Patrick De Haan ~ Bio

I am a 58 years young, retired insurance executive baby boomer born in Queens, New York USA and raised in its suburbs, the middle son of three.

Married in 1986, we still are and have 2 grown children and a daughter-in-law.  I was an exchange student in Mexico as a teenager; work sent me to live in Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Colombia. I’ve also visited dozens of countries and most of the United States. I moved to Texas, where I still and always intend to live, twenty years ago. I am trilingual.
I began publicly channeling as a medium in 2012, but I am not an intuitive psychic or medium who provides personal readings, either for a charge or as ongoing charity. I channel for my website and books, which are essentially a hobby. I don’t charge for the blog, which also has no advertising or other bells, whistles, adware, malware or “features” most websites cram onto readers’ screens.
My website, a simplistic, rudimentary blog where I post channeling sessions. It’s a hobby & pastime, received about 5-6,000 hits per week and for some posts, develops into a lively Q&A session. I started it in 2012 and the archives are available as books on Amazon (there is a Books page on the website)
The one I believe to be of interest is The Alien Handbook – A Guide To Extraterrestrials. I attach two photos, front cover and back cover with description. (I’ve written other books, which are the archives of my website.) 
There are a half dozen reader reviews on Amazon.

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