Happy New Year 2017 by Janet Kira Lessin

Happy New Year everyone from everyone here at the Aquarian Radio Network  (www.aquarianradio.com).  I don’t know about you but 2016 was a bit rough for me.  When I think about it 2016 hurt in many ways.  The election and the two plus year process sucked big time.  I’ve never seen so many personal and celebrity deaths in one year ever before.  Was that my imagination?  I got injured this past year which totally threw me for a wrench. I’m still recovering but geeze, what a shocker!  Enough.  I could go on and on and on.  But without commiserating endlessly as I tend to do, I’m letting it all go.

I’m turning over a new leaf, as I do every year, putting on my biggest, brightest optimistic hat and strapping in for another wild ride around the sun.

We’re looking for stories… YOUR stories.  Are you an experiencer?  Did you ever have contact with extraterrestrials or have paranormal encounters and experiences, worked on black projects or the secret space program?  Do you have information to share?  Are you an author, artist, researcher, videographer/movie maker, musician or creative, talented person who’s ready to come out of the closet, step up, contribute and actively participate in creating positive change?

Come join us as we co-create a better existence for every one of us.  Participate as we need all the help we can to make everything first rate and super great for all, not just a chosen few.  It’s time. In 2017 we deserve a new paradigm of love and higher consciousness for everyone.

Join us. As you know Aquarian Radio broadcasts 5 to 7 days a week on three networks.  We seek those who wish to come on one or more of our shows. This year we’ve added ZOOM which means we can do video along with audio.  So, if interested please RSVP to us at aquarianradio@gmail.com and tell us if you prefer audio or video. Also let us know about yourself and your topics, interests, talking points, questions, research, books, web sites, articles, presentations, art, music, etc.

We’ll look on our calendar and get back to you with the appropriate openings, venues, dates and times and we create a date that works for all of us.  Maybe you have an idea for a panel or subject/topic we can discuss.  Perhaps we need to do a bit of preparation and research before a show and develop shows around topics that are relevant, current and hot. Would you like to present your powerpoint on one of our webinars? Would you like to participate at conferences?  Maybe you want to share a vendor table with one or more of our hosts, speakers/presenters?

We ‘re looking for contactees, experiencers and abductees, those who’ve had paranormal and/or extraterrestrial encounters/sightings/interactions to tell their tales.  We’d love to feature you on our radio shows and web casts. We’re looking for experiencers willing to contribute to our series of books.  We’ll include your bio and links to web sites, books, social networks, videos, etc.  We’d love to feature a chapter or two of your experiencer event to help promote you while creating global awareness of the experiencer phenomenon while raising consciousness for all humanity so hopefully we awaken before we destroy everything.  We’re rapidly approaching the midnight of Earth existence for all and when the clock strikes, if we succeed in waking up, we live to greet a new dawn rather than self destruct.

I’ve witnessed much in this, my 63rd year of human life.  I’m an eternal being and from my research, interactions with ETs and interviews, panels and discussions with thousands of experiencers, authors and researchers combined with my nightly downloads, I have a knowing that we’re on the right track. We’re doing it, making essential changes on all levels, co-creating that world which is kind and loving to all.  We need your cooperation and assistance to shift us to a win-for-all existence.

Please join us and make 2017 the year of disclosure as we reach deep within ourselves and make that very personal decision to be authentic with at least ourselves.  Then, move outward and embrace truth with a friend or two.  Test the waters.  Speak it and make it real.  Send unconditional, universal love forth from your heart chakra to those in your awareness wherever they are. Connect to the apparent other and remember that deep inside all are one.  Remember that we all co-created this matrix together to play out our lives to maximize diversity.  Let them witness you as you become who you truly are.  Witness them and allow them to grow right in front of you.

We come to the crossroads between love and light, evil and good.  In 2016 it felt at times that we had no choice. But as I was shown on the mother ship, we are always the chooser.  We imagine it (image it) and manifest it into creation. We’re all co-creators with Source for at the core of it all we are Source.  Time is an illusion and thoughts are deeds. We affect time in all directions. The past and future and all in between are mutable, transmutable, subject to our intentions and attention.  Change the outcome to love and the highest good for all that requires zero sacrifice for any. This singularity encompasses us all.

When making choices include others in your heart. Include not only your loved ones, but all life, animals, the Earth and all beings in creation.  Feel them. You can because they are you and you are they.  Make decisions from your Center, your heart and everything falls clearly into place unified by consciousness and loving oneness.  I know all this can sound like a cliche. But it works.  I’ve seen it a thousand times. ETs live from it and on many worlds all needs are met for all citizens of those planets.  There’s more than enough for everyone.  Everyone has healthy food, clean air, water, soil and seas.  Great beauty abounds. Education, shelter (homes), transportation, communication, travel, health care and wellness all free. These are signs of high civilizations.

War, greed (hoarding), control, manipulation and power consume everything and reflect mental illness, insecurity and negative belief systems on a personal and universal level. Catch yourself. Stop doing the perverse, evil actions on a personal level.  Realize giving and receiving are equally important and need balanced to create healthy individuals and civilizations.  Sharing and caring reflect our natural state of loving oneness. We’re all connected. It feels good to share and insure that all needs are met.

Contribute. Don’t just sit there, do something.  Show up and discover what has meaning and purpose. How can you make life better for yourself and others?  In what ways can you show love, adoration and respect others while setting proper boundaries, a gift that benefits all involved. How can you communicate gently, with kindness and the sensitivity to get your message across while respecting that five year old inner child that dwells within each and every one of us?

The apparent other is simply a disowned part of yourself.  What do you project on others?  How can you integrate that which your over admire or hate in others for those things are indicators of that which you need to incorporate within yourself to become conscious, aware, complete, whole and centered. You don’t have to act from those perspectives.  You don’t have to emulate negative actions or desires into your being in order to become centered and conscious. All one needs to do is recognize that nothing in the human condition is alien to any of us.

We’re all humans, aliens, hybrids and everything in between at the highest level of awareness. Incorporate that universal self into your tiny mini me and now you embrace the totality of existence and the entire continuum in your concept of self and at last, you get it.  From that perspective you now have empathy for the entire passion play of humanity and all those extraterrestrials species that came here and contributed their DNA to the creation of human beings.  From the seeds of compassion, for yourself and others, grows love.  Forgive us all for creating such a crazy system in the first place for this matrix on many levels is the perfect primordial soup to ultimately create consciousness and together, we ascend upwards out of the dark abyss to enlightenment, oneness and ultimately unconditional love which evolves from this directive.  In hindsight from our future selves we see the divine perfection of it all and that it couldn’t have been any different than it was because that’s how it is and has become.

Much Love, Blessings and Aloha,

Janet Kira Lessin


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