Brianna & Family ~ 03/17/17 ~ Experiencer’s Path ~ Aquarian Radio ~ Hosts Janet, Karen, John

Brianna & Family ~ 03/17/17 ~ Experiencer’s Path ~ Aquarian Radio (, 8 to 10 PM Eastern time ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin, Karen Christine Patrick & John Polk. 

Brianna comes from a family of multi generational abductees and life long contactees. She, her mother Cindy and brother Michael frequently communicate with extraterrestrial ambassadors that sit on a sort of universal council that was developed to sustain the continuity and advancement of a living sentient universe. This is outlined in her most notable communication of the ‘universal laws’ 21 guidelines created by the council for ongoing existence in a peaceful and connected universe. These guidelines are represented by 21 universal symbols which as the ambassadors explained to Brianna have been gifted to various minds, times and places in human history, a message placed on earth waiting to be conceived and embraced but only if humanity so chooses.

Upon that day  human kind would enter a transitional time the result of which would be an era of collective understanding.  Humanity would begin to usher in an age of peaceful and connected existence in and with the universe. We would be embarking on a journey to universal wholeness. Brianna has been directed by these extraterrestrials to begin sharing the knowledge she and her family have been receiving for generations. She is compelled with an overwhelming sense of urgency to speak out as the communications become stronger –  “Its time now. Begin. There are connections to be made.”

Light Beings:

These beings are in their final form of high evolution. They are beings that have ascended to forms of pure energy, a web of information comprised of all the knowledge they have gathered in their many incarnations of prior physical forms, they have full cognition of the collective consciousness. These beings are whole. Peaceful unconditionally. They are here to guide and help the younger physical forms such as human kind learn and advance so that one day when comes time that earth, as their planets did  in the long off past ultimately meets it’s inevitable physical end we will welcome our peaceful ascension as well. They remind us of the impermanence of everything, yet also the imortal nature of our consciousness. To cherish and learn. To not fall astray and be consumed by our petty woes. To always be seekers of truth and makers of peace.  To take care of our life giving planet and not take it for granted. These beings are love in the highest and appear as beautiful light. However sometimes they can take humanoid forms. They exude a warm welcoming ardor that beckons us not to be afraid caressing us in their afterglow, an all consuming presence that leaves one awestruck with the feeling of being no longer alone. Its the most amazing feeling really. To even momentarily be in their presence in a complete absence of worry fear anger or the like, only complete knowledge and understanding.

Bird People:

These beings are of the avian variety and live on a planet with an over abundance of precious metal and stone. Particularly gold, which is so abundant that much of their possessions are at least in part comprised of it. They visited early earth and are depicted by many civilizations of the past including ancient Egypt. Thoth and horus were from their home planet that they call Rakda. Their bones are far less sense than ours making flight in their home environments low gravity more than possible. These angel like beings are watchers. Their purpose in the council is to simply monitor the progress of young civilizations making slight corrections to the course of that kind as needed. They sometimes are the messengers to young terrestrial lifeforms such as humankind as they watch us learn and grow guiding us along gently back to our path and out of harms way if we so choose to listen. The watchers are like older siblings very like human kind in that they are builders and innovators always looking to invent and improve. They are engineers of the past and constantly oversee their projects, of which we happen to be part.

The Vishnu:

The community of Vishnu is an underwater world. They are mermaid like semi-humanoid sharks that live near the floor of a world that is entirely submerged. It’s an extraterrestrial Atlantis so to speak. The planet’s orbit stretches and contracts the crust in such as way as to make the ocean a warm and mild life nurturing environment. One would never expect that such a thing could exist deep  beneath a surface covered by thick ice. Encased in their world they have evolved to be strongly connected to their communal units and have developed an incredible sense of closeness to one another. They barter to sustain one another and never let another go without. There is no currency only an exchange of needs. This civilization has never known war as it is unthinkable to their kind to kill another over petty differences. They kill only to eat. To sustain their family units. They are a kind and loving race that exists in simplicity. One wants another can give. One cannot give another understands. They spend their days pondering philosophy and working together to put aside their differences in order to remain the free and peaceful society that they have been for generations. They are philosophers and thinkers. Solvers of indifference. We can learn much from the simplicity of this loving kind.

The Crystalline Beings:

These beings are fascinating sorts. They are humanoid forms comprised of a crystalline skeleton  structure which is encased in a transparent silicon semiconductive material that makes up their flesh and inner workings. They live in the interior on their planet which appears black and barren on its surface. Due to an incredibly strong magnetosphere and the  unique rotation of their planet on its axis the gravity within this planet is stranger than fiction. they walk the passageways of their crystal cities from the floors to the walls and ceilings. The entire interior is utilized. But what is most fascinating about the crystalline beings is the purpose of their race as information keepers. When the vital  processes within their  bodies cease and die the web of information that the individual has obtained in said lifetime is copied and contained within the crystal skull. This skull becomes a telepathic book so to speak, as to ‘read’ one you are engulfed in an all consuming perception. As if you were there living the experience it contains.
Sometimes it’s frightening and sometimes beautiful to bear witness through the eyes of a chapter in time and space. A lifetime that was never yours becomes incredibly close along with its lessons. Everything is catalogued into the vast crystal library. These beings spend their entire lives for the sole purpose of learning so that upon their physical death their skulls may be used to protect and retain the knowledge and secrets of space and time for future generations to study. They have done so since the beginning of time. As one of the most ancient life forms they are the holders of knowledge. Scollars of a sentient universe. The hard copies of what we call a collective consciousness.

The Zomiads:

The zomiads are a plant like humanoid form that resembles one form of what we commonly know as a gray alien. Although they are not particularly gray, in fact they are more purple in nature as the photosynthesis they conduct to survive utilizes infrared light given off by a red dwarf star that is their sun. After space travel when they have photosynthesized from the spacecrafts artificial light they can appear light purple which is often almost grayish. They have mastered a mathematical manipulation of the fabric of space itself which renders time as well as all other constants in  physics malleable thus making faster than light travel possible. It takes 96 seconds for them to reach earth as they have done since the dawn of man. They are in a way the missing link in human kind as they improved our primordial DNA. The zomiads were historically the founders of the  council of advanced alien civilizations that penned the universal  laws , those guidelines for living in a peaceful and connected universe.
They did this shortly after the destruction of mars in order to establish a network of advanced cultures working to help younger civilizations for they greater good of our common universe. The zomiad ambassadors now often are in charge of genetic improvement of more primitive races where is needed to protect the physical and intellectual advancement of said species. After all  they themselves have always been  scientists and intellectuals. It is important to understand that due to their highly analytical nature  they may not  comprehend concepts of emotion as they are just that – purely analytical thinkers of genius greater than we can even imagine. And that is why the medical procedures they conduct during some instances of abduction are so painful and frightening. They do not feel these things and are solely conducting the procedure to help the individual return to earth an improvement for the genetic  future of mankind.
Thus one must ask not to see or feel these things and they will put you in a stasis in which your consciousness is kept separate in a sort of blank earthlike simulation away from witnessing the frightening or painful physical procedure at hand. If one is selected for this they have a greater purpose to improve humanity by simply existing in their new altered form upon returning to earth. I know this is a touchy subject as i am no stranger  to abduction myself. But I figured i must explain what ive learned of the prime objectves of this race so that other experiencers may come to understand the importance of the zomiads and their procedures in a balanced universe. Sometimes the things we fear the most have the largest value to our growth not only as individuals but as well as humankind.

‘Mid East ‘ Humanoids:

These humanoids are fairly new to the universal council. I have met them once or twice but only in passing. I have gathered that they are from a planet called hisif that is currently transitioning from a previously sheltered and  warlike society to one who embraces the universal laws and is becoming part of a greater peaceful universe. It is a hard transition and may not be entirely successful but only time will tell. They resemble middle  eastern humans except they have denser looking more rigid bony features. They are red brown to tan color with thick facial hair. Their language sounds alot like eastern dialects on earth but have some extra inhuman sounds. It is however an audible language, they are not telepathic like the zomiads or some other extraterrestrials. Stout and strong they look to live in a high gravity environment. I am still learning about this culture and hope to witness the welcoming and success of their transition. But this may not come in my time on earth. For I as all of humankind am not all that unlike them, I am mortal and at that still learning.


The mifonians are an ancient semi humanoid insectoid race that were socially not unlike mankind. In their height they had created a world of nations, of trade and advanced technology. Until the insurgency. They called them selves cydonians, they were warlike, a separatist faction in myfonian society with  a greedy lust for land, power and war. They had a deep seeded hate for the mifonians way of life, their philosophy and ideology they believed to be immoral and that it must be abolished.  The war was not long before both sides were to meet their fate in a massive nuclear holocaust. In an instant a viable thriving civilization withered. Melting in to a vast and firey hellish oblivion. A radioactive wasteland that would claim the billions unable to flee the crumbling planet.
As the ash of everything they ever had come to know settled upon the red barren surface the atmosphere was stripped away singeing the parched dead landscape so that hardly a remnant of life remained. To think that morning they had awoke like any other day to our common shining sun. billions of innocent civilians died due to some petty quarrel of ideologies. However Some mifonians escaped in spacecrafts before those  final days of war took away everyone they held dear. Those individuals that forsaw the apocalypse now drifted out into the unknown. Looking for somewhere anywhere to go. Some came across nearby earth. Man was barely what we have come to know as human in this long off past. Our ancestors were taking their first steps into modern civilizations but they as well as the myfonian refugees were faced with a new struggle.
The fallout was so massive that soon it would reach earths surface. The planet would not be destroyed but certainly sterilized. So the myfonian refugees that had landed began to bring early man underground sheltering them from the fallout. They already lost their planet they could not stand to be responsible for the destruction of such a innocent and then infantile civilization. Humankind would have ended before it really began if not for those extraterrestrial refugees kindness and compassion. They came to be known by many names. Most notably by the early hopi as ant people. Who took them underground. Took them in and preserved humankind so that we could have a chance to grow and learn. To have what They once did and now craved with a hunger for something that they would again never taste the bitter sweet simplicity of normalcy.
Since this time we have become eerily similar in many ways to ancient myfon and the posterity of those refugees now hold ambassadorship in the universal council teaching still juvenile species as our own not to make the same mistake that not only cost them everything but shook the entire universe. They are truly our ant friends.

The Ka:

The Ka are a highly intelligent and rigidly structured society of Nordic humanoids. They are characterized by their almost human appearance and wear one piece grey, blue or black uniforms with insignia. At first glance the planet that they call ohn looks to be Eden. Very earth like in composition with green plants blue skies and a yellow sun. It’s a futuristic civilization of incredibly advanced technology that has reduced hunger and poverty to an incidence rate of zero, necessities are always provided. That is if you uphold their ideology –  behind the seeming perfection is a dark truth. They are incredibly concerned with maintaining genetic purity through eugenics and selective breeding – procreation only as and when needed in a methodical and meticulous manner. Females are used like farm animals bred by any viable male and conditioned to think it is not only normal but honorable – their contribution to society until they can no longer procreate.
The ‘undersireables’  including less than perfect babies, political dissidents, those who can no longer serve their assigned  function and anyone deemed genetically unsound are immediately marked for termination. Their ideology is fostered from childhood with military like efficiency in everything they do, sheltered from all ‘illegal’ knowledge and fed a constant ration of propaganda so much so that those determined to be sent for termination now often willingly accept their death in honor. In modern times it’s a very sterile process but in history it was nothing short of an alien holocaust. They are a militant world concerned only with perfection. Serving their orders mindlessly and efficiently in the honor of sustaining a ‘pure’ and ‘Clean’ society. However not all ka uphold such ideology. There is a resistance working to expose the dangers of their systematic inbreeding and slaughter of its less than perfect products.
The resistance realises that the good in eugenics is merely propaganda and that the truth is the population is dwindling, weakening with each inbred generation closer to eminent sterility and ultimately extinction. They want nothing to do with the systematic killing that has become normal on planet ohn as it now exists merely to hide the proof of the horrors of widespread eugenics. The resistance is heavily comprised of executioners who have awakened to the reality of what is happening on ohn and those marked for termination that are harbored by those double agents. They  are all in constant danger, if captured they would be up for immediate termination. Despite that threat, there are ka resistance members that sit on the council.  They are currently working as informants in exchange for seeking refuge from what has come of their own planet. These informants are always running, living lives in fear and hiding in order to one day save a future they might never get to see. They use their conditioning of meticulous efficiency for good – never losing sight of that spark, that hope that one day their acts will lead to an unrestricted, open and peaceful society on ohn, if not for them for their posterity.

Reptilian Humanoids:

They call themselves libels and their planet Damira. They are bipedal reptilian semi-humaniod beings but are not to be confused with lamirians, a very similar species that is far less socially advanced and tend to be more primitive, barbaric thinkers with aggressive tendencies. In ancient history, lamirians held a colony on young earth long before humankind was fostered here. And due to this they often are hostile toward humans for they think in a way that they were on earth before humans therefore it belongs to them. But the truth is they failed to thrive here. They were outcasts and criminals from Damira, those that chose to continue  their more primitive and animal way of thinking when Damira was in its transition time. That ultimately led to greater Damira’s embracing of the universal laws and existing as a largely  peaceful and advanced society.
A small number of lamirians still exist in the universe, and there are enough of them to still cause havoc. They are the hostile reptilian form that some experiencers encounter. Damirian libels  however are quite the opposite. The transition was now long ago and they have entered an era of peace and connectedness. There are damirian libels siting in positions of ambasadorship on the universal council currently to uphold their interstellar relations as well as dispel the fallacy that all reptilian beings are like the lamirians. They have developed a strong ability to understand the purpose of diversity, as there is such a drastic rift between the good and bad in their own kind. To the good the bad seem to be just that , but to the bad the good seem to be the bad ones.
Damirians understand the diversity of perception. They Are gifted with the keen and unique ability of being able to simultaniously understand all points of view in a given disagreement and thus make seemless compromises that both parties can accept. They have had to do this for ages now on their own planet and therefore have an amazing talent for negotiation, especially when confronted with hostile or difficult forces. One can see how they contribute to the council. As master negotiators they are incredibly important.

Future Humans:

These humanoids are extradimensional forms of humankind that travel from the future of an alternative timeline in a dimension parallel to ours. They look very much like humans but are often pale, have little hair and larger eyes and heads due to the trifecta of long-term space time travel, extraterrestrial hybridization and their own genetic engineering. In this reality the trends of transhumanism and genetic modification have destroyed their ability to reproduce so they must travel to alternative timelines of past earth to harvest and utilize the reproductive processes of viable humankind. We have not yet reached their point in time and advancement  on our own timeline and therefore they only become tangible to us when they enter our reality to abduct and harvest fertile human beings.
However, we don’t have to be victims of our future selves. We can end their need for harvesting by halting our transhumanist progression and putting an end to the genetic modification of our animals and plants. If we were to do this now we would steer the human timeline away from ever manipulating humans themselves and subsequently never create such a future in which we became sterile and needed to return to the past in the first place.  It’s a sort of space time paradox that there is still time to correct in the present that is their past. We must end the fear of the mutilation they conduct and begin to understand that they are simply trying to keep future man from going extinct. From being consumed by the very scientific advancement that essentially created those altered forms.
The zomiads already coded our DNA with what we need and we – at least in the transhumanist timeline – altered that modification causing genetic integrity to be lost resulting in mass infertility. We here in the present do not have to realize this future. If we stop our modification of genes and consumption of those modified products we will never see the day that we would modify our selves. If we were to stop this the mutilations would stop as well as we would render that particular future nonexsitent. I know this is a lot to wrap our heads around as I only have a basic understanding of the quantum physics that makes this sort of thing possible, and in our time that too is based only in theory. But the sooner these beings are understood by our present selves the sooner we can act accordingly to steer our future away from this possible outcome.

Humanoid Androids:

These artificial lifeforms are semi biological robots that possess and incredible degree of artificial intelligence. They are most often used to operate complex operations abroad large spacecrafts such as that which serves as the station for the universal council. When aboard they slip into a plain silicone looking skin to protect their inner workings and can move freely aboard on their own accord and recognise when and how to assist as needed. They also are utilized by the council to act as a sort of ‘away team’ sent down to the surface of planets on high risk missions in which a replaceable intelligent being might be called for. They have many purposes and can be slipped into a skin to make them closely resemble whichever humanoid form it is that inhabits the surface to which they are sent.
Their most common directive as an away team is to be a source of intimidation to those spreading false information that is potentially hazardous to the future of the kind in question. They are programmed to sternly correct the spreading of lies at the source but also to observe and protect those who seek and speak the truth. On earth we have seen strange ‘men in black’ that seem to do just that, intimidate speakers of false truth no matter how much they think it to be true. They repeat their programmed sentences precisely. Look pale, cilicone or even are mistaken as corpse like. They have strange ridges on their forehead sometimes visible beneath their ‘skin’. They might be missing small features such as eyebrows. They do only as programmed acting and moving  as they do simply because they are robots. They can read expression and calculate a response but do not possess emotion.
Understanding this artificial life-form and its directives helps us decipher the androids from agents from our own governments, and when paid a visit knowing we are dealing with artificial intelligence helps us determine if we are spreading words that will foster the truth or perpetuate  a potentially  detrimental  fiction.

The Yer:

The yer come in many sizes and colors, covered in a thick coat of hair they can range from almost black to reddish brown or even golden or white. They come in many sizes too, from small varieties to standing 9 feet tall. They resemble what we know as yeti or big foot as they are a form of  bipedal primate. The yer live a very simple existence and are very  connected with nature. They are highly intelligent but choose to live without things we would consider modern conveniences as they cherish every part of their life sustaining planet and have learned to live in a harmonious relationship with it. They use a tree they plant several. They kill to eat and make use of every part of the kill. They have a way of connecting and communicating with their planet and understanding it’s needs. They realize the sentience in every part of the nature around them and thus respect it.
Their unique intuition when it comes to the relationship between their type of lifeforms and the seeming inanimate is highly respected in the council. They speak to nature and hear it as well. They never take without giving and teach us to respect the seemingly inanimate things that give us life – that just because things may be of a sedentary form of sentience does not mean that they are any lesser. They respect the nature that selflessly sustains life even when life disrespectfully abuses it as if it were limitless. Earth can learn much from the unique prospective of the yer.

Natives of Pleiades:

Native Palladians look quite different from the hybridized forms that live among humankind on earth. They are semi amphibious in nature living in a dense moist world that exists in a perpetual twilight. There is much vegetation including strange ferns hanging from twisted branches that wind through the soft fog like mist on the surface. There is a thick wet mossy undergrowth that carpets the vast marshes. Rocky mountains of deep blue tones  stretch up toward the clear star dotted sky.
Small bioluminescent creatures flutter about like fireflies. Homes are built into the landscape as this culture is another that is very in sync with the nature that sustains them.  Much life on this planet has the ability to communicate through bioluminessence due to the low natural light. Native Palladians can be many colors ranging from peachy pink to green and yellowish hues. They have webbed fingers and toes to easily move through the marshes various pools. On their slightly elongated heads there appears to be gill like structures that I don’t fully understand, they may have to breathe their atmosphere like us and perhaps the vents can aid in consuming and utilizing such a dense air. This civilization is one that is highly advanced in healing both spiritually and physically, as they understand that the nature of a planet gives its lifeforms everything they need.
Native Palladians do not have to live any more lives, they choose to enter a terminal physical existence solely to benefit others. In many prior incarnations  they  have already learned the art of peace and coexistence. They have understood all there is to understand for many generations. This is why they have taken hybrid forms on many less advanced planets so that they may be healers and teachers, workers of light and love here to help us understand and ease the pain of the lessons that they learned long ago.

Super Intelligent Particles: 

This extraterrestrial form is one that Is truly alien in every sense of the word. There is nothing about this sentience that should make it alive but it is. These super intelligent lifeforms are hyper accelerated subatomic particles that live not only among us but within us and every other form. They are interdimesional sentient beings that are the oldest form of life in the universe, mostly because they make up that universe and every subsequent creation therein. They are what we call consciousness, lifeforce, thought and feeling – they are both the tangible and intangible, they are a piece of every aspect of existence. These incredible lifeforms are the most advanced in the universe. A strange and magnificent intelligence beyond our ability as humankind to even begin to conceive. They are the embodiment of sentience it’s self – one of the universe’s greatest curiosities. They are the oneness we all seek but also our division . The truth and light, but also darkness and fantasy. Their paradoxical existence  is what brings balance to the universe, yet they are the universe itself. A quantum conundrum of space and time, the very fabric that makes up everything that life is and is to perceive.

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