Anunnaki Panel ~ 01/02/17 ~ Aquarian Radio ~ Gillian Green, Janet Lessin, Karen Patrick

Anunnaki Panel ~ 01/02/17 ~ Aquarian Radio ( from 8 to 10 Eastern ~ Gillian Green, Janet Lessin, Karen Patrick

Past Show:

Anunnaki Panel ~ 01/10/17 ~ Divine Paradigm ~ KCOR (, 5:30 to 7:00 PM Eastern ~ Gillian Green, Janet Kira & Dr. Sasha Lessin.

On this show Gillian Green shares her memories as an Anunnaki and what it’s like being an Anunnaki soul incarnate in human form.  Join us as we uncover ancient mysteries now revealed.

Last Show from 01/07/17:

Today we focus on the Anunnaki. Gillian and Janet are Anunnaki Experiencers, meaning we’ve had encounters and a soul connection with the Anunnaki here on this Earth plane.  Billy and Dr. Sasha are Anunnaki researchers.  Gillian and Janet also research the Anunnaki. All of us are authors and investigate the ancient to modern extraterrestrial connection on Earth and between our worlds and the homes of the extraterrestrials who interact with humanity.  Eventually the dots connect and the greater picture of our reality emerges. We focus on the positive timeline away from the catastrophic paradigms of global war and mass planetary destruction.  Thoughts are deeds, what we imagine (image) manifests so join us as we switch channels and change lines to the multiverse that respects all consciousness, all life, all beings and especially our beloved planet Mother Earth.

Listen to “Anunnaki Panel ~ 01/07/17 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Revolution Radio ~ Gillian, Billy, Janet & Sasha” on Spreaker.

Who are the Anunnaki?
Who are the Reptilians?
Who are the Greys?
Who are the Tall Whites?
Are the Anunnaki Greys, Tall Whites, Reptilians?
Have you interacted with the Anunnaki and in what way?
Tell us about your research on the Anunnaki.
What do you want our listeners to know about ETs and the Anunnaki?
How are the Anunnaki influencing our governments and the world?
Where are they now?
Are they here on Earth?
Who remains on Nibiru?
Who rules the Earth?
Who rules Nibiru?
What is our place in the Cosmos?
Does everyone have an immortal soul?
What is our purpose as evolving humans?
Why is detachment important and how do we achieve it?
Where does discernment end and judgement begin?
Describe what an illusion means?
What is the role of”good” and “evil” in the evolution of mankind?
What are all the changes about?


Gillian DeArmond Green was born clairvoyant in Yorkshire, England. Throughout her childhood and until the present she has spoken many times to her personal guide, whom she calls “David” and who is also know as “Hermes.” Over the years Hermes has taught her many things regarding the development of her spirituality. For many years she has taught metaphyics and done clairvoyant readings for others in the United States and abroad.

Chalice of the Dove Paperback – November, 1994 by Gillian De Armond 


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