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Lynne Joy McFarland ~
Founder, President and CEO of Leaders In the New Civilization – LINC

Lynne Joy McFarland is an expert on leadership and coach to world-class leaders and celebrities. Lynne Joy has been consulting and interacting with thousands of distinguished and successful leaders. She has appeared on television and radio, written books and articles, taught leadership, and done extensive public speaking. In addition, she has hands-on experience in a broad range of leadership roles inside corporations, foundations and community organizations.

In her worldwide popular book, 21st Century Leadership – Dialogues with 100 Top Leaders, Lynne Joy has personal 21st Century Leadershipconversations with such American business legends as Bill Gates of Microsoft , Lee Iacocca of Chrysler, Jack Welch of GE, Richard Munro of Time-Warner and Kenneth Chenault of American Express; exemplary women leaders as Christel DeHaan of RCI, Mary Kay, Marilyn Laurie of AT & T and Felice Schwartz of Catalyst; Presidential candidate Ross Perot and President Clinton.s Cabinet members Donna Shalala, Robert Reich and Roger Johnson; major foundation heads as Rebecca Rimel of PEW, Margaret Mahoney of the Commonwealth Fund, Kathryn Fuller of World Wildlife Fund, Peggy Dulany of the Global Synergos Foundation, Peter Goldmark of the Rockefeller Foundation and John Whitehead of the J. Paul Getty Trust and United Nations Association; leaders in media as Cathie Black of USA Today and Hearst, Marshall Loeb of Fortune and Rieva Lesonsky of Entrepreneur; university presidents as Tom Gerrity of Wharton, Ellen Futter of Barnard College and Derek Bok of Harvard; motivators as Marjorie Blanchard, Patricia Aburdeen and John Naisbitt, inspirational leaders as Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey and other leaders in education, environment, entertainment, spirituality, the arts and philanthropy. View the entire list of leaders who participated.


Lynne Joy McFarland’s passion is what she calls “21st Century Leadership Coaching” with top leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, artists and philanthropists – champions from every walk of life! All “Olympic Champions” require very high caliber coaching, as do other highly successful individuals who intend to go the distance and surpass expectations. Lynne Joy’s championship leadership coaching provides life-changing powerful results and achievement through:

~ Clarifying and implementing vision and purpose with leaders and their enterprises,

~ Creating and acting on high integrity principles and winning shared values,

~ Empowering everyone with innovative “21st Century” leadership capabilities,

~ Continuously improving and advancing communications, relationships and teamwork,

~ Insisting on outstanding and superior customer service and quality,

~ Encouraging championship fitness and health – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The bottom line results are enduring and profound: achieving world-class performance and profitability, along with personal and professional excellence. And very important in leadership is always expanding one’s sphere of influence and making a difference by contributing back to our communities, nation and world with philanthropic funding and service.

Lynne Joy McFarland – President of the LINC Organization:

Lynne Joy McFarland

In 1985 Lynne Joy founded LINC with the vision to bring top leaders together from around the world to enhance their leadership qualities, broaden their impact and improve their enterprises, communities, societies and ultimately civilization with creative, innovative and far-reaching global solutions. In 1987 LINC became a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable corporation.

Among the many results-oriented LINC programs Lynne Joy has established are:

~ Writing books, articles and television programs on leadership, including 21st Century Leadership – Dialogues with 100 Top Leaders.

~ Consulting and forums with national and world leaders on a wide range of important issues.

~ Empowering leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, non-profit and community leaders by strengthening their vision, values, integrity, health and prosperity.

~ Consulting on leadership education with university presidents, deans, teachers and students, and creating effective leadership classes based on the book: 21st Century Leadership – Dialogues with 100 Top Leaders..

~ Keynote speaking around the country and world for corporations, high schools and universities, community organizations, television and radio.

~ Establishing a knowledge bank on leadership based on interaction with thousands of distinguished and successful leaders, along with national and world visions and solutions that are being implemented.

Corporate Background

Lynne Joy’s corporate experience spans two decades in the high tech industry and includes executive and leadership positions in such companies as Honeywell, Bank of America, Litton, Xerox, Tymshare-Tymnet and McDonnell Douglas.

Background as a motivational speaker and teacher:

Lynne Joy speaks on a broad range of timely subjects which align with her leadership coaching. Here are some example topics:

~ “21st Century Leadership” – defining the new leader for this amazing century,
~ Creating leaders throughout your organization with vision and empowerment,
~ Reshaping your business culture for a bold future,
~ Achieve world-class leadership of outstanding achievement and prosperity,
~ Champions of change – reinventing yourself and your organization,
~ Quality and service are a way of life – how to exceed your customer’s expectations,
~ Honoring women with leadership roles and power,
~ Leaders In the New Civilization – how to be an inspiring leader of our time.


Background as an author and her television appearances:

Based on the privileged interviews Lynne Joy personally conducted with prominent leaders in every sector of society, a breakthrough television series was written and produced for major networks in 1991 about the most advanced improvements for our educational system, featuring a broad spectrum of leaders and exemplary K-12 school models to follow.

As a leadership coach, author and teacher, Lynne Joy has appeared on a variety of television news and educational programs.

After accomplishing over a decade of consulting and research with leaders, in 1993 Lynne Joy McFarland coauthored her widely read book, 21st Century Leadership – Dialogues with 100 Top Leaders. Through fascinating and historic conversations, America’s most distinguished leaders redefine leadership for the future.

Lynne Joy has also written articles for major magazines, often on themes of leadership and advancing humanity. She has written both highly complex technical manuals about software and hardware, and easy-to-use training and educational books. Additionally, Lynne Joy has written for sales, marketing, PR and advertising purposes as well as legal contracts and business proposals. Her greatest passion is writing to inspire, enhance and empower.


Educational Background:

Monterey Institute for Foreign Languages, 1963 – received Certification in French.
University of Bordeaux, France, 1965 – received Certificates of Honor.
University of California, Berkeley, 1966 – B.A. Degree in English, French and Humanities.
Post Graduate Studies – Leadership, Management and High Technology training at IBM, Xerox and various other corporate education programs.

Personal talents and interests:

Lynne Joy has a special talent as a personal and family counselor helping people improve. She lives by high standards of excellence for herself and creates a positive outlook daily. Very important to her is taking time for quiet reflection.

Lynne Joy has always been a “health nut” and a good athlete, for example, she excelled in marathon running, skiing, scuba diving, sailing, basketball, yoga, aerobics and weightlifting. Lynne Joy is a nutritionist, fitness buff, a gourmet healthy chef, a fine art painter, an avid gardener and she loves to arrange flowers. She has been a fine art consultant helping local artists show and sell their works, and establishing corporate art collections.

Having celebrity parents – her father, Arthur, was a Big Band leader and her mother, Helen, was a singer – Lynne Joy is musically gifted too. At six she was already an accomplished concert pianist and she has enjoyed singing and dancing throughout her life. Lynne Joy is fluent in French and has also studied Spanish, Italian, Swiss, German and Russian.

Lynne Joy McFarlandContact:
Lynne Joy McFarland
President and CEO
The LINC Organization
PO Box 1871
Kihei, HI 96753>Click here to email
Lynne Joy McFarland

Lynne Joy McFarland

? 30+ years experience as a CEO, Entrepreneur and Executive Director, also business owner, management in major corporations
? Interviewed and consulted with thousands of top leaders in every sector – creating leadership knowledge bank
? Multi-industry business background: technology, banking, the arts, real estate, etc.
? Highly effective executive and life coach, mentor, advisor improving quality of life
? Bestselling author of 21st Century Leadership
? Excel at sales, marketing, communications and PR
? Team building, empowering everyone as a leader
? Vision and goal setting, planning strategies for current and future success
? Decades as an enthusiastic Fundraising Executive raising millions for charities and foundations
? Emphasize quality of life, vision, passion, integrity, inspiration, kindness, compassion, patience, health

Lynne writes:

I’ve been an entrepreneur and successfully established both businesses and charitable organizations. And I’ve spent 15 plus years inside corporate America in the high tech and finance industries: Bank of America, Honeywell, Xerox, McDonnell Douglas-Boeing and others. I have also co-owned two art galleries that marketed over 350 local artists. We set up corporate and community art collections, all the while coaching the artist on their personal and professional lives.

As a lifelong philanthropist and volunteer, I established the LINC organization in 1986 to bring together top leaders into forums, and to especially educate and empower our next generation to be high quality leaders. I coauthored my bestselling book 21st Century Leadership and gifted thousands of copies to universities and graduate schools across America, also creating leadership curricula just as you have done with your K-12 schools. I always emphasized living your passion and vision, and the importance of building character, integrity, entrepreneurship, self-esteem and financial literacy.

I am proud to say this book has also been very well received in the business world becoming the leadership handbook for CEO’s and hundreds of corporate seminars and trainings.

Throughout my life I have essentially been a life and leadership coach and a family business advisor. I really love to help better lives! I have had the privilege of interacting with top CEO’s and leaders in every sector both to pick their brains and establish a leadership knowledge base, and to pass this wisdom forward to others.

Some of my favorite consultations include: Bill Gates of Microsoft and Gates Foundation, Kenneth Chenault, Chairman of Amex, Lee Iacocca Chairman of Chrysler, Jack Welch Chairman of GE, Reuben Mark, CEO of Colgate-Palmolive, David Gardner, Pres. of Univ. of Calif. and Hewlett Foundation, Derek Bok, Pres. of Harvard, James Burke, Chairman of Johnson & Johnson, Stephen Covey and Tony Robbins.

As well I have interacted with highly accomplished women leaders to make a difference, such as: Cathy Black of USA Today and Hearst, Peggy Dulany of Rockefeller Foundations, Rebecca Rimel of PEW Foundation, Kathryn Fuller of the World Wildlife Fund, Wendy Kopp of Teach for America, Donna Shalala, US Secretary of HHS and Chancellor of Univ. of Wisconsin, and thousands more. I have for decades emphasized the empowerment of women to be leaders because it improves the quality of life for all of us.

I love writing, am an author and have also written articles for major magazines, such as Entrepreneur, often on themes of living your best life possible, plus health, business and leadership. I’ve created highly effective sales manuals and easy-to-use training and educational books. My sales, PR and marketing copy are very effective for businesses to attract customers in multiple industries.

My educational background include my University of California, Berkeley, B.A. Degree with an emphasis on computers, business and marketing. At the Monterey Institute for Foreign Languages I received Certification in French and I also attended the University of Bordeaux, France, where I received Certificates of Honor.

My post graduate studies are extensive including hundreds of courses and on-the-job training. Here are some of the subjects: Business and nonprofit leadership, management, sales, marketing, PR, fundraising, finance, computer technology engineering and software design – training at IBM, Xerox, Bank of America, McDonnell Douglas-Boeing and Honeywell. Extensive leadership classes and internships
Also thousands of hours training and actively doing coaching, mentoring and advising

Lynne Joy McFarland

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