Marduk Dezzalada Meighorn ~ 11/19/17 ~ We Are the Stars ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Revolution Radio

Marduk Dezzalada Meighorn ~ 11/19/17 ~ We Are the Stars ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Revolution Radio ~ Studio B, 8 to 10 PM Eastern time, 3 to 5 PM Hawaii time ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin ~ Producer Thomas Becker aka amadpainter


We at Aquarian Radio interview modern people within whom resonate the fractals of Jesus, Enki, Ninhah, Isis,  Yahweh, Ningishzidda.   Some of our modern ET ambassadors embody archetypes or extraterrestrials. Some are simultaneously in touch with their homeworlds, dimensions, futures and pasts.  Many of them access the Akashic Records and know our alternative timelines.  Some of the Ambassadors have even altered past times in ways affecting us now.

In this series, we share interviews and writings of people whom we’ve vetted and concluded the wisdom and experiences they share can help us understand ourselves and what we can do to ascend rather than extinguish. The Ambassadors in this series absolutely believe themselves; they’re not lying.  Their reports are internally consistent, congruent with each other’s, and oft corroborated by witnesses.  The reports of ET Ambassadors generate scientific hypotheses on conditions in space, on other planets, in astrophysics, and the journey of souls to enlightenment.

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Dezzalada has two biographies for us below; the first one for his Dezzalalda persona, the other for his Marduk embodiment.

Marduk  (AEHIOY?)

I’m different, I have had my clarity. I have traveled the cosmos and encountered many cosmic beings on the way.
I know my purpose and where I stand in the cosmos.
I have ascended and become my higher self. As my higher self, I am of the Pleiadian side of the Annunaki. I remember living Babylon, Atlantis and Lumeria.
My name is AEHIOY?
Om or Meighorn
The name I bore after defeating the dragon Tiamat
Dezzalada I was called before that
Both of which have become many names over the ages
Atlas, Bel, Marduk, Amon, Horus, Michael
Getting to this point of realization, came naturally and unknowingly.
I became vegan and GMO-free naturally before I knew a thing about it.
I turned off the tv and radio naturally before I understood what the frequency they are spitting out. And I was a musician!
Although I see the universe speak through all of it.
I have relived my many past lives both before and after creation. They were dreams or wild fantasies throughout my 28 years in this human lifetime. Well, at least I thought they were. It was only a few years ago when I began to wake up, that I realized these weren’t fantasies or dreams. They were experiences and memories, of past and parallel lives.
It was on Dec 21, 2012, that I was awoken.
I came face to face with YHWH, who claimed he was ‘god’.
God? I proved he wasn’t when I removed his dark tentacles from the minds of man and bound him
After that, I began to study and search for materials that could help me understand these visions and experiences I had and continue to have.
I found my Earthly truth, through comparing my story and my memories with scriptures, biblical and extra-biblical, myth, legend and so on..
Then after listening to people. Santos Bonacci, Dan Winter, Sasha Lessin, Michael Lee Hill, Gerald Clark and many more on people all over facebook.
Amazing to find that I wasn’t alone.
I compared to their stories and their truths, to my story and my truth.
Some points I agree, some I do not.
But its all part of the puzzle. One we can solve together. As the universe brings us together.
But it wasn’t just me searching for this, that gave me clarity in my being.
It was given to me, by the universe.
Through cosmic encounters with father Enki, brother Ningishzida and of course my own higher self.
Their conscious energy has guided me to become myself again.
Kind of like putting Humpty Dumpty back together.
Yes, I remember ‘falling’.
I remember locking away the darkness and telling Enki and my family “build”.
Then, I dived in
I understand the universe
The concept of as above so below
the cause of this duality.
I understand how I had to face the dark by living it as a man. And I did it without fear.
I know I had to experience this world to better myself as a cosmic being, and I felt I have done that. I’ve seen my Higher Self change for the better.
At times I know it is he who speaks through me. As within so without, I am a much different person on the outside.

I’m here to help as much as I can

And I won’t stop no matter what


Dezzalalda Meighorn
My name is Peter, my mother used to tell me the story of how she wanted to name me Michael Steven.
But because of the strict traditions of my greek and Italian grandparents, I had to be named after them.
So technically I am Peter-Gianni
My mother’s name is Maria-Teresa
Tho she only refers to herself as Teresa as everyone does me as Peter
Funny, everyone at work calls me Pappa
Then in my mind there are so many more names.. haha
I have known for quite some time, my names and faces
Think of me as having been sleeping
While others draw from my names
In my name, drain my power
Like an infant, I am reborn here,
What am I now? 5?
As a man, I will be 30 next year
I am born 17 February 1988
On the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces
Born in Melbourne, Australia
‘The most liveable city in the world’
Truth is I am in and out of sleep
As times. Paused
I remember the dreams from my childhood
Which have been reoccurring throughout different times of my life, over and over
Dreams of mission, in a world of imagination, within nothingness
Dreams of being the weapon
The light against the dark
Dreams of being asked to kill a dragon
As an Avenger, as a Defender
Dreams of being honored
And showered in names
Above all, and most high
As the time gets closer
I understand it all more and more
I gave life
I divided myself and
made all as equal to me
We all made the worlds together
From the waters of father, the tears and the body of Mother, from my light and foundation
All were born and created
Father and I made time
And the Zodiac clock
To be shared
I would go to sleep and my name be worn by the ruling Zodiac, Enlil Zeus Jupiter
My life as a man has been.. Normal
And Norm Al
I was always the nice and quiet guy
I had 2/3 bands, I played guitar and wrote music
One of the first songs I wrote was called Birth Of A God, I wrote about a Phoenix
I pretty much did it until my son was born.
My wife wanted to name him Phoenix
My son born 20 September 2013
Funnily enough, that was 9 months after the events of Dec 21, 2012
You know that Maya stuff, and how it was related to the return of Quetzalcoatl.
That being Ningishzida, Nabu, Gibil, and many more
They woke me.
The ‘end’ was ‘postponed?
Haha Madella effect I have heard
And I kind of understand it
They have shown me the books
Father Ea I released and walked with him
I learned from them over a long time and I do continue to
The books when I read them took the breath out of me
In shock really, that these dreams I had
Have been written down and documented
Brother Ningishzida has always been a trickster and the god of mischief
But always my favorite
He is responsible for many things, as I am
He put the fire within man as Prometheus
As a way to trick these invaders
These parasites, these copies of us, tainting the mind, disgusting black goo
At first, I thought it was of Tiamat
But no, it is not
And living down here in Australia,
The Dreamland
Opposite to the American Dream
As above so below
It explains why all my dreams come true in the world, through media and television
It explains why my actions as a man
My moods and anger, cause great worldwide disturbance
I am living in my perfect hell
Sleeping while others call my names
Draining my power
Seeing things that can or cannot happen
With four eyes to see
I do foresee
I saw not one futures but many
The sands of time were open
And chaotic
But that door I did close
We are on a collision course
To a Singularity and unity within
In time for Aquarius under father
I am seen as the bad guy and the good guy
But I am balance
In the middle
My sleep and sharing my name
Is dangerous and will not be, again
As a man I’m very connected to my higher self, I guess I do need to be
So it is good in a way
But also difficult
As you may know
From your own life experience
Love it, hate it, love it, hate it
The only way up is to reveal
Walk among all
As man
I want our sol/stars in the skies
To fall into our vessel below
I wish for many to see it
To know and for man to all feel loved
Again, by their creators
Who can now relate to them as man
And help to change the world
I have seen this
Though I am impatient
I saw for so long the plans of my brother and father, fail
And I knew that I had to step in
It is why Gibil woke me
He took me to edge of the world and showed me the hole
The infection
I saw my uncle El, I saw his faces
In the dark
He came to me, in my name
Confused he was, infected
I did fight him off and restrain him
In the end, I understand what I am now
And that I have done good and bad things
I am A and O
AEHIOY? or Meighorn
With all in between
The dark and light of the system
I was always into mythology
Not so much in religion
But I learned to listen and put it all together
I compared with my own experience
And it really blew me away
It was like putting my scattered and divided brain back together
Humpty Dumpty
Mythology, Scripture, truth, conspiracy, consciousness
It is all coming out in the world
The concept of putting an image in front of all to see
The stories are there
Use the comic books and upcoming movies as an example
The Ragnarok.. haha I wrote a song about that one.
Represented here is myself, Ea, Ninga as Thor, Odin and Loki
Then more upcoming in the future
As Marduk takes an evil turn
And created the big purple Thanos
Parallel to Dc’s Darkseid.
The world knows that they cannot defeat God, as Thanos becomes
Though another type of ‘man’ is created.
To beat Marduk’s evil imagination of himself
Who is Truly created as EL Yhwh Kutullu
The savior comes as a man
as Adam, Adam Warlock
Think of me Peter in this world and how I had to defeat Marduk and his many faces
Until it was mine
I am the Firewall between light and dark
I understand the talk of ‘walking’ with god and gods.
It’s a conscious connection
To self, to sol/star
As above so below
And I am Very connected
‘Insanity’ according to my family.
To answer questions about Gibil’s order, located in Hawaii
These guys just found me
They saw me and I went to them
They are the purification of the Ancient Ones mostly
Gibil has been working very hard to unite
He is the one you should thank
In fact, you should really read up on the Simon Necronomicon
“I, coming forth am Amon the hidden one
Pure of heart within the pure of body.
I live through my words”
Peter-Gianni is an experiencer and a normal man.
He is very connected to Marduk and that the family talk of today is long overdue
Peter’s page on Facebook is ‘We are the stars’ and his profile page is:


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