Adam Ambrose ~ 12/09/16 ~Extraordinary Experiences with Janet, John and Karen

Adam Ambrose ~ 12/09/16 ~Extraordinary Experiences with Janet Kira Lessin, John Polk and Karen Christine Patrick on from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time.

Adam Ambrose was born in 1962, in North Western New Jersey, and is one of six children. Adam is an artist and an entrepreneur.  He played in USTA tennis tournaments as a teenager, as well as participating in other sports including as basketball and baseball. His father is a retired M.D. and his mother is a retired Nurse.  Growing up Adam was a shy boy in school, and struggled with learning disabilities and dyslexia, and to this day he deals with anxiety, which he attributes at least in part to his often traumatic alien encounters.

Adam is a trained actor and writer, and also sketches and composes music. He is currently in the process of attempting to acquire funding to make an independent film.

He wishes to make a film about his alien abduction experiences, among many other ideas for scripts he is outlining and writing treatments for. He is currently working on a book about his encounters, which he plans to release in 2017.


Adam has had over 50 years of encounters, and is what is abduction researchers refer to as an “extraordinary experiencer”.

Adam has had life long alien encounters, being taken starting in early childhood, as young as in infancy. He has experienced both multiple and single abductions. Adam says this also runs in his family, and that he has a brother and a sister who he suspects are “unaware abductees” who both have experienced UFO sightings and other inexplicable events that would indicate being taken.

1. When did all this alien visitation stuff start happening to you? What is you earliest memory? When we first talked, you said this all began in the crib. Tell me about that.
2. When did you first realize that this was real and not just dreams?
3. Why do you believe this is real and not just dreams?
4. What is the extent of your memories without hypnosis?
5. Can you tell me about working with late world reknowned researcher, artist, and author, Budd Hopkins?
6. What convinced you that this can’t be anything other than actual aliens?
7. What sort of kinds of evidence do you have, like UFO photos, scars on your body, etc.? Do you have an implant?
8. Why do you believe there is no other alternative explanation for your experiences other than aliens?
9. Who are they, and where do they come from?
10. Why are they abducting people? What do they want?
11. Have you ever been shown a baby and told you are the father?
12. You say you have assisted the aliens in helping them to abduct others. Tell me about that. What is that like? How does it happen? What do they have you do? How do you help them?
13. Why do you think they chose you? Why is this happening to YOU?
14. You said you have had multiple UFO sightings, and even close up sightings of craft. Can you tell me about some of those experiences?
15. You have supplied us with a whole series of fantastic drawings. Can you take us thru these drawings and tell us what we are looking at? I think we have those up on the website, now.
16. What do you remember of being on board the craft? Can you describe what the interior/inside of the craft look like?
17. I understand the aliens actually saved your life, can you tell me more about that?
18. When we first talked, you told me an amazing story about a janitor who saw you walk thru a brick wall. I understand you had other experiences where there were witnesses who saw you in the presence of aliens, and who witnessed things like balls of light and landed craft, and sightings of craft. Can you tell me about those experiences and witnesses?
19. Why are you talking about this now, after keeping it to yourself for the most part your entire life?
20. Were you always interested in the paranormal and in aliens?

….And some extra questions…

21. I understand the aliens have given you certain abilities, like the ability to see the future in your dreams. Tell me about that.
22. What did the aliens look like?
23. How many different types of aliens did you see?
24. Did you ever think that maybe you are just crazy, or deluded?
25. I understand that others in your family have also seen aliens in your house and have had strange experiences. Can you tell me about that?
26. I understand a metallic ball fell from your nose once, and you believe this was an alien implant, can you tell me about that?
27. I understand you have at least four UFO photos you have taken just after being abducted, and you believe you have captured the actual craft that abducted you on film, is that right?
28. I understand you have photos of ground disturbances where alien craft landed in your yard that we can look at, is that right?
29. I understand you have many many witnesses who experienced missing time with you, and people who went to look for you while you were being abducted and couldn’t find you. Tell me about that.
30. I understand there are people who have parallel memories of being abducted along with you. Can you share those experiences with us?
31. I understand that the aliens protected you once by throwing someone off of you, and sending them flying thru the air once, is that right?


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