Anunnaki Imprints from Gods of Ancient Sumer Ready for Re-scripting ~ Intensive ~ Contact in the Desert ~ 05/21/17

INTENSIVE PRESENTATION: Anunnaki Imprints from Gods of Ancient Sumer
Ready for Re-scripting

Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. & Janet Kira Lessin

Six thousand years ago, the Anunnaki (“People from the Sky”) — people 9–12 feet tall who said
they lived hundreds of thousands of years — dictated accounts of history to scribes of ancient Sumer (Iraq).
The Anunnaki said they came to Earth from the planet Nibiru 450,000 years ago. 300,000 years ago they added
proto-Bigfoot genes to adapt their genome to Earth and make us, a slave race to mine gold. They rocketed
gold ingots back via a transshipment base on Mars to Nibiru.

On Nibiru, they powdered the ingots to float as an overhead shield for Nibiru. Back on Earth, they decided
to let us drown in Noah’s flood of 9703 BCE, but then reconsidered and gave us advanced civilization which
they ruled though sons of Noah, the hybrid son of Anunnaki Chief Scientist Enki. In 2025 BCE they
nuked forces and cities on Earth loyal to their would-be King of Nibiru, Marduk. The nuking, however,
radiated the nukers’ own cities in Iraq.  Most Anunnaki left Earth to Marduk and his Illuminati Hybrids
until the Nibirans sent agents to undermine him.

Lately the Anunnaki pledged peace and support for us Earthlings as the latent genes the Anunnaki
genetics team programmed in us to supersede their hierarchic, society, monarchical dictatorship,
and weapons of mass destruction kick in for the Age of Aquarius. With the true history the Lessins cite,
they say we can break the chain of war, religions, countries, things, slavery, debt, degradation of women,
ownership and one-upsmanship — the Anunnaki-Illuminati model. We can create our own future,
activate our latent extraterrestrial genes, better our genome and join galactic civilization.


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