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I started working on save-the-world type campaigns when I was 13 back in 1967. Star Trek was in danger of being canceled, so I created a petition, got signatures from everyone in my school from the 7th through the 12th grade and sent it to NBC. Unbeknown to me, thousands of letters were sent to NBC and Star Trek was renewed for a 2nd season. Threats came again so we launched another letter blitz. Unfortunately, our strategy did not work after 1969 and the show was canceled for good.

Fast forward to the early 70s and we united at conferences till our numbers reached tens of thousands. In 1975 at a large Star Trek conference in New York City, Gene Roddenberry announced that a new Star Trek movie would be made. It took several more years to manifest, but eventually, it was made, a new series was launched and today we basically live in a world that would not have existed if it weren’t for Star Trek.

Our next frontier is UFO disclosure and the extraterrestrial presence on Earth. While Star Trek inspired human inventions, the revelation that extraterrestrials not only exist but work alongside humanity in secret space programs would propel us to the manifestation of the Star Trek universe as our reality. Once we realize humanity not only has several secret space programs that have existed since the 20th century (and before), cures for all diseases including aging, societal systems that honor and respect all its citizens and meets all their needs, time travel, teleportation, interstellar travel, treaties and trade with many alien civilizations, pollution-free environments, clean/green energy systems, etc., we move from this primitive and violent level zero type civilization to an advanced society that respects all life and all consciousness. Now that’s something I can get behind.

We begin by returning to our roots, come full circle to where it all began–conferences. These events inspire and awaken as we gather face to face, share breath, exchange energy, look into each others’ eyes and remember who we are. At our core and that on a higher self-soul level, we are one.

We listen, learn, share and inspire. We reach one, teach one. We light a candle of love that lights another and another, wake up, remember, evolve, grow till peace rules and overwhelms everyone with divine love. We remember the origins of our missions where we volunteered to come down to the dark abyss in the first place. We realize it’s time, that the grand experiment is over and we celebrate our reunion.

Join us at this first of many “Stargate to the Cosmos” conferences. Here we access our own inner stargates, open awareness individually and collectively and know that our family is universal and eternal, bound by unlimited, unconditional love.

How do we do this?

We need funds to pay for the venue, travel, hotel, food for our organizers, volunteers, speakers, panelists, presenters, facilitators, media personnel, guests and scholarships for those who wish to attend and can’t afford to come on their own. We need to advertise and hope to broadcast and record to reach the entire globe. We need not only monetary support, but we seek those who wish to get involved and participate, from staff to volunteers to presenters to attendees.

We need funds ASAP to secure the venue. We begin in 2018, the sooner the better. We seek several venues in many locations and we begin in the USA. We envision 6 regional mainland conferences and one in Hawaii then we expand to all continents. We’d like to do one event every other month at first, then one a month. We seek to collaborate and co-create with other organizations, to unify and allow all who have a piece of the puzzle platforms to share and distribute information so we connect the dots and get the full picture.

All funds go towards paying the bills and any excess goes into a kitty to finance the next event, then the next. We continue till we reach critical mass, unity consciousness, global awakening and all awaken and remember where we began and why we started this experiment.

We seek contributions and sponsors, those who agree to donate rather than lend so this movement goes beyond this event to encompass the planet and move all of us, humanity and all beings from darkness to light. We are saving our own lives. The truth will set us free. We’re saving this incredible planet, Gaia, Earth, our home.

Join us. Take my hand. Take the hand of those on either side of you. Take the first step. Begin the journey. Long or short, the road lies before us and we determine the course through our actions (or inaction). We are the chooser. What do you choose? Will you join us as we change the world, make it a better place for you and me and the entire human race (and all beings).

We are eternally grateful to you for participating in the grand awakening of consciousness.


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