Looking for Authors, Speakers, Presenters, Artists, Musician and More to Co-Create Heaven on Earth

We’re creating a series of books based on stories we collect from “Experiencers”.  Do you have or have you had contact with or first hand information on extraterrestrials, interdimensionals, ghosts, aliens (modern or ancient), Inner Earthers, beings, the unexplained, paranormal events, etc.  Have you ever been involved in or have awareness of or information about any MILABS, supersoldiers, secret space program, Satanic rituals or breakaway civilizations, etc.?  We seek stories for our series of anthology books.

Proceeds go into a special non-profit fund for the creation of conferences.   and be able to afford the venue and to house, feed and transport speakers and staff to and from the events.   Events are expensive and with our collaborative efforts, we generate more than enough to create more local events accessible to more people.  As we awaken all through our books and conferences, we reach critical mass, the hundredth monkey, tipping point where we co-create a universal paradigm and global society that respects all life, plants, animals, terrains, people, beings and the planets and space.

There’s a win-for-all and as we join forces we awaken all to higher and higher levels of consciousness, evolve from our current level zero society to at least a level one, we create it. Once we begin, before we know it we’ll be traversing the stars, reversing our aging process and curing all diseases, all because we decided to cooperate, love one another and put away our silly weapons of war (childhood’s end) and finally grow up.

Would you like to contribute your story to our books?

Would you like to come on our radio shows and talk story, tell the world either anonymously or use your name?

Would you like to appear live on one or more of our tele-conferences, show your face, come out of the closet and share what you know?

Do you have a presentation or powerpoint to share on a webinar?

Do you have art, music, graphic skills or other skills which you’d like to feature for the cause?

And when the time comes, would you like to volunteer to work at our conferences?

Join us as together we facilitate the process so more can attend, learn, grow and take what they discover out to the world to transform it to the highest good for all?

We’re taking our message to the world in 2017 in a global effort to stop the insanity, end all violence, destruction and wars once and for all, clean up our planet, end pollution and the global harm we do to our home.  Now that’s a win-for-all.

Please write to us at aquarianradio@gmail.com, aquarianradionetwork@gmail.com

Janet Kira Lessin (best to text) 808-244-4103 or 808-214-3442


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