Paradigm Research Group founded in 1996 to end a government imposed embargo on the truth behind the so called “UFO” phenomenon. Stephen has spoken to audiences around the world about the implications of formal “Disclosure” by world governments of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. He has given over 1000 radio and television interviews, and PRG’s advocacy work has been extensively covered by national and international media. In 2013 PRG produced a “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. On November 5, 2014 PRG launched a Congressional Hearing/Political Initiative seeking the first hearings on Capitol Hill since 1968 regarding the extraterrestrial presence issue and working to see that issue included in the ongoing presidential campaign.

PRG has assisted numerous organizations and initiatives working to 1) raise public awareness of the both the extraterrestrial presence and the truth embargo, 2) convene open congressional hearings to take government and agency witness testimony, and 3) incite the political media to appropriately cover the attendant issues. There can be only one outcome to the Disclosure advocacy movement – the formal acknowledgement of the extraterrestrial presence by world governments.

In 1995 Bassett decided to bring a 15-year background in business development and consulting and a degree in physics into the issues surrounding extraterrestrial-related phenomena. His point of entry was a four-month stint working at the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research (PEER), founded by the late Dr. John Mack in Cambridge, MA. In July of 1996 he left Cambridge to set up an advocacy organization, Paradigm Research Group (PRG), in Bethesda, MD, just outside of Washington, DC. The mission of PRG was to use all means possible to confront the United States government regarding its policy of a truth embargo on the events and evidence demonstrating an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and the formal acknowledgement of that presence. One of the first moves of PRG was for Mr. Bassett to register as a lobbyist advocating UFO/ET issues, most importantly Disclosure. He was the first person to ever do so.

In April of 1997 he attended the press and congressional briefings conducted in Washington, DC by Steven Greer and CSETI. During the July, 1997 events in Roswell, New Mexico, he assisted Stargate International in launching the “Petition for an Open Congressional Hearing on Modern UFO Evidence.” This is part of an ongoing process to bring the United States Congress formally into the process of disclosure.

In October 1997 he assisted Frances Barwood, city councilwoman in Phoenix Arizona, in dealing with an aggressive attempt by her political opponents to discredit and punish her for speaking publicly and in council session on the lack of a proper investigation of the Phoenix UFO sighting in March of 1997. Ms. Barwood won her recall election by a 2 to 1 margin.

Another project of importance during this period was publicizing the complex issues represented by the Area 51 environmental damage lawsuit on behalf of former Area 51 employees. This case was pressed by Jonathan Turley of the Environmental Law Advocacy Center at George Washington University and eventually went to the Supreme Court where it was unfortunately rejected. In November of 1997, he turned his attention to the issue of the disposal of records and documents which may have historical bearing on the actions and posture of the U. S. government relating to UFO events and evidence.

In January of 1998, Mr. Bassett assisted in launching the campaign of Frances Emma Barwood for Secretary of State of Arizona, the first candidate to ever run for high state or federal office in the United States who will directly address publicly the issue of possible intelligent extraterrestrial presence in our airspace and lack of proper government response to citizens demands on this matter. She subsequently lost the primary election.

Then from early April of 1998 Mr. Bassett worked to develop media interest in the anomalies present in the photographic returns of the Cydonia region of Mars from the Mars Global Surveyor. Additional concerns included the fate of journalists who had done investigative pieces unfavorable to elements of the government and the secrecy reform legislation (S-712) introduced by Sen. Patrick Moynihan.

Early in 1999 Bassett began a collaboration with Robert Bletchman and Larry Bryant of MUFON who had developed a UFO State Ballot Initiative targeting the 16 states permitting direct referendum. He developed a web subsite to represent this project. Missouri became the first test effort under the guidance of MUFON state director, Bruce Widaman.Then in July, after assisting Virginia MUFON in promoting MUFON’s ’99 International Symposium in DC metro area, he begun a process for a more intense approach to Congressional members. Consequently, on July 13, 1999 he founded the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC), the first PAC in history to target the politics of extraterrestrial phenomena and the government embargo of facts confirming the presence of extraterrestrial life forms in our world now. Announced nationally on July 21 it will be promoted via its website at and by ongoing guest media appearances.

Early in 2001 Paradigm Research Group and X-PPAC put their support firmly behind a major new political initiative titled “The Disclosure Project.” Specifically, assistance was given to the holding of an important press conference on May 9, 2001 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. At that time the testimony of 70 government and agency employees, 21 in person, directly relating to extraterrestrial-related events and evidence was presented to the media.     The totality of this testimony, compiled from 120 hours of interviews, essentially confirmed an extraterrestrial presence and a government embargo on formal acknowledgement of this fact.

On April 17, 2002, in a press conference held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, “Disclosure2003: the Maryland 8th District Congressional Campaign of Stephen Bassett” was formally announced.  This campaign sought to challenge the voters of the 8th District (parts of Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties) as well as the other candidates to engage the politics of disclosure and the facts of an extraterrestrial presence along with a range of other controversial issues neglected by America’s increasingly risk averse politicians.

On January 13 of 2003 PRG proposed a new project, Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, which would conduct a week-long hearing in Washington, DC before former Members of the House and Senate. The motto for this project is, “If Congress will not do its job, the people will.”  PRG sought the funding to launch this project which has the power to end the truth embargo in short order. That funding was finally obtained in late 2012.

In April of 2004 he produced the 1st Exopolitics Expo – the X-Conference – held at the Hilton Washington, DC North/Gaithersburg. This was followed by X-Conferences 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

On October 1, 2008 PRG launched the Million Fax on Washington with the goal of directing thousands of letters, faxes and emails toward the transition headquarters of the new President Elect.  The considerable correspondence generated all called for the new president to end the truth embargo, release all files, call for congressional hearings, and make available ET derived technologies to the public domain. Phase II of the Million Fax on Washington began on February 1, 2009 with the new destination the White House. The final phase of the MFW began on June 1, 2009 whereupon all correspondence was directed at the White House press corps via the White House Correspondents’ Association. These letters, faxes and emails are calling upon the White House press corps to do their job by asking the tough, appropriate questions of the Press Secretary regarding the UFO/ET issue. By extension this campaign includes the political media covering the Department of Defense, Department of State and the CIA.

Another important ongoing project of PRG is the Exopolitics World Network.  Initiated in March of 2008 (and followed in June by the Exopolitics United States Network) the EWN is setting up exopolitics portal sites in nations around the world. This global network of volunteer sites has a naming protocol to help knit the network together – Exopolitics United States at:,  Exopolitics Germany at:, etc. In July of 2010 PRG launched the Exopolitics World Network Cities Initiatives and began setting up volunteer exopolitics talking groups in cities around the world.

On July 1, 2011 a new project to establish July 8 as World Disclosure Day was launched. Endorsements are being collected at with over 5000 signature endorsements. This project will help raise public awareness about the Disclosure process.

In September of 2011 Paradigm Research Group submitted a Disclosure Petition to the White House’s “We the People” project which generated a response from the Obama administration on November 4, 2011. This response was the first time the executive branch has put a position in writing on the extraterrestrial presence issue and is a milestone.  A second Disclosure Petition was submitted on February 23, 2012 designed to draw attention to the Rockefeller Initiative (1993-1996). Three more White House petitions were submitted addressing nuclear weapons tampering, the actions of CIA officer Chase Brandon and theRoswell events of July 1947.


Disclosure Status Report: The Way Forward

Disclosure is an event, the formal acknowledgement by heads of state of nations of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The Truth Embargo is the refusal of governments, particularly the United States, to make such an acknowledgement. This embargo is entering its eighth decade.

The activist effort to end the Truth Embargo is an “exopolitical” movement. Exopolitics occurs when extraterrestrial presence related issues cross paths with traditional politics. This has happened on numerous occasions since 1947 usually resulting in suppression of the Disclosure process. However, since 2001 the intersection between traditional politics and exopolitics has intensified. Here are some examples:

(1947)  A quickly executed political decision by President Truman to reverse the announcement out of the Roswell Army Airfield of a recovered “saucer” literally prevented Disclosure from taking place in 1947.

(1953)  Subsequent to the CIA Robertson Panel President Eisenhower signed off on committing significant resources to formalizing the Truth Embargo.

(1958)  The National Aeronautics and Space Act creating a civilian agency decreed NASA must assign any and all matters impacting national security to the Department of Defense. This protected the Truth Embargo from any NASA extraterrestrial related findings.

(1966)  U. S. House of Representatives Armed Services Committee Hearing on Unidentified Flying Objects was held in service to a powerful politician – House Minority Leader and later President Gerald Ford (much like the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was created in 2007 in service to a powerful politician – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid). Witnesses were limited to three members of the Air Force. The hearing was conducted to serve the Truth Embargo.

(1968)  U. S. House of Representatives Committee on Science and Astronautics Unidentified Flying Objects Symposium was held in response to growing public pressure and was part of a complex process intended to pull the government out of the “UFO” issue. This included the soon to be released Condon Committee Report, the shutting down of Project Blue Book and the dismantling of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP).

(1977)  President Carter attempted to engage the extraterrestrial presence issue by initiating a White House study. The military/intelligence complex made a political decision to thwart this study. First to refuse to cooperate was CIA Director George H. W. Bush. Eventually a report titled The UFO Enigma was written by Marcia S. Smith and delivered to President Carter.

(1987)  President Ronald Reagan raises the prospect of an “alien threat” in an address to the United Nations. This reference is made on several other occasions and is thought to be tied to the failed Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) implying another basis for the SDI.

(1947-1991)  A matrix of political decisions by several countries led to the Cold War and nuclear arms race, which set the Truth Embargo in stone for 44 years.

(1993)  President Bill Clinton’s administration was drawn into the extraterrestrial presence issue by Laurance Rockefeller. This was the most positive exopolitical development up to that time. Political decisions were made by the Air Force and the Department of Defense to block Clinton and the Rockefeller Initiative, which was closed down for political reasons just prior to the 1996 election.

(2001)  The Disclosure Project held a major press conference in the main ballroom of the National Press Club on May 9, 2001. Testimony from dozens of witnesses was presented in person and on video. Significant momentum was developing around the activist movement. This abruptly ended with the events of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent political decisions to enter into a series of wars in the Middle East.

(1967 – 2010)  A national security based political decision was made to ignore and deny evidence and testimony regarding perhaps the most significant and telling events for an extraterrestrial presence – nuclear weapons tampering in the presence of antigravitic craft of unknown origin.

(2013)  Twelve years to the month after the 2001 Disclosure Project press conference Paradigm Research Group produced a mock congressional hearing, the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, in the main ballroom of the National Press Club from April 29 to May 3. Six former members of Congress heard 30 hours of testimony from 42 witnesses over five days.

(2014)  Paradigm Research Group launched a political initiative targeting presidential candidate Secretary Hillary Clinton and her connection to the extraterrestrial presence issue going back to the Rockefeller Initiative. Hundreds of mainstream media print articles were generated forcing the Clinton political team (Secretary Clinton, President Clinton, John Podesta and President Obama) to address the extraterrestrial issue a dozen times during the campaign. Paradigm Research Group was convinced an elected Hillary Clinton fully intended to be the Disclosure President soon after taking office. This prospect ended with the election outcome.

(2017)  The To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTS/AAS) was formally announced on October 11. This very significant project was developed during 2015/2016 and likely scheduled for launch just prior to or just after the 2016 election. The election outcome required some reorganization and a new timeline.

(2018)  As of this white paper the Disclosure movement has been significantly hampered for two years by the national political status – a constitutional crisis. Further progress to end the Truth Embargo will be limited until this crisis is resolved.

What’s Next?  A Caretaker Government and Disclosure?

The era of the “UFO” is over. The concept of Disclosure has now spread worldwide and people are excited and expectant. When will it happen? What is the current status?

At this time the nation is in the throes of a constitutional crisis that has forced many projects and initiatives into the background. Media coverage of extraterrestrial presence issues has fallen off substantially. The activist movement has been slowed to a crawl, and this will not change until the crisis has passed.

The following is a political, non-partisan assessment of how and when  the ongoing constitutional crisis will end and what that means for Disclosure.

Think of the current dilemma as a complex differential equation. These are equations that can have several solutions in which one may be the most useful. Right now the political leadership is trying to solve such an equation, and this assessment projects the solution they will choose.

The nation’s political institutions and processes are dysfunctional, but the political leadership is not stupid or suicidal. They will select the path forward that does the minimum damage to careers, legacies, fundraising and their parties. Some will even take into consideration the nation and the American people. There are a limited number of options, and each will generate considerable carnage. However, one stands well above the rest regarding minimal downside, maximum upside. Call it the “Caretaker Government” option.  #caretakergov

Paradigm Research Group believes this is the solution to the present constitutional crisis the political leadership will select. It would unfold as follows:

The Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives on January 3, 2019.

The Senate outcome will not be a factor.

Anticipating the Special Prosecutor reports, indictments, trials and convictions plus years of House committee hearings the Republican leadership will persuade the President to resign sometime between November 7 and January 3, 2019,

The current Vice President will become president and the House and Senate will elect a new vice president via Section 2 of the 25th Amendment.

Under a prior agreement that may or may not have been made public, the new president will also resign.

The new vice president will move up to the presidency and another vice president will be elected by the House and Senate via the Section 2 of the 25th amendment.

The new president and vice president will agree not to run for national office in 2020 after which this restriction will be lifted. They will have been selected on a bipartisan basis and have considerable experience and positive approval ratings.

As of January 3, 2019 the nation would essentially have a caretaker government for the next two years. There would be time to reset normal order, institute a range of reforms, bolster the security of the election process, increase public trust, reestablish bipartisan engagement and conduct a constructive national election campaign in 2020. This option would minimize damage to the careers and legacies of all principals and minimize the number and length of investigations and congressional hearings.

Lastly, there are other options and each of them would result in a political bloodbath the likes of which the nation has not seen in the modern era.

Why does Paradigm Research Group bother to make and publish this assessment?

The caretaker government status described would be the ideal scenario wherein a U. S. president would Disclose the extraterrestrial presence to the American people (and the world). With less partisan executives in office not running in the next election the political legacy would be spread across party lines and involve more principals. The American people would have time to consider a new extraordinary worldview and factor that into their voting decisions in 2020.

If the caretaker government scenario comes to pass, expect the TTS/AAS and Paradigm Research Group to become much more aggressive early in 2019. The TTS/AAS will likely release significant new information and additional former members of the military/intelligence complex may come forward. The Truth Embargo will collapse and Disclosure could take place in 2019.

Those who support the Disclosure process and resonate with the above assessment are invited to share it via social media for vigorous discussion and use the hashtag:  #caretakergov

Stephen Bassett
Executive Director
Paradigm Research Group

The New York Times is Now the Paper of Record for the Extraterrestrial Presence Issue

Below is a comprehensive list of New York Times articles addressing the extraterrestrial presence issue from the years 2008 to 2018 plus some articles from 1947 to 2007.

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