Mary Rodwell ~ 02/28/17 ~ Divine Paradigm ~ KCOR ~ Hosts Janet Kira & Dr. Sasha Lessin

mary-rodwell-founders-pictureMary Rodwell: Mary Rodwell is one of the 4 Co-Founders of FREE and a member of FREE’s Board of Directors. She is a counselor, hypnotherapist, ufologist researcher, metaphysician, former registered nurse and midwife in the UK. Mary is also the founder and Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network) and is recognized internationally, as one of the leading researchers in the UFO and Contact phenomenon. She has personally researched and has assisted over 3,000 Contact Experiencers.

She has lectured in the USA, Canada, Hawaii, UK and New Zealand and appears regularly in national and international media news programs. She is the author of numerous articles and a book entitled “Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life”.

Her website is: . Mary resides in Agnes Water, Queensland, Australia.

The New Human: Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage Paperback – December 24, 2016 by Mary Rodwell

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