EYE AM OBSERVING – Audio Essays by Karen Christine Patrick – Episode 01

EAO-01 I AM AN IDIOMATERIAL GIRL – “Today, I’m talking about this word “ideomaterial.” I first learned about this word when I was on a forum, the “Life Physics Group Internet Forum” where a group of people got together to study the work of AR Bordon, who was part of the “Life Physics Group” which was pretty much not known at all until AR Bordon spilled the beans about it. And this group were composed of renegade physicists primarily, who, whenever there was any written material, would give pseudonyms because they were delving into the deeper regions of the quantum hologram, quantum physics, and getting deeper into the concept of mind over matter, mind is matter, or any of those topics which are still considered taboo, or questionable, or bad science, etc.”

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This program is in an “audio essay” form by Karen Christine Patrick. It’s “ExoPhilosphy” exploring the thoughtform tool box that just might help your mind break free of prior programming. Combinging insights from personal observations, downloads in automatic writing, and exploring ideas from ideomaterial physics, Patrick tries to make this material personal and relevant.

The opening quote:

EYE AM OBSERVING. The eye of the beholder is for focus, for thought. Paying attention in this present moment is to witness the progression of thought.

The observer is observing, as a process. The observer is also being observed in a feedback loop of perception.

The cohesion of it all is the centripetal force of love. This is so that being and observing it all means that love might not go unnoticed or unknown.
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