MUFON Symposium 2017 “Proof vs Testimony” as evidence – Basiago, Salla, Tompkins, Goode & Dolan

MUFON Symposium 2017 “Proof vs Testimony” as evidence – Basiago, Salla, Tompkins, Goode & Dolan

Mike Cox 

Dolan has no spiritual understanding…. UFO researchers need to wake up that you cannot understand what is happening with ETs/UFOs unless you understand spirituality. These people are quickly becoming irrelevant, or have decided to be completely biased against first-hand accounts because it is a THREAT to them.


mrcleandoesi why the hostility towards others,let them air their opinions and views without trying to shout everyone down if they don`t agree with yours Yeah we are all well aware of Dolans credentials,it doesn`t mean he knows more than othesr Dr Salla corrected him during the debate so it just goes to show he comes out with stuff that have no basis in facts or truth You are all over this feed like a rash my man what`s your compulsion in backing this guy up ,you would think he`s a walking ,talking God the way you are going on!


@celticbhoy14 — What hostility? The only person I’ve been even remotely hostile to in these comments is “InSimpleBeing”, as this woman is clearly nuts and is claiming that I am a government troll because I am skeptical of Goode’s story, and furthermore she’s tried to claim that I am commenting on this video under multiple YouTube accounts (laughable to say the least, but it’s starting to get a little bit annoying) despite the fact that I have absolutely no connection to either of those people. Where have I tried to “shout everyone down” that doesn’t agree with me? That’s complete nonsense as I’ve been nothing but level-headed, thorough, and detailed in my responses. On the contrary, it’s the Goode following that has been extremely hostile towards anyone disagreeing or being skeptical of his story. It’s extremely easy to identify that too just scanning thru the comments… So that’s slightly amusing that you’re attempting to flip it on me somehow. In fact, if you’d even read the majority of my original posts — I’d pointed out the obvious that all this in-fighting is counter-productive to what we ALL want, which is disclosure. You can believe what you want, but my comments have only been IN RESPONSE to the hostility shown towards Richard Dolan for taking a stand. If you want to choose to believe someone who has absolutely no credentials and no way of backing up their incredibly wild claims, that’s on you. I could care less really. But what we’ve been debating here is simply whether “experiencers” should count as evidence, and I don’t believe we should. Anybody could doctor up an incredible story and make fantastic claims for personal gain, that doesn’t mean it should be considered on the same level as documented evidence that can be verified. Hell, we’ve got enough video/picture evidence out that to show the reality of the UFO/ET phenomenon alone, not to mention the tangible radar data and thousands of related documents that have been released. The hundreds of REAL ‘whistle-blowers’ who have ACTUAL credentials to prove that they did work for NASA/government/military or whoever to have been witness to this phenomenon or the cover-up. That’s not to say that I discount “experiencer” testimony, but I definitely put it in a different category. I still think it’s imperative to listen to these accounts and use your own discernment, but that doesn’t mean blindly accepting everything that self-professed ‘whistle-blowers’ are claiming. So don’t get shit twisted and try to act like I’m the one on the attack so to speak when it’s clearly the Goode followers that have been so defensive towards any hint of skepticism as it threatens their new belief system.


Credible witness Bill Tompkins repeatedly interrupted & chided about time, while the plant Dolan is off topic– bashing everyone and invited to go on and on by the female moderator. So glad I did not go to MUFON. (CORRUPTED). I trust Bill, Corey and Michael and there assertions are corroborated by many others.

Ali Haisle 

Where is Dolan’s evidence of anything? He has none either. After 20 years of “research” he has absolutely ZERO ZIP NADA Proof of ANYTHING! He is a hypocrite since he says he is a “BELIEVER in UFOS”. A Belief does not need PROOF… it needs faith. and UFOS (if there was actual physical proof) would no longer be termed: “UN-identified” but rather use the new and improved definition of: IDENTIFIED. In Dolan’s “20 years” of so called scientific research… where is his SCIENCE? Science needs proof or at least empirical evidence or direction offered by process of eliminating what something is NOT. Dolan must use the word: BELIEF 20 or more times. He uses belief because he has no real experience. If you experience something you don’t have to believe it because you just relate it from Memory. It is not a belief but a memory. Dolan’s repeated use of the word: Belief implies he still has no proof. Hypocritically He has no problem believing the HUNDREDS of whistleblower testimony from Dr. Greer’s Sirius project. Yet not a single one of them has a shred of proof of ANYTHING they say other than to corroborate their work history. We must take them at their word and BELIEVE them …or not. How on earth is Corey any different? He’s not. One can listen to Corey with healthy skepticism and not go so far as to use the word BELIEVE but perhaps use the phrase: I’m listening to see if you contradict yourself and if it rings true. So far it seems to ring far more true than any thing Dolan says. And I wouldn’t trust Alpha Zebra Bill Ryan or Dark Journalist farther than I could throw his hat (if I could get it off his big head) (Speaking of Bill Ryan) …. So Dolan proves he is a hypocrite by demanding proof with Corey but meanwhile having no problem believing the hundreds of whistleblowers coming through Dr. Greer…who also have ZERO proof! Meanwhile (speaking of CULTS and brainwashing…) Dr. Greer SELLS a meditation set that literally teaches one to PRAY to ETs to come down in their ships and help us. Listen to it… it’s chilling. It’s like ET religious worship 101. Not that I have anything against Greer… but….

Ali Haisle 

REAL researchers do not refer to themselves as “Believer in UFOs”. He uses the word Belief about 20 times. Yet insists on proof. Belief doesn’t need proof….just faith. Corey doesn’t believe in UFOS. Why? Because when you actually have a memory of something it is an experience – not a belief. I drove a Volkswagen for years. I don’t have to believe that … it’s an actual memory I have of something I experienced. You are not me however so if you choose to believe me you may do so (and Must do so) when I tell you the fact that I had a volkswagen. You have to take my word for it…since I have no proof that it happened. You would shrug at this and say so? I don’t need proof you drove a volkswagen. Why? Because it’s common and believable. So you just choose to believe me. Belief is for people who have NO EXPERIENCE…or memory of actual experience. They must rely on faith… faith requires NO PROOF. Dolan is a hypocrite to claim he relies on Belief and is a believer (sic) in UFOs – but yet demands proof of whistleblowers. In all of Dolan’s 20 years and all his writings and lectures he has not offered ONE OUNCE of proof…of ANYTHING. EVER. Yet he demands proof? Amazing. That is neither science… NOR research. It’s called “collecting” other people’s experiences and memories and believing it. (or in this case he simply arbitrarily chooses NOT to…suddenly… after years of having NO PROOF of anything at all. ) Which , by the way cannot be called RESEARCH! Ironically he believes hundreds of Dr. Greer’s whistleblowers – all with interviews detailing amazing things. Not a single one of them has any proof! Yes Dolan has never complained about that or insisted they cough up proof. He rather conspires with Bill Ryan (who has a vendetta against Corey because Corey said he got rid of Entity attachments by using the name of Jesus and Bill Ryan BLEW A GASKET and after that made it his life’s mission to denounce Corey come hell or high water! Bill Ryan (who denies this) is actually a “Scientologist” – talk about some bizarre beliefs! – started by an occultist friend of Jack Parsons and A. Crowley… and so he insisted that Corey use HIS definition of what Entity attachments were and HOW to get rid of them. When Corey refused all hell broke loose. Bill Ryan has been working on Dark Journalist and Shane Bales (Ruiner) as well as Dolan for more than two years to poison the well and Bill Ryan’s own wife even stated that he (paraphrase) would see Corey destroyed if it took him to his grave. So who really has the motive here? Dolan is a hypocrite and so is Ryan and Dark Journalist is an oxymoron for someone who didn’t even do CURSORY research at even the most public and basic level on Corey and yet CLAIMS to have uncovered deception. (he has not). Dark Journalist is a flat out liar and they are literally gang stalking conspirators… not nice people…sorry.

Dyanne Gavin 

Mufon stinks!!!! Dolan is part of the Mufon bs. Wow, this panel stunk! The moderator took more time warning about time…wow, how rude.

Ali Haisle 

Dolan has no such valid evidence. Dolan uses the word “belief” many many times and even claims he is a BELIEVER in UFOs. Problem is Belief doesn’t require proof…nor real scientific research. I have always respected him but now he is a hypocrite. He doesn’t demand any of the 100s of whistleblowers from Project Sirius provide PROOF and none of them have. Yet suddenly a “believer” in UN-IDENTIFIED objects… (meaning there is NO proof of their existence) is suddenly demanding proof and pretending he is a scientific researcher? In his 20 years of so called RESEARCH he has still not produced a single ounce of PROOF himself. He also has absolutely NO PROOF that Corey is lying. In fact THAT is in itself a LIE. Prove it isn’t.


LOL… Dolan had been unofficially banned from MUFON for years before this appearance. So this shit about “Dolan is part of the MUFON bs” is ridiculous…. The only reason this panel “stunk” was the fact that MUFON, which has always boasted putting science to the field of Ufology, actually had on “experiencers” with no credentials.

Karl Kaiser 

Real leakers and whistleblowers are putting Dolan out of business. The more they corroborate each other the less merit there is in demanding “falsifiablility” of every testimonial.

Karl Kaiser 

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Ruby Kay all mut 

Why can’t she shut up and not patronage bill..also why can’t people just listen? And why does Richard have an issue with what bill or anyone says, keep to research Richard not bashing others!!!

Chad Cooper 

Ruby Kay all mut if you really want to know Dolans issue with tomkins fo find bill ryan’s and dolans YT interview s few weeks ago. You will know his exact reason.

Ali Haisle 

I would like PROOF that Bill Ryan’s Hat is NOT – in fact – an integral part of his far too large head.


You can always tell trolls by their nastiness, and empty, fake, stitched together Youtube channels. Corey gives us 5th Dimensional truth. Dolan and the MUFON crew are often stuck in 3D. To begin to understand what is really going on in the world one would do well reading the Law of One. The Tao stated is not the Tao. Deep State is Deep Space.

Mario ufo disclosure 

is that why you have not put any of uour vids up for 8 months haha

dk Stonewood 

Dolan has his head so far up his ass it has reemerged as an asshead. What a dork ?

dk Stonewood 

F. Friedrich Kling Dolan is a CIA plant obviously. We have evidence from the 30s and 40s we don’t need any idiots modern day tellin us anything cuz we already know.

F. Friedrich Kling 

CIA plant obviously? Where is your evidence or is this simply your opinion?

Ken Rik 

Dolan supports limited disclosure; limited to what he believes.

lstar rtna 

Ken Rik By his high and mighty attitude I think your right.

Chad Cooper 

Not true. Dolan is clear about this. He has a gray box bigger than anyone, but he chooses to discuss only things he can substantiate.

Agatha Alexander 

Too painful for me to watch. Dolan should not have been on the panel. This could have been some really insightful, collaboration of information but because of Dolan it was nothing more than a debate over who’s right or who’s wrong. Good grief, do you think people really wanted to listen to that? People know what resonates with them and no scientific “proof” is going to change that. Science is conducted by fallible and sometimes deliberately corrupt human beings and organizations. I don’t trust scientific “proof” any more or less than anything else. I go by what my own logic and common sense tells me. Come on people don’t fall for Dolan’s game, think for yourselves, don’t be told how to think. This is what’s gotten us into this whole big mess to begin with. What a frustrating piece of garbage MUFON has put out. This could have been such a productive discussion with just the other 4 speakers whom are deeply respected. People want to hear their message for crying out loud.

F. Friedrich Kling 

Dolan is correct otherwise the UFO community looks idiotic if the evidence turns out to be BS as has happened too many times already.


F. Friedrich Kling that is fear talking. Because part of the coverup is a disinformation campaign we all have to allow for some of that and just keep cherry picking the truth until we break this oppression

Twin Thomas 

Cory is hiding something look at his face love him to death but what’s he hiding


That is a look of concern.


Corey is actually very shy and introverted and talking to groups is very difficult for him.

Patricia O'Donnell 

Real testimony

Sunny Wood 

your caps key is locked…

Mike Hunt 

Dolan is very unhappy when he sees so many whistleblowers around him he knows his days are numbered

Rob Lutz 



Mike Hunt I’d say he was more embarrassed to find himself sat amongst such poor company

Kit Kat1 

I’ll take a polygraph Dolan! My life has been interrupted by beings you’d shit your pants over! Get off the stage!

Sgt. Shill 

Kit Kat1 kool don’t talk about it… do it… easy to say you would or could do this or that.. till you put your money where your mouth is… shut up… just as bad as all these other fantastical story tellers… are there ufos.. yes… are any of these alleged whistleblowers telling the truth? maybe in their mind they are but that doesn’t make it fact or support with any evidence or fact that what they claim is true..

Mike Farley 

DOLAN’s dumb ass is sitting there talking about the nazi’s couldnt have had a space program? that IDIOT is saying that with a 90 yr old man who WAS INVOLVED! un-fucking-believe-able


Mike Farley, exactly right. I couldn’t have said it better!

Sgt. Shill 

Mike Farley if he is such an idiot as you put it for point out fact… please enlighten everyone here as to the FACTS supporting your opinion ? because you are in turn doing the same thing you claim dolan is doing you are basing your belief from 3rd party accounts

Tibor Kádár 

It was Richard Dolan’s asssignment to embarrass the rest of the panel. Corey realized early that this is not the place to convey his message. Tompkins was easily silenced, barely allowed to speak. This was a setup. You can easily differentiate the two opposing factions. If the SSP wants a coming out, it is time for a real coming out. It is time to finish the mindgames.

Sgt. Shill 

Tibor Kádár Corey Goode was too busy doing the opioid scratch… pills make you itch.. fact… lol

Marie Fontaine 

the moderator took more time than anyone else telling everyone how much time there was


Marie Fontaine, how true! And your wit is appreciated, too. 🙂


Dolan came off as such a Dick!

Sgt. Shill 

Christine really? how so? he seemed pretty reserved to me.. I would have given these con men NO QUARTER

Mark Domizio 

MUFON is all about slow disclosure, disinformation and lying to the public. The whistleblowers should not have gone to this event.

Steve Slater 

Agree, they should hold their own unhampered panel discussion and let it all flow unimpeded for as long as it takes…

Brandon Young 

Mark Domizio Whistleblowers or Alleged Whistleblowers? Am I right?


Why couldn’t Dolan follow the forum rules and just answer the questions? This isn’t a debate forum. Where the hell does he think the Viril etc, were funded from? geesh wait what? He’s questioning the German bell? There are photos of it with German military standing with it. Now I’m 1:05:00 into this video and no one has let Tompkins speak. Yes he is wordy but he has the first hand experience in the program including the documentation. The AZ MUFON dude – that was hilarious. This panel has documentation…were they supposed to bring in the reams and boxes to this forum? ?

gypsy spirit 

ceeagee, you are on target as i see it.

Cosmic Seer 

Agent Dolan’s job is to use the opportunity to discredit Corey, Tompkins and Salla whenever possible.

Nic Parker 


Donna Dungans 

I hope Nic is a computer, because your tirade is no better. Why would you type such mean comments when you’re mad at someone else Harassing others? Flag him and move on.


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