Billy Hayes, Elana Freeland ~ 10/15/16 ~ Cosmos Connection ~ Hosts TJ, Janet

Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J. Morris interview guests Billy Hayes & Elana Freeland on the Cosmos Connection, Saturday, October 15, 2016 from 6 to 8 PM Eastern time on Revolution Radio, Studio B (

elana-freelandElana Bio:

Elana Freeland is a writer and ghostwriter, lecturer, storyteller, and teacher, including 16 years as a Waldorf school pioneer. She has written and researched all her adult life on alternative issues, including the stories of survivors of MK-ULTRA and ritual abuse. She is now perhaps best known as the writer of Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, published in June 2014 by Feral House Books. Presently, she is completing the sequel for a September 2017 release about the resurrected SDI “Star Wars” Space Fence, which translates to a planetary lockdown utterly dependent upon chemical trails and sky heater technology. In October 2014, the Australian magazine Nexus published her article on invasive electromagnetic weapons.

Her undergraduate degree was in creative writing with a double major in biology, and she has a Master of Arts degree in Great Books from St. John’s College, specializing in historiography.

She lives in Olympia, Washington.

billy-hayes-1661124_645680452133677_561711379_nBilly bio:

Facebook and radio audiences have sought Billy Hayes’ expertise for years without fully realizing the price he has paid for his extraordinary expertise. Known as “The HAARP Man,” Billy was a tower erecter shadowed his entire life by U.S. government agencies and the defense contractors that work for them. He is also an MK-ULTRA survivor.

His father worked for one of those government agencies, so Billy became a “White House boy” who spent several years at the juvenile reform institute known as the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, northern Florida. In 2010, 30-some graves of “White House boys” were found during an investigation. Dozier was finally closed in 2011 after 111 years of abuse, beatings, rapes, torture, and murder of students. A Department of Corrections prison was quickly constructed over it, perhaps to hide at least 150 more graves of boys killed. In the early 60’s, Billy remembers drugs being administered to students pursuant to profiling victims for MK-ULTRA.

In 1962, Billy left the school and was sent to Niceville High School in Niceville, Florida where he missed a lot of classes while being programmed and trained in electronics and electromagnetics MK-ULTRA-style.

In those early years of programming and training seminars, he encountered many names listeners would recognize, such as Mark McCandlish, Jack Martin, Cathy O’Brien, Fred Bell, Ted Gunderson, and Mike Ruppert. (Billy maintained nearly daily contact with Ruppert and Gunderson until their deaths.)

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