Dr. Glen Swartwout & Eugene Braxton ~ 08/05/18 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Revolution Radio ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin

Dr. Glen Swartwout (1st Hour)  & Eugene Braxton (2nd Hour) ~ 08/05/18 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Revolution Radio, Studio B ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin ~ Producer Thomas Becker ~ 8 to 10 PM Eastern time, 2 to 4 PM Hawaii time.  
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Dr. Glen Swartwout’s healing work is featured in the 1000 page Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide. He has been a frequent guest on shows like Gary Null and other media. He’s also been seen in places like People Magazine along with his high profile clientele and apprentices.
Dr. Glen says:
My specialty is bio-communication for accelerated self-healing. For 30 years, I have perfected a system for matching people’s healing resonance patterns with energetically correct remedies to support core healing. I have learned how to do this by monitoring the body’s own communication systems through electrophysiological measurements. I have also developed the remote sensing skills to communicate photo-energetically at a distance. This unique brand of natural healing draws on many technical advances in energy medicine as well as time-honored healing from God’s diverse and abundant natural pharmacy. Ultimately, this work and the Clinical Theory of Everything, which is a natural outgrowth of these 30 years of contemplative healing work is a coherent synthesis of long-honored traditions, a sort of techno-shamanistic ‘Medicine of the Future’, literally including methods developed for and used by Russian Cosmonauts and NASA Astronauts. I develop healing systems and formulate energetically correct health solutions at Healing Oasis in Hilo, Hawaii.
Additional Description:
The fundamentals of my model of health include 5 Phases of Healing, which are the terrains of health and disease. It is based on a system in European Biological Medicine which is commonly called the Medicine of the Future because of its predictive power. This method showed that I would die before age 40 without a major course correction. Now I am over 20 years beyond that ‘expiration date’. While healing myself, I also explored the healing potential of my patients and remote clients around the world. My model of health has developed in order to help us all better understand the dynamics of healing. As Einstein put it, a model must be as simple as possible… and no simpler.
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Some Talking Points:
I prefer interactive Q & A, but talking points are a good backup support, so here goes on the topic of Pyramid Resonance and Healing:
Space, Time, Consciousness & Healing
  • The body develops and regenerates via the blueprint of spatial resonance (Bohm’s Implicate Order;
  • Healing and Rejuvenation are Time Reversal phenomena
  • Consciousness is macroscopic quantum coherence, allowing reverse time biocommunication
Sacred Space and the Structure of Spirit
  • Sacred Geometry is an outer reflection of the inner structure of the immortal spirit body (ORMUS, M-state, Monatomic)
  • 3 atoms make a single planar triangular circuit
  • 4 atoms make a tetrahedral pyramid with 4 circuits
19.47 degrees latitude pyramid resonance harmonic of planet Earth
  • Hawaiian hot spot: stable for more than 50 million years, while Pacific Plate moves over it
  • Olympus Mons on Mars (19.3 degrees North)
  • Red Spot on Jupiter (22 degrees South)
The Shire Plantation
  • Entrance is where 19.47 degrees latitude crosses the East Rift Zone of Kilauea, the most active volcano on Earth
  • 2 miles up from the new eruption
Nous Energy book
  • $13 million research on energy resonance at Giza and around the globe
  • Developed botanical product to store Giza-like resonance
  • High level of M-State minerals confirmed
  • Nous Energy sacrament
  • Sacrament feeds the spirit body as well, not just the bio-body suit
Geometry (Space) and Frequency (Time) in the Fractal Holographic Universe
  • Birkeland Currents and TCM Meridians
  • Plasmoids and organ function (e.g. suppression)
  • Identifying substances: Resonant Frequency absorption/emission fingerprint in the EM spectrum
Healing in the Electric Universe
    • Cascading effects of carrier wave frequency (quantum energy) and characteristic waveform (information)
    • Coherent light communication (Popp: Bio-Photons)
    • Electricity: e.g. cell membrane potential, microcurrent
  • Magnetism: PEMF
  • Matter: botanical and nutritional substances
5 Platonic Solids: tetrahedron (3-sided pyramid), cube, octahedron (4 sided pyramid at each end), dodecahedron, icosahedron
  • Plato: Dodecahedron was sacred, not public
Moon Model of the atomic nucleus
  • Dodecahedral nuclear structure at the center of ORMUS minerals (Palladium, the deepest acting homeopathic mineral)
ORMUS: Superconductivity, Superfluidity, and Non-locality
  • Superconductivity: bridges breaks and blockages in bio-body suit (e.g. pain as blocked energy in TCM)
  • Superfluidity: e.g. Out of Body Experiences and Near-Death Experiences
  • Non-locality: temporal as well as spatial
  • Consciousness effects in Remote Viewing and Remote Healing
172 Hertz Dominant Harmonic Frequency of Nature
  • ORMUS Attraction Resonance
  • TCM: the Dominant Harmonic Frequency of Nature
  • 1000 Years of Peace
Golden Mean Ratio
  • Phi = ~1.618 is also known as the Divine Proportion, seen throughout nature
  • It is the only progression that is both arithmetic (based on addition) and geometric (based on multiplication)
  • The Fibonacci Sequence converges on the Golden Mean.
  • The Golden Mean is found in the geometry of the Dodecahedron and its dual, the Icosahedron
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EUGENE BRAXTON ~ Biography: America’s Most Experienced Mystic is a featured presenter at the 2018 Stargate to the Cosmos Expo ~ To see Eugene’s full schedule click ~ https://sites.grenadine.co/sites/stargatetothecosmos/en/stargatetothecosmos/participants/40/Eugene+Braxton

Abandoned as an infant and found on the snowy footsteps of a Philadelphia church.

What if this infant were adopted, by strong and intelligent parents, who wisely, put him on the path of True, Spiritual Knowledge..

Imagine Americas Most Experienced Mystic, only in his 50s as we speak.

What if this individual were family friends and seasonal visitors of Barney and Betty Hill(1960s UFO Abductee’s)(Book -Interrupted Journey)

What if this same individual began having some 900-1200 out of body experiences per year from age 6 to 16 .

Imagine this pre/teenager, after years of prior experience, becoming a Master of

Astral Travel and Out Of Body Experiences..at 14 years of age.

Imagine this 15-year-old, a natural lucid dreamer, mastering also the many-layered, Dream Worlds so completely, becoming as a 15-year-old, the nations foremost Authority in Experiential Dream Control and Levels of Consciousness.

Imagine this 15 year, old already an out of body king, and dream world master, then becoming a royal and frequent visitor, of the Beautiful Spiritual Realms, accessing as a teen, the spiritual, guidance, wisdom and learning levels in

addition to time travels via the astral and dream planes..

Verified by World Authorities, imagine even further, as this 15-year-old teenager,

after years of prior experiences, with out-of- body visits to other realms, then has a

landmark near-death experience. At age 15, he has a landmark near death

experience….that amplified his natural psychic abilities, many, many times over…In 1996 a

frightening experience at an extremely haunted Philadelphia mansion provided a literal warehouse

of cosmic energy, which once again

amplified, his already impressive lifelong psychic abilities even further.

From 1996 to 2018, the scientific research data from Americas Most Experienced Mystic’s 50 years of every major esoteric experience

Eugene lead to scientific research, with three #1 World Authorities, New “Advanced” Near Death
revelations, Forbidden Esoteric Knowledge, as well as the raw data of his own nearnear-death subsequently the life after death statistics/evidence as well..and More, much Much, More. Ther e is also Confirmation, in the Ufo/Abduction research fields.Amer icas Most Experienced Mystic, is currently writing two books, based on his near-death experience, and his life history of verified alien abductions and the subsequent research, with the three #1 World Authorities
For 50 years he’s been honing his skills as a mystic ever since.
Get the forbidden knowledge and hard-to-find research you’ve been craving about near-death experiences, the afterlife, and the union of mysticism and science in  EugeneBraxton’s book,  America’s Mystic Solves Near-Death Riddle.
Quotes, from the World Authorities:
“Dear Mr. Braxton, I appreciate your perspective on your near-death experience, grounded as it is, in years of prior experience, with out-of-body visits to other realms, and your interest in helping us with our research…I thank you in advance, for your help with this important research, and look forward with pleasure to meeting you.”
— Dr. Bruce Greyson, Dean of Near-Death Research, Director of International Association of Near-Death Studies, Editor in Chief of the Journal of Near-Death Studies ~~~~~~~~~~~
“Eugene, it’s about time you came out with what you know…and good luck with your book it will be important.”
— Dr. P.M.H. Atwater, Female, and 3 times Near Death Experience/Bestselling author and Current #1 Near Death World Authority~~~~~~~~~~~
“I have also heard of this American Mystic, and I have heard that at the age of 15, he was…The World’s Foremost Authority on Levels of Consciousness and Experimental Dream Control”
— Dr. Charles Tart – #1 World Authority in Out of Body Experiences and Levels of Consciousness~~~~~~~~~~
“Keep up the good work, Eugene”–
— Dr. David M Jacobs, of Temple University, The #1 World Authority in UFO Research and Alien Abductions~~~~~~~~•••
I’ve read your book Eugene and most of it Magnificent .
Long time family friend and the Grandmother of all alien abductions.the late Ufo Icon Betty Hill  in May,  of 1999~~~~~
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