PASSING THE FIRE: Panel on Alternative Energy ~12/01/16 ~ Janet, Karen, Korey, and Jeffery Boyd

PASSING THE FIRE: Panel on Alternative Energy ~11/30/16 ~ Janet Kira Lessin, Karen Christine Patrick, Korey Lavoie, and Jeffery Boyd on,

Fire, the universal element, is the icon for energy as we have been a fuel-burning planet for eons. In the last hundred years, experiments in alternative energy have been suggesting new sources for energy with Tesla and others. These new technologies were suppressed to keep the “oilygarchy” oil baron’s paradigm the dominant one as we came into the space age. Now we are at a crisis point as the petroleum industry has reached “peak oil” and left behind a legacy of environmental damage, monetary manipulation, and human suffering.

Prompted by the protest in North Dakota by Native people against oil interests, Aquarian Radio is hosting a series of discussions about energy. Passing the fire to humanity, the story told in many cultures by various means, changed human culture forever. What keeps us back from an abundance paradigm is energy policy and Usage.

Co-hosts, Janet Lessin, Karen Patrick, and Korey Lavoie are going to be joined by alternative researchers, such as Jefferey Boyd from the Independent Research Society, Michael Lee Hill from the StarKnowledge Conferences, and other to bring to light the transition to the New Energy Paradigm humanity needs to keep faith with our Mother Earth.

“PASSING THE FIRE” is a series a part of the topic of “Planetary SOULutions” on Aquarian Radio on Thursday nights, 8pm Eastern. More information at Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Karen Christine Patrick interview Guests on Aquarian Radio on the Aquarian Radio Network (, from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time on Call in 646-649-0893 to listen or chat.



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