UFO Congress Show ~ 02/10/17 ~ Aquarian Radio ~ Janet, Karen, Bret, Sasha, John

AT THE UFO CONGRESS – Aquarian Radio, Fri. Feb 10th8pm Eastern “The Experiencer’s Path” with Janet Kira Lessin, Karen Christine Patrick, Bret Colin Sheppard, Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph. D. and Rev. John Polk.
What goes on at the UFO Congress? It’s a yearly event, you can find out more at UFOcongress.com. The entire team of Aquarian Radio hosts will be there, along as well as many guests you have heard here on Aquarian Radio.

Events are a great place for you listeners to get to meet us, as well as many “leading lights” of ufology, exopolitics, and the experiencer movement. One of the events that happens there is totally experiencer oriented where they have panels and gatherings of experiencers. We talk here about “the experiencer path” to disclosure. Now that some of the leaders in the movement have been discouraged that the United States government will possibly not take the responsibility for a full, transparent disclosure, what then is the plan for the US and world experiencers who cannot wait anymore, who have stories to be told.
We cannot wait for environmental catastrophe, for consensus reality show programmed minds, for the permanent war economy, the time is now, and many experiencers feel that deeply. The ridiculousness of the “ridicule class”, of people who ridicule experiencers out of ignorance, or those who are even paid to debunk us, cannot be allowed to silence our voices and our vital information. So many experiencers have come out of the closet, suffered mockery and even violence to bring important messages to humanity.
Though the UFO Congress and other events are fun gatherings, even considered a  “family reunion” for those of us who don’t even tell our closest family members what we know, this is still a sobering time for humanity.
Hosts Janet Kira Lessin, Karen Christine Patrick, the Reverend John Polk, and Bret Colin Sheppard talk about the Congress this year and hopes for life-changing energy to come out of this year’s. Congress. Join us at www.ufocongress.com.


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