Celebrate Sacred Sexuality Weekend Playshop ~ October 27-29, 2017 ~ Austin, TX

Celebrate.Sacred.Sexuality.Revised 062417 for 10.27.17(2)

Questions Call 808-244-4103.  Email schooloftantra@gmail.com

Location: Live Oak Unitarian Univeraslist Church, 3315 El Salido Parkway, Cedar Park, TX (Austin area)

Register http://www.ecstatichearts.com/tantra/empowerment

TANTRA for ALL CHAKRAS guides you through experiences that help you:

* Love each other more and better

* Open your energy vortexes (chakras) to each other

* Share your diverse inner-voices

* Learn what hurts and scares your Inner Kids

* Discern when to lower your subself shields

* Share vulnerability and connect with each other

* Synergize your inner selves’ dance within and between you

* Refine how you relate

* Heal each other’s hearts

* Encourage female ejaculation

* Master male ejaculatory control

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