John Vucicevic ~ 08/12/17 ~ Cosmos Connection ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J. Morris

John Vucicevic ~ Bio

John Vucicevic assists clients in creating Defined Benefit Programs as well as Personal Private Pension Plans. As President and Founding Principle of Bay City Financial, LLC in Panama City Beach Florida the mission of the firm is to assist clients in achieving the goals and objectives that are most important to them. This is done by integrating all areas of planning including financial, insurance, tax and legal strategies. In this manner his clients avoid speculating and gambling with their retirement dollars.  John assists them in gaining clarity in a world of increasing complexity by serving client’s as a “Personal Financial Coach.”

As a result, clients enjoy “Financial Peace of Mind and Wealth Optimization.”  John’s clients are freed from the chains of financial worry and are able to spend more time doing the activities that bring them their most internal satisfaction. They are clear about what is important to them in life and understand that money is nothing more than a tool for them to use to support their value system.

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John will be speaking on Cosmos Connection with TJ Morris on Revolution Radio at 6-8 Eastern on Saturday, on Studio B at


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