Zion Zeta ~ 03/03/17 ~ Experiencer’s Path ~ Aquarian Radio ~ Hosts Janet, Karen, John

Hosts Janet Kira Lessin, Karen Christine Patrick & Rev. John M. Polk interview guest Zion Zeta on 03/03/17 ~ Experiencer’s Path ~ Aquarian Radio (www.blogtalkradio.com/aquarianradio) from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time.

Zion Zeta is a 23 year old author of “Connecting The Stars.” She is an alien abductee and contactee, as well as a military abductee. Her psychic abilities began to develop as her contact with otherworldly beings increased after an alleged encounter followed by an abduction by the Greys in November of 2009, five months after her family witnessed a UFO in June of 2009. Unaware of the UFO incident that was taking place outside her home, Zion saw a humanoid silhouette out of the corner of her eye standing outside her window.  But since they were living on a third floor at the time, she discarded what she saw. Yet, the eerie feeling of being watched would not go away.

Zion had a spiritual awakening in 2010 after being confronted by a Reptilian Council in a vision and told that she was not fulfilling her agreement, which was a contract to reincarnate on Earth for a specific purpose, a purpose that is still unknown to her. After this, Zion began to witness black helicopters, she experienced electronic interference, phone tapping, internet surveillance, hacked online blogs, mysterious calls at 3:00 am, even encountering the men in black and several alleged military abductions. But not every experience was negative.

In 2011, Zion started drawing alien beings out of the blue, after seeing their faces in random places around her home. In 2012, she had an astral encounter where she was asked to heal another human, by a group of Reptilian beings and their leader, the Draconian General, who ended up being one of the alien beings that she had drawn six months before meeting him. Not long after their encounter, Zion realized that she was in contact with a militaristic group of benevolent Draconians, and that not all of them were sinister like she previously thought.

Zion is an intuitive 3D artist, self-taught graphic and web designer, web developer and brand designer. She is also a tarot expert with over seven years of experience and has done readings for thousands of people online as well as in person.

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