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I have been able to see beyond the veil since I was a young child growing up in Mount Shasta. I played with the spirits of young children and encountered fairies and trolls in the woods around Mount Shasta. Before I was born, my father had an abduction experience when he was just 18 years old. A triangular shaped metallic object was implanted in his wrist at that time and since then, he has called it his “alien chip.” As far back as I can remember, I have had visitations from alien beings who come at early dawn while I am still sleeping and paralyze me while they perform some type of energetic procedures. I have always been totally at peace with their visitations as I know what they are doing benefits me in many ways. They seem like family to me and feel like loving, kind and compassionate beings. After my family and I moved to a farm in Ohio, we experienced many strange light anomalies, including fireballs that would race across the property and darting lights in the sky just above our house.
When I became a teenager and young adult, the psychic visions seemed to wear off although the visitations continued. At the age of 29, I had a phenomenal experience on a mountaintop in the desert that changed the course of my life and altered my perception of reality. I call it a “divine intervention” and write about it in my book “Wake Up!” While visiting my parents in the desert of Southern California, I woke up one morning compelled to dash out the front door and run toward the mountains behind their house. As I ran, tears ran down my face. I ran straight up the side of the mountain without any concern for the burning in my chest or pain in my legs. When I got to the top, I threw my arms up. looked up at the sky and totally surrendered to the force that was beckoning me.
There was a brilliant flash of white light and I fell to my knees. I heard a voice resonating within me and booming all around me and it said, “Can’t you see you’ve come home? You will stay here and heal yourself and many others. Don’t worry about the details. You will be guided every step of the way and you are loved more than you can possibly imagine.” When I “came to”, I looked out at the desert landscape laid out before me and knew that the absolute truth had been spoken and over the course of the next two weeks, I followed an invisible force that guided me to move to the desert and start a health and wellness business. Just like the voice said, I stayed there and healed myself and many others for 12 years. Upon reflection, I believe I was braided with my higher self as I was aligned with my true calling and higher purpose. I may have been taken up and upgraded.
When the desert town I moved to became a ghost town after 9/11, I had a classic “dark night of the soul.” After a year of wallowing, one day I felt called to go to a local church and as I approached the entrance, I could see the most brilliant light shining from inside the church. I knew in that moment that I had been turned away from the darkness and into the light. After that, things picked up for me in a big way. My sister inspired me to join her on a Buddhist retreat and I started to practice Buddhism. The first time I sat in Buddhist meditation, I sensed three spirits sweep into the room and swirl around me.
I started taking nature walks and as I did, I would say a Buddhist prayer surrounding myself with golden nectar pouring down from my head to my feet. I had no idea how powerful these practices were and I started to shift dimensions as I took long walks out in nature. I realized I could telepathically communicate with the animals I would encounter. I received constant downloads about the true nature of reality and developed a deep inner knowing about the subatomic world of vibrational frequency with spinning atoms and tiny strings. A voice from beyond would give me instructions and I would converse openly with it. It told me I was to write a series of book about the evolution of consciousness and that I would receive direct channelings for the content. I was told to start teaching mind/body/spirit workshops and I was given all of the material in trance meditations. I started automatic writing and trance channeling.
In 2015, I was called to move to Sedona, Arizona and the psychic phenomena have been greatly accelerated since I came. I have had two experiences of being taken up (that I know of) and I now communicate daily with ascended masters and clearly with my own eternal soul essence. I can also communicate directly with the soul essence of others and as such, read their Akashic records. I am specifically called to reunite soul fragments that have been dispersed throughout many time and space dimensions and tune my clients into their eternal soul and immortal being.
I offer many services now and have just released the digital version of my second book, Rise Up! My book, Wake Up! came out in 2015 and the paperback of “Rise Up!” comes out in June. I have also been called to produce an internet television series called “Lighten Up” and my show was the second most-watched show on VoiceAmerica T.V. for two years running. I stopped doing the weekly show when my attention was diverted to producing another series for network television called “Supernatural Adventures~Around the Globe and Into the Cosmos.” I will share the trailer for this show. We are working on getting it on the Discovery Channel by the Fall season.
Lastly, I have been called to develop a unity community here in Sedona called “Spirit Ranch.” I have located a 25-acre property here in Sedona and have had an architectural rendering of the main building drawn up. We have some interest investors but have not yet had someone step forward with the funding. I am President of a nonprofit called “Awakening” and any investment would be a charitable donation to the nonprofit. I will share that website as well.


Suzanne hosts many events here in Sedona and would be delighted if you might consider presenting at my event called “Beyond the Matrix” November 14-16 at the Creative Life Center. So far, I have Maureen St. Germain, Christine Day, Tricia McCannon, Jim McCarty (Law of One series), maybe Laird Scranton and most likely, Stewart Pearce. There will be entertainment from local performing artists and many spiritual practices.
Suzanne Ross
CEO, Lighten Up! Enterprises
President, Awakening, a 501c3
Producer, Host & Narrator, Lighten Up! T.V.
Inspirational Author, The Up! Trilogy

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