Andrea McDavid ~ 02/03/17 ~ Aquarian Radio ~ Experiencer Path ~ Hosts: Janet, Karen & John

Andrea McDavid ~ 02/03/17 ~ Aquarian Radio ( ~ Experiencer Path ~ Hosts: Janet, Karen & John from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time.  Call in 646-649-0893 to listen or chat.

Raised in England by expat Canadian\American parents who influenced the Guests quest for clarity between truths, fraud and confusion, containing and concealing the origin and destiny of humankind.

Mother: Descendant of early American\Scottish-Canadian farmers, businessmen, lawyers, a judge, an alderman, a reeve and Saskatchewan farmers who came up from Kentucky at the end of the War of Independence.

Father: Born on a plantation in Guyana, 90 yrs after the emancipation of slaves, the son of the plantation owner, an Anglo American Scott, a WW2 US merchant marine seaman and later, a fraud officer for the UK govt. As a history and bible scholar for 60 yrs, he  sparked the guests interest in the origins of the human species with visits to the British museum Egypt exhibition with a Russian Jewish scholar as a teenager, and visits to historical sites around Great Britain following monarchy lineages and political  struggles with Rome.

Guest: Born in the UK in the 60’s – returned to US and then Canada 30 yrs ago, hence the mid Atlantic accent. Started law school education but long term ill health led to dropping out and taking up a 30 yr career in IT.

Masonic Heritage
GG-grand daughter of Eli Harrison Sr  – 33rd Degree Grand Master Mason. Laid the corner stone for the BC Masonic Temple, wrote the Harrison Masonic Code, studied church art in Rome, painted the Mormon Chapel mural in Salt Lake. Father of Supreme Court Judge, Harrison St British Columbia is named after Eli Sr. McPhaden St, New Westminster is named after the Guests great grandfather.

National Heritage
Mixed UK education, 350 yr US family history and 211 yr Canadian family history, sparked an interest in common founding New World ideals and the history of constitutional lessons learned, brought to the New World by founding family masons from the UK. The first ten amendments are laws fought and won, for the people in the UK, during 13 centuries of the foreign occupation by Rome.

3 Visits to Israel totaling one year, resulted in a past life experience on Masada related to Jews who believed Jesus was the son of god, and their annihilation by Rome and an incident with a light being.

Another past life experience showed a witch burning story of a young girl in the Highlands of Scotland. Guest has met two other women who believe they were also part of the same past life experience.


The movement of dominating influences from Egypt, to Rome, to the UK\Europe and then, to the New World, both human and (possibly) non human off-earth (OE) beings as described in Egyptian art and Rome’s bible, which desribes human creator engineers, aka, the sky gods of the christian religion, gods of Egypt and parallels other creation myths from around the world.

Current Affairs: In the struggle for self governance, are we misled into wasting our resources on predatory interests, driven by covert agendas that are not American, which thereby slow down our maturing process, damage our quality of life and cause us to fall back into dependent servitude to predatory interests, both human and non human.
Supporting Areas of Study

Masonic founding fathers, masonic art and architecture in America, correlation between masonic secrets and the feminine aspect of the Statues of Liberty, Freedom and Justice, the work of Elihu Vedder in the Thomas Jefferson Library, depicting various states of successful and corrupt govt impacts on a nations prosperity etc.

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