PASSING THE FIRE: The Grid: Modern & Ancient ~ 12/15/16 ~ Panel with Janet, Karen, Korey and Jeffery Boyd

Panel with hosts Janet Kira Lessin, Karen Christine Patrick, Korey Lavoie and Jeffrey Boyd on Aquarian Radio on the Aquarian Radio Network (, 12/15/16 from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time on Call in 646-649-0893 to listen or chat.

Our  modern-day power grid came about in the 1900’s, but at first buildings were electrified with their own boiler systems. Over time, a system came along to provide power for every individual household. This meant laying wire everywhere because we did not pursue the technology of Nikola Tesla that would have meant wireless transmission of power, plus unlimited energy. Tesla’s backers pulled his funding because they were concerned that unlimited power would nullify very profitable investments in oil and gas technology.

So pervasive were the oil barons or “oilygarchy” to keep FUEL as the basis of power for the industrial revolution, that it made this cartel very wealthy and they were able to fund the viscous surpression of all kinds of alternative energy ideas. Not only did they suppress modern energy ideas, but also the revelation of ancient technology used by ancient races. As a result, many unanswered questions about the purpose of the pyramids, for example Considering the current situation with our power grid, it’s vulnerabllity, it’s worth looking at alternative energy and ancient energy production for ways to shore up our energy grid.

Quote is from the website Freakonomics “How Vulnerable Is Our Power Grid”:

We believe that we have a responsibility to make this report available to the public. Major cascading blackouts in the U.S. southwest in 2011, and in India in 2012, underscore the need for the measures discussed in this report. The nation’s power grid is in urgent need of expansion and upgrading. Incorporating the technologies discussed in the report can greatly reduce the grid’s vulnerability to cascading failures, whether initiated by terrorists, nature, or malfunctions.

How Vulnerable Is Our Power Grid?

Fire, the universal element, is the icon for energy as we have been a fuel-burning planet for eons. In the last hundred years, experiments in alternative energy have been suggesting new sources for energy with Tesla and others. These new technologies were suppressed to keep the “oilygarchy” oil baron’s paradigm the dominant one as we came into the space age. Now we are at a crisis point as the petroleum industry has reached “peak oil” and left behind a legacy of environmental damage, monetary manipulation, and human suffering.

Prompted by the protest in North Dakota by Native people against oil interests, Aquarian Radio is hosting a series of discussions about energy. Passing the fire to humanity, the story told in many cultures by various means, changed human culture forever. What keeps us back from an abundance paradigm is energy policy and Usage.

Co-hosts, Janet Lessin, Karen Patrick, and Korey Lavoie are going to be joined by alternative researchers in alternative energy, such as Jefferey Boyd from the Independent Research Society, Michael Lee Hill from the StarKnowledge Conferences, and other to bring to light the transition to the New Energy Paradigm humanity needs to keep faith with our Mother Earth.

“PASSING THE FIRE” is a series that is part of the topic of “Planetary SOULutions” on Aquarian Radio on Thursday nights, 8pm Eastern. More information at

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