Anita DeFrancesco ~ Tantra for Everyone ~ 01/25/18 ~ Tantra Talk ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin

Anita DeFrancesco ~ Tantra for Everyone ~ 01/25/18 ~ Tantra Talk ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin  

Anita DeFrancesco, M.A. Modern Sex & Relationship Coach and founder of Tantra Wisdom

Anita has been leading workshops for 20 years in Los Angeles and Philadelphia. A somatic psychotherapist, Tantra yoga master and author of Live Free, her Podcast is -Mindfulness-Sexuality-Relationships. Anita presently resides in Philadelphia.

Helping You to  Achieve Success in Love, Sex and Relationships

Anita understands that the relationship to life often challenges us with the relationship to love; we anticipate freedom to happen during sex when emotional freedom is the secret to healthy eroticism, sanity and overall happiness. So with that in mind, you’ve arrived! Let Anita provide you with the tools to connect to your feelings and recreate a whole new cognition; removing old patterned thoughts so that sex, love and happiness align creating a whole new you!

Anita  define’s  Transformation  as the intersection between Mindfulness, Sexuality, and Relationships

Mindfulness- Clear the mind so that love and sex connect more deeply. Make the right choices, learn boundaries. Break free of Armor, Trauma and Rigidity.  Cultivate emotional freedom. Kinepathics® Emotional Cleansing Workshops.

  • Sexuality-Be the best lover you can.  Sustain passion and desire always. Learn the art of compassionate communication, giving and receiving skills. Learn the secrets of mind-blowing sex and sacred healing.   Tantra Wisdom™ Sacred Workshops.
  • Relationships-Learn the value of being in a healthy relationship and know your rights. Cultivate new skills in passion, emotion and intimacy so that the bonding lasts longer. Understand the relationship to your feelings thus achieving self-love. Achieve long-lasting  Sex, Love and Happiness.

Tantra Wisdom Workshops

These workshops are designed for everyone both singles and couples. Tantra has been misunderstood as sex; in fact it is not that but rather a way of understanding all the energies that live in the body and how to harness truth from a deeper path. Tantra teaches how to open up to a higher power of love. This means that you learn to open your heart and connect to the world at large, letting go of judgement and hate. Well with that in mind this could only make your intimate life more fulfilling!  Tap into areas where sex, love and power meet and design your relationship of true happiness.  It’s about having a passion and love for life. Make Love to Life. To get to the love inside of  you one must undergo certain breath and movement exercises so that patterns and armor come undone; thus allowing you to experience your fullness and longevity. Once you get to your fullness you gain more confidence and integrity which in turn leads to fantastic, intimate, bonding and passionate relationships.  I can’t wait to show you!


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