Michael Z. Williamson ~ 02/10/18 ~ Cosmos Connection ~ Revolution Radio ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J. Morris

Michael Z. Williamson ~ 02/10/18 ~ Cosmos Connection ~ Revolution Radio ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J. Morris ~ Producer Thomas Becker, 6 to 10 PM Eastern Time, Studio B on revolution.radio.

I am THE Michael Z. Williamson. There are no others, and there are a great many people thankful for that fact.

I’m a writer with an eclectic body of work. That means I’ve never pinned myself down to one genre. I apologize to the marketing people, because I know they hate that and I hate to see them cry. It also makes it hard to categorize my works for my bibliography. However, subjects I’ve written in do include politics, firearms, the military, science fiction, military fiction, fantasy, humor and nonfiction. Most of my articles aren’t cataloged–there are too many.

If you came searching the web for me, welcome! I appreciate the interest and support. Look around, and feel free to email me. I appreciate feedback on my work. I especially appreciate useful negative feedback–I prefer honest criticism to ego-stroking. I learn more from it.

This site is in a constant state of upgrade — I prefer to spend my time writing, and I believe my readers do, too. If you find any glaring errors, do please let me or my webninja know.

  • Most Recent News:

    November 02, 2016

    Angeleyes Released!

    This is a very occasional update on a new book release. Angeleyes is out in hardcover and electronic formats, and Audible. This stands alone in the Freehold universe–you do not need to read Freehold or The Weapon, as all three happen in the same timeframe.

    Angie Kaneshiro never planned to be a spy. She was a veteran of the Freehold Forces of Grainne, and was now a tramp freighter crew-woman who hadn?t set foot on the dirt of a world in ten years. Angie was free, and that was the way she liked it.

    Then the war with Earth started. One thing Angie knew was human space. She knew where the UN troops garrisoned, the methods they used to scan and chip their own to control them. Even better, she had a mental map of the access conduits, the dive bars, and the make-out cubbies people used to get around restrictions.

    The UN forces may hold most of the stations, the docks, and the jump points, but now the Freehold of Grainne has its own lethal weapon. The Intelligence branch sends a freighter crewed with Blazers, special forces troops. All Angie has to do is lead them through the holes. Responsibility for the explosions and wreckage will be theirs. But war is complicated, and even the most unwilling of heroes can be forged in its crucible.

    PLEASE NOTE: This novel has more adult content than my previous ones. Please be advised if this concerns you.

    I expect to have three or more books out next year.

    Enjoy the holidays, and thanks for your ongoing support.

Michael Z. Williamson is a science fiction and military fiction author.[2] Born in Birkenhead, England, he and his family emigrated to Canada, then the United States in 1978. Williamson frequently utilizes the pen names “Mad Mike” and “Crazy Einar“. He is retired from the United States Air Force.[3]

Williamson’s first book, Freehold, was released in January 2004. It tells the story of Kendra Pacelli, a young woman forced to flee from Earth after being accused of a crime she didn’t commit. She flees to the planet Grainne and struggles to adapt to the new climate and culture of the ultra-libertarian planet, where the government administers the courts, the military, and literally nothing else. She eventually joins the Freehold military and soon finds herself defending her new home from her old one when the UN invades.

Both The Weapon and Angeleyes cover the conflict between Grainne and Earth but are told from a different point of view. Angeleyes is a spy-thriller set in the space stations and interstellar ships; the protagonist, Angie Kaneshiro, is recruited as a contractor to assist a team of SF Operatives as they wage clandestine war on the UN’s ships in space. The Weapon begins before Freehold and explains just how tough (and more than a little crazy) the Freehold’s special forces really are. Roguecontinues Ken Chinran’s story from The Weapon as he hunts down one of his own. Contact With Chaos advances the timeline several years and is the story of humankind’s first encounter with a sentient alien species where humans are the space aliens initiating contact with a less technologically advanced race.

Williamson was both Editor and a Contributing Author for Forged In Blood, released in September 2017. This short-story anthology is one continuous story written by more than a dozen different authors, including Baen authors Larry Correia, Tom Kratman, Mike Massa, Christopher L. Smith, Jason Cordova and Kacey Ezell. The anthology charts several thousand years of history/future, following one particular sword and its’ many bearers from Feudal Japan to Freehold and then centuries beyond.

Better to Beg Forgiveness is set in the Freehold universe but is a prequel series set well before the Grainne war. It tells the story of a team of professional bodyguards as they protect the President of an fractious planet against all manner of threats. There are two follow-on books, Do Unto Others and When Diplomacy Fails starring the same characters. The trio of books are collectively known as the Ripple Creek series.

Williamson’s second novel, The Hero, was written with New York Times best-selling author John Ringo and takes place within the universe of Ringo’s Legacy of the Aldenata series. Michael has also written the Target: Terror series, which thus far includes The Scope of JusticeTargets of Opportunity, and Confirmed Kill. These cover the story of two U.S. Army Rangers, engaged in black operations against terrorist groups threatening the United States.

He is also the Editor at Large of SurvivalBlog.com, a blog on disaster preparedness topics.[4]

Michael also owns and operates SharpPointyThings.com where he sells antique, commercially made, or hand-forged knives and swords.


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