Geraldine Y. Orozco ~ 02/03/18 ~ Cosmos Connection ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J. Morris

Geraldine Y. Orozco ~ 02/03/18 ~ Cosmos Connection ~ Revolution Radio ~ 6 to 8 PM Eastern time ~ Studio B ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J. Morris ~ Producer Thomas Becker. 
On October 15, 2013, Geraldine experienced a vivid abduction from her bedroom window where she recounts being taken on board a ship in which she meets tall grays that show her eight hybrid children along with a string of intriguing information. Upon her return, she realizes that this experience results in a hypersensitivity to the human electromagnetic field. This discovery initiates a journey to find the truth about what happened.
She reaches out to a hypnotherapist to undergo a regression, and what she finds was way more than she was prepared to learn. Her first hypnotherapy, in June 2017, results in the discovery of repeated abductions originating in her childhood. But, why where they taking her at such an early age? She recounts her abductions through her regressions in which she is surprised with a channeling of information regarding the universe and ancient DNA alterations here on planet earth that operate to seize and control the population through a hidden government. But her journey does not end there.
Geraldine recently underwent a second regression, Nov. 10, 2017, in which she travels deep into the creation of the universe and traces the origins of our human race back to ancient alien races. diving deep into each abduction in order to understand the reason behind the hybridization program here on earth and how they operate the program among humans – in addition to learning about her own origins. see her ability to see the multidimensional body as an Intuitive Pranic Healer, Meditation & Ascension Coach.

She works internationally as well as locally in the SF Bay Area
Regressions with Alba Weinman – A Message to the Seekers Geraldine
Regressions with Alba Weinman – DNA Origins & a Call For Self Love Integration
Full descriptions of her 18th abduction
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Geraldine is currently writing her first book regarding the information received as well as tracing back to the ancient civilizations so that we can better understand the hybridization program here on earth.

Past Show:

Geraldine Y. Orozco ~ 02/01/18 ~ Future Trek ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Karen Christine Patrick ~ Future Trek Intro
Bio ~ Geraldine Y. Orozco:

Some of us live our lives in so much sadness, filled with restrictions, limitations and fear.

Often we do not know that we have a choice. We somehow believe that we are not worthy of expressing our authentic self. Our true essence is hidden behind the limitations and controlled programming of false institutions which act as curators for what is to be perceived as right and wrong. Organizing what is beautiful or ugly, what is acceptable and unacceptable, what is freedom and suppression, what is decent and indecent, what is normal and strange, what is success and failure, wealth and poverty, joy and sorrow. Love and fear…. dualities which are taught as separation, when they are simply a necessary balance.

I’m here to remind you that you are SOURCE and that means that as a powerful creator. Being authentic and finding light is not only your right but your duty as a divine and expansive creation of the universe. your existence and soul contract in this matrix is carefully designed to limit you in every way from becoming your expansive shapeless light.

Source has no other form than infinite expansion and creation. And that is what your every breath, every moment, every thought, day&night, in your life is ultimately for. As you expand your authentic self and begin creating. You are here to remind and awaken others to expand themselves as well. Limitation is a matrix illusion. You are far greater than that as SOURCE.

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