Starcrossed Souls Singularity ACO Club ~ 12/13/16 ~ w/TJ Morris, Janet Kira Lessin & Russ Brinegar

Universal Consciousness and the Realms and Dimensions existing in our Reality that the awakened levels of our own reality are now opening to those who gravitate to others with similar circumstances and understanding as the humanoid intelligent being species. We share things that seem impossible to many and yet it is mind expanding with portals to whole brain thinking into the levels that not everyone is willing to discuss in phenomenology. We share the similarities in our Starcrossed Support Group called AlienContact.US. Russell (Russ) Scott Brinigar will join TJ Morris for the STARCROSSED Life STORIES of what makes us different and yet the same in our way of being in cyberspace. We will share our own PEOPLE OF EARTH radio shows that includes seemingly real Time Travel as in the tv show TIMELESS… Life is what we make it and synchronity is to follow us and we open the time that comes to us as we grow towards the expansion of our own singularity…


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