Bret Colin Sheppard ~ 2-24-17 ~ Experiencer’s Path ~ Lunar Base and Reviewing the UFO Congress 2017with Karen and John

Reviewing the UFO Congress, what’s in it for experiencers? Hosts Karen Christine Patrick, Reverend John Polk, and Guest Bret Colin Sheppard talk about the 2017 UFO Congress in Scottsdale, AZ. Bret Colin Sheppard joined Dr. Ken Johnston on the podium to talk about Lunar Anomalies and gives his testimony about the happening.

One of the highlights of the Award Ceremony was that Experiencer Therapist Yvonne Smith was recognized for a lifetime achievement award, which is a very positive development. Looking at the mainline speakers for the event, not even one of them listed “experiencer” or any of the variants, “contactee, abductee, witness” in their biographies for the event. How can only those who research UFOs be speaking about the phenomenon and not one witness be allowed to speak? To those of us who’ve been ridiculed, marginalized, and often made by the researcher community into “lab rats” or just “part of the case” … this is a very important omission.

Otherwise, experiencers have been gaining more recognition as media outlets were definitely seeking them out at the conference, though it will remain watching the final programs to see if it was for the typical media treatment of making fun, or for a real expose’ on the subject. Each day of the conference had an experiencer session, press excluded, and those events seemed to be very popular. It seemed there was an upswing in experiencer/researchers present to share books and other resources. Our panel discusses this year’s event and what they observed.

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