RIP Dearest Cleocatra – September ? 2018 to 10/25/18

RIP Dearest Cleocatra. Cleo didn’t look like much but she was all love. At 20 years of age, she had lost a lot of weight. But she seemed happy, was able to eat, drink and eliminate and could still jump up and down on the bed. When I left to go produce the Stargate to the Cosmos 2018 Expo (www.stargatetothecosmos dot org) she was on the bed with her Buddy Furball (aka Isis). I kissed her and said, “I’ll love you always wherever you are,” because at 20 years of age, one never knows. She had been at my side or under the desk in a box for most of the 10 months it took for me to prepare for the Expo.

No matter how well we prepare it’s still a shock when they pass. The first day was hectic. My registration system didn’t work very well and the internet at the Ramada was horrible. When I was finally able to retreat to my room to get a couple of hours sleep, there was a text from my pet sitter and he had sent me a photo of my dead cat. I tried to just fall asleep and not disturb my husband, Sasha Alex Lessin, but I couldn’t resist and woke him to hug him as I sobbed and ended up wailing.

I lost my child. I’ve never been able to give birth and Cleo was my child, my baby. I’ve never quite experienced such deep and intense pain. RIP my baby. Today we finally give you a decent burial and send you on your way. I love you Cleo, forever.

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