Su Walker ~ 03/20/18 ~ Stargate to the Cosmos ~ Revolution Radio ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin, Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin & Kevin Estrella

Guests  ~ Su Walker & Rev. White Otter ~ 03/20/18 ~ Stargate to the Cosmos ~ Revolution Radio ~  Studio B ~ 4 PM HST, 7 PM Pacific Time, 10 PM to 12 Midnight Eastern Time ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin, Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin & Kevin Estrella ~ Producer Thomas Becker

On today’s show, we discuss Su Walker’s contact with the Sandia ETs in New Mexico.  The Sandia Grey ET’s have a Twitter following and post via channel Su Walker daily.

Sandia the ET@SandiaWisdom

I am Cmd. Tlkm from P’ntl, the 5th planet orbiting Zeta Reticuli 2. My crew & I have come to teach archeoplanetography & prepare you for Official First Contact.

People around the world seek the psychic and medical intuitive advice of Su Walker. She is an internationally known psychic and medical intuitive. For over 20 years she has assisted individuals, CEO’s of businesses, physicians, actors, and law enforcement agencies. Her psychic readings and medical intuitive readings are sought out for their high levels of accuracy and detail.

Frequently asked to investigate hauntings or paranormal activity, Su’s been featured in various publications, television documentaries, and radio appearances. Su also conducts training seminars during the year, because she desires to educate the public about various forms of psychic phenomena, improving psychic skills and exploring remote viewing, scrying, or energy projection. Psychic development classes are available. A complete listing of psychic and beginning astrology classes are located here.

Su travels the country presenting lectures and workshops on psychic readings, medical intuitive readings, and other paranormal and spiritual issues. Su Walker medical intuitive also has taught on telepathy.

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Sandia Zetas & Kevin Estrella ~ Aquarian Radio ~ 05/26/17 ~ Experiencer’s Network ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & John Polk from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time on

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Kevin Estrella ~ 05/23/17 ~ Divine Paradigm ~ KCOR ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin ~ Producer Tina Marie.

Today we discuss Sandia the ET.  Join them on Twitter at:

Sandia the ET

@SandiaWisdom FOLLOWS YOU

I am Cmd. Tlkm from P’ntl, the 5th planet orbiting Zeta Reticuli 2. My crew & I have come to teach archeoplanetography & prepare you for Official First Contact.

Sandia Mtn., Albuquerque, NM



Kevin Estrella

Not many musicians have captured the interests of off-world visitors like Kevin Estrella.  Kevin is no stranger to the UFO phenomena.  An inter-dimensional craft flew within 100 yards of him August 21, 2014.  His sighting was investigated and verified by MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).  He has had contact at least three times with craft of unearthly origin.

Host Kevin Estrella is a world class musician of the instrumental rock band Pyramids on Mars.  Kevin has been welcomed deep into the UFO community after having his own first-hand encounter with something not of this world. He has now begun speaking publicly and has been a featured guest on over 15 UFO radio talk shows. He comes to ArtistFirst to introduce guests who have been on-board alien craft, and have had direct contact with Extraterrestrial beings. Kevin will introduce us to many Alien/Human Hybrids who are currently on this planet. Find out how and why they are here to help humanity during this historic period of awakening.


Su Walker Courses

medical intuitive su walker


Intuition 101: A Free Online Course

To Help You Improve Your Psychic Skills

Copyright 2004 Psychic Su Walker


Learning to listen to your intuition or multi-sensory awareness NOT a difficult skill to master. It takes a small but very conscious shift in your daily perception. It is also important to keep in the forefront of your thoughts several key points as to how the universe works. Remember:

Nothing is random. All things happen for a reason.

The timing of the universe is absolutely perfect for your own lessons and learning, and everyone else’s too.

You are connected to absolutely everything (this is a big concept to wrap your head around but it is true.

The universe is constantly in direct communication with you. All you have to do is listen, tune in, even ask questions to get answers directly from The Source.

You have to make a conscious decision to pay attention, listen, watch, feel, learn from and act on what you perceive beyond what is normally thought of as your regular five senses.

It’s important to honor and trust what your intuition is telling you.

Listen and give equal credence to both your “background” as well as your “foreground” thoughts.

You can make small changes in your personal environment and in your thinking each day to make it easier to open up more to what the Universe is saying.

Lesson 1: A Place to Begin

Creating Your Intuitive Space

Intuition, inspiration, and multi-sensory awareness comes when you can create an environment in your home, your office, your life that is quieter, gentler, slower paced and less stressed. I know your schedule is busy (okay.. maybe nutty IS a better word), but I want you to think about what you need to do to create a home environment that will allow you to be more intuitive and more in touch with what the universe is constantly whispering.

Helpful things to consider doing are:

Decluttering places where you spend a lot of time

Quieting your environment where you can

Organizing the flow of your space, your desk, or you day so it’s smoother and easier for you

Changing colors, softening lighting, altering smells, etc.

Removing elements that take you out of or distract you from your own personal energy or vibration.

Writing down a positive affirmation that you see a dozen times a day of something you want to bring into your life more.

Creating personal quiet time to listen to your multi-sensory input

Example 1:

Sarah wanted to make her bedroom her intuitive space. She changed the bright yellow walls to a softer blue-green, which she felt calmed her energy more. She removed the electric blanket so her body would not be covered with an electrical field all night long. She began to go to bed an hour earlier so there wasn’t the need to wake up to her alarm clock buzz and radio blare every morning. She got rid of the clutter piles on her nightstand and dresser and added an essential oil plug in aromatherapy scent that seemed to also match her energy. She changed the sheets to a softer feel and color and began wearing silk pajamas. Each morning she reached for her dream journal to jot notes of the bits and pieces of dreams she remembered before they were forgotten.

Example 2:

John was a busy hospital respiratory tech. His day took him from patient room to patient room, and he was often called to deal with “codes” where patients were in respiratory distress or had stopped breathing. His office was a tiny cubicle jammed with charting and patient records to keep up. He wanted to find a way to stay in his own energy, even when he was called to assist a patient having a heart attack.

John totally reorganized the flow of work in his cubicle. He changed things around so the first thing he saw on entering his own “space” was a large poster of his favorite vacation spot in the Rocky Mountains. He put it there to remind him to “ground and center.” He cleared his desk of nearly everything but his inbox and outbox, and added an “air fern” which didn’t require any care, but reminded him it was important to breathe “in AND out” as he would say. Taped to the inside of his pencil drawer, where he saw it a dozen or more times a day was a small index card which said: “Each breath brings you back to the core and why you are here.” Finally, he looked to his dress and became more conscious of what he wore. His “scrubs” shifted from plain hospital white to more colors that suited him (still within the boundaries of what was accepted for scrubs in his workplace.)

Creating Your Own Intuitive Space Exercise:

Now it’s your turn. Choose a place where you spend time that you can alter and write down as many specific things as you can think of to create a better intuitive environment for yourself. Consider all of your regular five senses as you examine what needs to change. Ask yourself what sensory input in this space does not flow easily with your own. Is it the smell, the color, the life energy, the emotional feel? What goes against your own personal grain? What in the space makes you most comfortable? Most uncomfortable? Check:

Cleanliness. Do you need to dust, vacuum, wash walls, etc.

Colors of walls, furniture, flooring, pictures

Textures of furniture, flooring, seating, etc.

Smells (animals, people, mold, dust, etc.)

Sounds (external and internal, natural and manmade)

Air taste

Emotional Feel (can you pinpoint the positive AND negative?)

Physical comfort (standing, sitting, moving about)


Lifeforce energies (plants/flowers)

Directional flow of energy (it comes in the door…how does it move around the room?)

Earth/Air/Fire/Water elements (ideally all four should be represented)

Calming vs. disruptive influences of various objects and photos

Lighting (external and internal sources)

Electrical or magnetic energy disruption (do things need to be unplugged or removed?)

Clutter. Start by removing everything until the room is what I call “Buddhist Spartan”… then add back in ONLY what is absolutely needed and required in that space. This removal of clutter is a crucial step in creating your intuitive space.


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