Join us at Stargate to the Cosmos – Live or via Skype/ZOOM


Super Early Bird Registration ends June 30, 2018. Stargate to the Cosmos (www.stargatetothecosmos), a grassroots movement designed to shift consciousness and launch us into the new era of disclosure, truth, reconciliation, forgiveness and transparency, awaits you. Our research, testimonials and evidence open the doors to release and reveal new technologies that already exist.

Our planetary rulers are ready to free us and allow cures for all diseases (including the disease of aging), interplanetary transportation, societal governance systems that work for all its citizens, technologies that transport us to the stars, systems to clean up the oceans, air, lands, waterways and systems of our beloved home planet Gaia.

They wait for us to show up, add our voice, reveal our personal truth and request healing between and among all societies in all worlds. The powers that be and the beings of all worlds simply ask that we grow up (childhood’s end) and meet them as equals, as adults in partnership with one another and all beings, pay attention to what has meaning and worth and like the #METOO movement, contribute our voices and energy to make this world a better place for everyone.

When we show up as equals (which we are at the highest levels), they greet us as the interplanetary, galactic citizens we already are (but have long repressed). We’ve reached critical mass, the hundredth monkey and know better. We have arrived and are here to make a difference. The time is NOW.

Join us. Contribute. Speak up. Make it happen for yourself and all you love.








Come on our shows. Email us at aquarianradio. Get involved. Speak out. Share what you know. Talk story. Come out of the closet.


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