Kevin Estrella ~ 03/31/17 ~ Experiencer’s Path ~ Aquarian Radio ~ Hosts Janet, Karen & John

Kevin Estralla ~ 03/31/17 ~ Experiencer’s Path ~ Aquarian Radio (, radio ~ 8 to 10 PM Eastern time ~ Hosts Janet, Karen & John 

Not many musicians have captured the interests of off-world visitors like Kevin Estrella.  Kevin is no stranger to the UFO phenomena when an interdimensional craft flew within 100 yards of him August 21, 2014.  His sighting was investigated and verified by MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).  He has had contact at least three times with craft of unearthly origin.

Host Kevin Estrella is a world class musician of the instrumental rock band Pyramids on Mars .  Kevin has been welcomed deep into the UFO community after having his own first-hand encounter with something not of this world. He has now begun speaking publicly and has been a featured guest on over 15 UFO radio talk shows. He comes to ArtistFirst to introduce guests who have been on-board alien craft, and have had direct contact with Extraterrestrial beings. Kevin will introduce us to many Alien/Human Hybrids who are currently on this planet. Find out how and why they are here to help humanity during this historic period of awakening.


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Episode VIII

Nancy Schingeck Tremaine

Experiencer, Messenger
Hybrid Project Participant

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Reptilians, Angelic Beings, and Alien Technology are the topics of exploration with Nancy Schingeck Tremaine.

 Nancy remained silent for 50 years before coming forward with her UFO experience in 1961.  A craft of unearthly origin with swirling, flashing green, white and red lights appeared in her small rural neighborhood and was witnessed by many, including law officers.  The craft, (which Nancy says is alive with its own consciousness) spoke to her and took her on board.  Two hours later she was returned.

She shares her experiences on board the craft meeting with winged Angelic Beings, and her interaction with a Reptilian, whom she refers to as “Mister”, and her life-long interaction with him.  She reveals direct messages from “Mister” of wisdom and guiding light for humanity.

We converse about her hybrid son Drax, and examine the “Standing Wave” technology used to beam her aboard the ship.  Nancy continues to receive messages and communicate with the beings.  Her book discussing her experiences is in the final stages of publishing.



Kevin Estrella

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Kevin Estrella, much like Vai, and Satriani, can make his guitar truly communicate and display emotion. That’s NOT a skill that comes along with practice.  What we know as ‘true-love;’ There’s a real passion that Kevin plays with that only comes along every so often…a real magic” – SleepingBagStudios

“Your the best damn guitarist I’ve heard in years.  And I consider Vai/Satriani/Petrucci gods.  Each new song just blows me away.. more and more like the first time I heard 2112 (Rush) back in ‘76’.”  – Lee Woolsey

Kevin Estrella is probably the most criminally unknown guitar player on the planet.” – Dutch Metal Music

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