Ron James – Technical Notes for Speakers Regarding Presentations

Technical notes for speakers regarding presentations.

This year I am helping out Janet and Sasha with the AV for their event.
We are doing it on a shoestring budget.
Please be advised of the following technical specifications.  Failure to work within these guidelines may result in an inability to share your digital presentation.
If you are going to be using PowerPoint, and wish to use your own computer, please make sure that it has HDMI out.
Also, you should be familiar with the audio output settings if your presentation has audio because it will need to be routed out this headphone speaker connection.
We will have a limited number of PCs on-hand but we don’t have enough to run every room all the time.
If you are going to use our computer for your PowerPoint presentation, your PowerPoint must be a PC version.
Please do not bring Keynote, Mac PowerPoints, or any devices that do not have the HDMI output available.
We also need you to furnish us with a copy of your presentation so that we may use it for editing later.
Create a thumb drive with your presentation and all sorts files including videos in the same folder.
To make sure your PowerPoint presentation is PC compatible – just save it as a PC compatible version if you’re using a Mac.  Also, include any source movies in case they need to be relinked in the same folder that you save the presentation
If you have any other special requirements please email me, we will try to accommodate you.
Ron James

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