Robert Snow ~ 03/17/18 ~ Cosmos Connection ~ Hosts Janet & Theresa

Robert Snow ~ 03/17/18 ~ Cosmos Connection ~ Revolution Radio ~ Studio B ~ 6 to 8 PM Eastern time ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J. Morris ~ Producer Thomas Becker.

Robert Snow has had an interest in the paranormal for many years. His appetite for the unexplained and mysterious was gained from his late Grandfather, Dr Richard Clay, a medical practitioner in Wiltshire. Dr Clay had several paranormal experiences himself and being a very methodical mind he recorded them on paper as soon as possible after the incident. He also recorded experiences of his patients that were related to him. Robert is now the owner of Dr Clay’s archives, having inherited them when his Grandfather died in the 1970s, he is always adding to them himself. Robert was until recently the General Secretary of ‘The Ghost Club’, the oldest paranormal research organisation in the world, having being founded in 1862.

Robert always looks at reports of supernatural happenings objectively and says that from his experience ninety percent of so called paranormal activity can be explained naturally through careful and objective investigation. However there are about ten percent of these incidents that seem to defy all investigation and just can’t be explained. It is this ten percent that interests Robert.

Robert lives in an old building that is over 250 years old in an isolated village in Dorset in the South West of England. Unfortunately for Robert there are no ghosts in his home, much to his disappointment, or if there are they have not made their presence known to him so far.

Robert is always pleased to receive reports of paranormal activity and happenings to add to his now considerable archives.



I first became interested in the supernatural because of my late Grandfather Dr R. C. Clay who was a medical practitioner in the Wiltshire village of Fovant which lies about eight miles west of Salisbury, on the A30 road.  My Grandfather lived in the ancient manor house and it was haunted, although neither my sister nor I ever experienced anything unusual in the house but other people did.

My Grandfather was a very methodical man and he recorded his experiences as soon as he could while they were fresh in his mind and also experiences related to him by his patients.  In this small book I have transcribed his experiences exactly as he wrote them; word for word from his archives which I inherited.  I have also recorded some of my own personal experiences at the end of this book.  I hope that you enjoy reading about them and find them interesting


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