Solaris Blueraven ~ 02/27/18 ~ Stargate to the Cosmos ~ Hosts Janet, Dr. Sasha & Kevin

Solaris BlueRaven ~ 02/27/18 ~ Stargate to the Cosmos ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin, Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin & Kevin Estrella ~ Producer Thomas Becker ~ Revolution Radio ~ Studio B ~ 5 to 7 PM HST, 10 PM to 12 Midnight Eastern Time.

Solaris BlueRaven/BIO

Solaris BlueRaven is a Published Author, Producer, Writer, Editor and Public Speaker with a professional background in covert technology, surveillance, investigative research, healing modalities and technology.

She is known for her experience as a test pilot for synthetic telepathy black projects of which she discloses in her book series “Eye of the Remote”. She is a world-renowned psychic, clairvoyant, remote viewer and systems buster for Mk Ultra related programs.



Ms. BlueRaven is also a certified 2nd Degree Black Belt and has an extensive background in Advanced Sciences and Mystical Alchemy.

Ms. BlueRaven investigates supernatural and technological anomalies.

Please see her website Nightshadow Anomaly Detectives for more information.

Ms. BlueRaven is the host of two radio shows:

Ravenstar’s Witching hour. Saturdays at 12 Midnight EST on Revolution Radio at Studio A.

Hyperspace on KCOR Digital Radio Network each Friday at 12:00 Midnight EST/09:00 P.M. PST.

Please see her you tube page medusastorm001 for interviews and archives of her radio shows or KCOR Digital Radio Network.

Solaris BlueRaven’s websites are and for public speaking and information regarding private sessions.

Ms. BlueRaven’s books are available on

Transmutation Through Ascension

Eye of the Remote, Black Operations in Areas Beyond 52

Mr. Sun and the Halloween Ball

Programmed by Deception, Eye of the Remote Series II

Eye of the Remote, A Disclosure of Covert Technology DVD documentary

One Million Miles ’till Midnight. Available now on or through the publisher at Live as of 09-29-2016

TOPICS & QUESTIONS ~ Solaris BlueRaven Talking points ~ Eye of the Remote Series

1:) How did you get involved in the field of covert technology?

2:) Tell the listeners about your book series Eye of the Remote and what this entails?

3:) How are your books available for purchase?

4:) What projects are you working on down the road?

5:) Does the supernatural have a connection to mind control programs?

6:) What is synthetic telepathy?

7:) Tell us about your DVD documentary Eye of the Remote, A Disclosure of Covert Technology?

8:) What are some signs of possible covert induction or psychotronic attacks?

9:) What are some methods to shield from these attacks?

10:) How often do people mistake a mental illness for electronic possession or EEG cloning program?

11:) What is the purpose of abducting people into mind control projects?

12:) What should someone do if they suspect they might be hit with a covert program?

13:) Tell us about your website Nightshadow Anomaly Detectives?

14:) Tell us about your new book coming out?

15:) Do you come from a background connected to the supernatural?

16:) What are some ways a person can take their power back from mind control programming?

17:) Is there missing time connected to these projects?

18:) Do these projects connect to Military Abductions or MILABS?

19:) Do you think these projects are connected to extraterrestrial intelligence in some way?

20:) Is there a connection between Artificial Intelligence and these black projects?

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