Joan Hangarter ~ 01/20/17 ~ The Experiencer Path ~Aquarian Radio ~ Hosts Janet, Karen & John

Joan Hangarter ~ 01/20/17 ~ The Experiencer Path on Aquarian Radio (, 8 to 10 PM Eastern time ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin, Karen Christine Patrick & John Polk.

Dr Joan Hangarter, DC

Intuitive channel and artist, Dr Joan Hangarter is a spokesperson for the Earth Messengers and is a renowned oracle, guide, visionary, author and artist who helps you remember who you are and step into your unique destiny this life by sharing special information and wisdom specific to your journey. Private consultations and readings are available to assist you in aligning yourself with your destiny, as well as Evenings with the Earth Messengers, where you are guided to meet with your angels and guides in a loving and lasting connection.

Dr Joan’s lifelong mission as a healer launched her as one of the most successful chiropractors in the country. Her desire to heal and inspire more people led her to open up her intuitive channels and act as an intuitive guide and channel, writing books on miracles and founding both the Miracle Makers Club and Baja ParaNormal.

One year ago she was specifically guided to begin painting angels and began with 30 small paintings in 30 days. After hanging them up she realized she had created her first Angel Portal.  She then began receiving the images for the Earth Messengers: Beings Sent by the Divine and was instructed to “Paint us and we will come.”

These messengers bring unconditional love, wisdom, guidance and most of all healing for the world, and act as unique portals.

She can be reached at

Facebook page: Earth Messengers: Beings Sent by the Divine

Website under construction:

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    The Miracle Makers Club – Live the Prosperous and Soul Filled Life that You Deserve

    Oct 5, 2006
    by Joan Hangarter and Brooke Kelley



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    30 DAYS TO A MIRACULOUS LIFE: Your journal – your story – your miracle

    Jan 2, 2015


    Kindle Edition


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    Make Your Life A Miracle

    Oct 2003

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