Carol McLeod ~ 03/06/17 ~ Divine Paradigm ~ KCOR ~ Hosts Janet Kira & Dr. Sasha Lessin

Carol McLeod ~ 03/06/17 ~ Divine Paradigm ~ KCOR (, 5:30 to 7:00 PM Eastern time ~ Hosts Janet Kira & Dr. Sasha Lessin.

Carol McLeod, MFCC, SC, ATR-BC(ret), who lives in the wilds of Nevada, somewhere along the flight path to Area 51, is the current director of Starfield Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to promoting alternative science. Starfield’s founder, Aaity Olsen, transcribed a two volume basics physics text, The Alchemical Manual for This Millennium, through direct contact with inter-dimensional beings she called “The Star People”. Carol spent thirty years helping bring this text into print. It is available for free on the internet. When Aaity passed on to Whatever’s Next in 2011, Carol inherited the foundation, the book, and the aliens.

Aaity’s Star People exist in another dimension but share the Earth with us. They are concerned that mankind’s shaky grasp of physics will destroy the planet. They haven’t provided equations, just a basic introduction of a different perception of how things work, with lots of diagrams and examples of scientific “anomalies” which, if looked at in this different way, turn out to be easily explained. The Star People hope that young people interested in Physics as a career will add these insights into their development as scientists and find the equations themselves. The Manual is not a book of answers, it is a stimulus for asking questions. And, Carol does not consider herself to be an expert on what’s in the book. She’s just the conduit. Hopefully, someone with a science background will find the book and use the information to change the world. She wonders, will it be you?


Carol’s involvement with aliens turns out to have been a life-long endeavor. As a child, she remembers falling asleep to lectures from a group of “invisible friends” who taught her astral travel and other meditation techniques. Years later, she identified her nightly visitors as a group of well known but deceased Theosophists, whose summer retreat was not far from her parent’s home. They did not appear as ghosts, but as living beings within the context of her imagination. However, being 8 years old, she did not know anything about metaphysics or the occult, much less Theosophy. They were just there every night, entertaining her as she drifted off into dreams, which often seemed as real as her waking life.

Over the years, this process developed into a kind of dual universe for Carol. She was as involved in her dream world as much as when awake. She was assigned duties, like assisting people to cross over or helping folks on the Other Side communicate with lost loved ones. But as she got older, this dual life became exhausting and she asked to be released. She still traveled at night to familiar dreamscapes, where she visited with old friends and continued to develop relationships.

In her waking world, Carol became an art teacher, working with troubled teens in alternative educational settings throughout her 30 year career. Early on, seeing that their art work held clues to their past, she went back to school (California State University Sacramento) to became a nationally board-certified art therapist, to better help her students deal with issues through creative means. She also completed additional master’s’ in Marriage, Family & Child Counseling and School Counseling.

At the same time, circumstances kept her linked to continuing metaphysical training. In the late 60’s/early 70’s, she started receiving deeper “intuitions” and had a physical encounter with a glowing spiritual being. In the late 70’s, while studying Marcia Moore’s techniques with yoga and hypersentience, she began having visions–of alien races colonizing Earth. In the 80’s, she met Aaity, and began working with The Star People, who instructed them both in working with crystals, prompting further research in healing and raising consciousness. She also began working with past-life regression as a counseling tool. At this time, she also trained with a Yaqui healer and a Sufi master and began a lasting hobby of investigating sacred sites. She has an extensive collection of personal photographs of rock art and ancient cultural sites across the western USA and Mexico.

By the 90’s, Carol realized her work with Aaity and the Star People was related to her early training with the “imaginary” Theosophists, which in turn related to her visions of alien colonization. Today, having retired from her “day job” as an educator, she is busy integrating all the bits and pieces of insight thrown at her over the years into a working theory of What’s Really Going On and What We’re Supposed To Do Next. And, she is applying her skills as a professional therapist toward helping Experiencers deal with the issues which come from alien contact. She still experiences frequent alien contact, herself. which she finds helpful in working with others.

Carol attends many UFO/Alien Research conferences to promote Aaty’s work and talk about aliens. You’ll find her in the vendor section at the Starfield Foundation table, selling alien sculptures and jewelry to finance her presence. Stop by for a chat!

You can also connect with Carol at three sites on Facebook:

Starfield Foundation, which details her research with Aaity and contacts with The Star People:

In Search of Aliens in Ancient Art,  a public group site for sharing  research showing possible alien contact in ancient times:

and her blog spot, I Talk With Aliens, where she shares what it’s like to talk to aliens on a regular basis:




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